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1882 and Tallulah
In 1882, the Blue Ridge and Atlantic Railroad opened a line which extended northward from the Charlotte-Airline to Clarkesville and Tallulah Falls.
The railway was completed to Tallulah Falls in 1882, to Clayton, Georgia in 1904 and to Franklin, North Carolina in June, 1907.

1882 and Falls
" In 1883, Governor Grover Cleveland drafted legislation authorizing acquisition of lands for a state reservation at Niagara and The Niagara Falls Association, a private citizens group founded in 1882, mounted a great letter writing campaign and petition drive in support of the park.
After the Little Falls and Dakota Railroad was completed in 1882, there was a sidetrack to a mill, called Flen's Landing or Flynn's Siding, with a depot and named for J. C. Flynn of Little Falls, a teacher in the Little Falls schools in the late 1870s ; later he was an inspector for the Northern Pacific Railroad and a representative in the state legislature.
The river has been depicted by many prominent Canadian artists such as William Armstrong ( 1822 – 1914 ), Frances Anne Hopkins ( The Red River Expedition at Kakabeka Falls, 1877 ) and Lucius Richard O ' Brien ( Kakabeka Falls, 1882 ).
GTR's largest purchase came on August 12, 1882, when it bought the Great Western Railway, running from Niagara Falls to Toronto, and connecting to London, Windsor, and communities in the Bruce Peninsula.
On October 10, 1882, the line from Wadena, Minnesota, to Fergus Falls, Minnesota, opened for service.
In 1882, the North Riding of Leeds and Grenville was defined to consist of the townships of South Elmsley, Wolford, Oxford and South Gower, and the villages of Smith's Falls, Kemptville and Merrickville.
In 1882, it was redefined to consist of the townships of Eldon, Fenelon, Somerville, Carden, Dalton, Bexley, Laxton, Digby, Longford, Lutterworth, Anson, Hindon, Galway, Snowdon, Minden, Stanhope, Sherbourne and McClintock, and the village of Fenelon Falls.
He was educated at Smith's Falls, moved to Manitoba in 1882, and worked as a farmer.

1882 and Railway
From 1882 the village was served by Aberfoyle railway station, the terminus of the Strathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway which connected to Glasgow via Dumbarton or Kirkintilloch The station closed to passenger traffic in 1951, and the remaining freight services ceased in 1959.
For example, the Chicago City Railway, also designed by Eppelsheimer, opened in Chicago in 1882 and went on to become the largest and most profitable cable car system.
* Chicago, Illinois ( 1882 – 1906, the Chicago City Railway )
* In 1882 the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway connected Atchison, Kansas with the Southern Pacific Railroad at Deming, New Mexico, thus completing a second link to Los Angeles.
* 1882 New York, Texas and Mexican Railway provides the first cross-country route to Rosenberg Junction in Fort Bend County.
The railroad reached Presidio County in 1882 when the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway laid tracks through its northeastern corner.
* 1882 The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway extended its line west from Belton to Lampasas.
In 1882, the Texas and Pacific Railway began providing service to San Angelo, and settlers started coming into the region in somewhat larger numbers.
The Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway built through the area in 1882, opening up opportunity for entrepreneurs who came on railroad-related business and stayed.
The route had its origins in the failed projects of the pneumatic 1865 Waterloo and Whitehall Railway and the 1882 Charing Cross and Waterloo Electric Railway.
The Texas and St. Louis Railway Company completed track through Weiner and the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railway ran through the center of the county in 1882, with the Kansas City, Ft. Scott, and Gulf Railroad opening service in east Poinsett County the following year.
The ENR was taken over by the Great Eastern Railway in 1882, which was amalgamated into the London & North Eastern Railway in 1923.
Paramore ’ s Texas & Saint Louis Railway ( later the Cotton Belt ) and Gould ’ s St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway ( later the Missouri Pacific ) intersected here in 1882.
The Texas and St. Louis Railway was built through Brinkley in 1882.
The Pacific Coast Railway ( narrow gauge ) came to town in 1882, and trains ran through Nipomo until The Great Depression in the 1930s.
The line was built by Southern Pacific's subsidiary, the Northern Railway Company, in August / September 1882.
When the Florida Railway and Navigation Company railroad arrived in the county during 1882, a new development firm called the Marion Land and Improvement Company was formed to promote and sell the land around Lake Lillian.
It was the site for the charcoal kilns of the Martel Furnace Company and was a flag stop named " Johnson's " on the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway in 1882.
It was a station on the Port Huron and Northwestern Railway in 1882 and was given a post office as " Kimbal " in December 1882.
Quamba was first established in 1882 on the side track of the Great Northern Railway.

1882 and was
There was one sterile period: only one poem is dated between 1872 and 1882 and, except for the poems written on the trip to Italy in 1887, very few from 1882 to 1890.
Ward had originally written the music, Materna, for the hymn O Mother dear, Jerusalem in 1882, though it was not first published until 1892.
The tune came to him while he was on a ferryboat trip from Coney Island back to his home in New York City, after a leisurely summer day in 1882, and he immediately wrote it down.
Argon was also encountered in 1882 through independent research of H. F. Newall and W. N.
During this period winter sports were slowly introduced: in 1882 the first figure skating championship was held in St. Moritz, and downhill skiing became a trendy sport with English visitors early in the 20th century, as the first ski-lift was installed in 1908 above Grindelwald.
The first Test match between England and Australia was played in 1877, though the Ashes legend started later, after the ninth Test, played in 1882.
Bligh promised that on the tour to Australia in 1882 – 83, which he was to captain, he would regain " the ashes ".
The oldest, and the one to enjoy enduring fame, was the one presented to Bligh, later Lord Darnley, during the 1882 – 83 tour.
More recent researchers, in particular Ronald Willis and Joy Munns have studied the tour in detail and concluded that the presentation was made after a private cricket match played over Christmas 1882 when the English team were guests of Sir William Clarke, at his property " Rupertswood ", in Sunbury, Victoria.
:“ In 1882, she said, it was first spoken of when the Sporting Times, after the Australians had thoroughly beaten the English at the Oval, wrote an obituary in affectionate memory of English cricket “ whose demise was deeply lamented and the body would be cremated and taken to Australia ”.
A fourth match was played, against a " United Australian XI ", which was arguably stronger than the Australian sides that had competed in the previous three matches ; this game, however, is not generally considered part of the 1882 – 83 series.
The Society for Psychical Research was founded in 1882 with the express intention of investigating phenomena relating to Spiritualism and the afterlife.
In April 1882, Alcott's friend and benefactor Ralph Waldo Emerson was sick and bedridden.
From 1850 onwards he became well known as a critic and essay-writer, and in 1860 he began working on his magnum opus, his History of Music, which was published at intervals from 1862 in five volumes, the last two ( 1878, 1882 ) being edited and completed by Otto Kade and Wilhelm Langhans.
In 1870 he was appointed a member of the commission for drawing up a maritime and commercial code, and the navigation law of 1882 is mainly his work.
There was at the top of the Arc from 1882 to 1886, a monumental sculpture by Alexandre Falguière, " Le triomphe de la Révolution " ( the Triumph of the Revolution ), a chariot drawn by horses preparing " to crush Anarchy and Despotism ", that remained only four years up there before falling in ruins.
* John James Maximilian Oertel ( 1811 – 1882 ), born in Ansbach, was a Lutheran clergyman who later converted to Roman Catholicism, became a professor of German at Fordham University in the United States, and later edited and founded several newspapers in the United States, including one that would become the leading German-language newspaper in the county, Baltimore's Kirchenzeitung.
Thus in 1880 and 1882, Benedictine teaching monks were effectively exiled ; this was not completed until 1901.
The English case of R v. Coney in 1882 found that a bare-knuckle fight was an assault occasioning actual bodily harm, despite the consent of the participants.
In 1882 the Museum was involved in the establishment of the independent Egypt Exploration Fund ( now Society ) the first British body to carry out research in Egypt.

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