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1883 and anonymous
Though Bellamy tended to stress the independence of his work, Looking Backward shares relationships and resemblances with several earlier works — most notably the anonymous The Great Romance ( 1881 ), John Macnie's The Diothas ( 1883 ), Laurence Gronlund's The Co-operative Commonwealth ( 1884 ), and August Bebel's Woman in the Past, Present, and Future ( 1886 ).
In the early years of the anti-Semitic movement he wrote, besides the articles in which he defended himself against the accusations of Treitschke, an anonymous essay entitled " Briefwechsel einer Englischen Dame über Judenthum und Semitismus ," Stuttgart, 1883.
He went to Columbia University from 1880 to 1883 where he became editor of Columbia's literary magazine and contributed short anonymous pieces to humor magazines.
In 1883, editor A. H. Bullen attributed the anonymous play The Lady Mother, written c. 1633 – 35, to Glapthorne, an attribution that has been accepted by the consensus of critical opinion.
* Love in Idleness: A Volume of Poems ( 1883 ) anonymous, with H. C. Beeching and J.

1883 and author
* Ujaku Akita ( 秋田 雨雀 ; 1883 – 1962 ), pseudonym of Tokuzō Akita ( 秋田 徳三 ), author and Esperantist
He was the author of several works, the most important being The Principles and Practice of Surgery ( 1878 – 1883 ).
* 1883 – Sax Rohmer, English author ( d. 1959 )
* 1883 – Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek author ( d. 1957 )
* 1959 – Sax Rohmer, English author ( b. 1883 )
* Napoleon Hill ( 1883 – 1970 ), American personal-success author
Reuben Lucius Goldberg ( July 4, 1883 – December 7, 1970 ) was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer and inventor.
* 1883 – Gerald Tyrwhitt-Wilson, 14th Baron Berners, English composer, author, and painter ( d. 1950 )
* February 22 – Arthur Guy Empey, soldier, author, screenwriter, and actor ( b. 1883 )
** St. John Greer Ervine, Northern Irish dramatist and author ( b. 1883 )
The film also features, as " witnesses ," interviews with the 98-year old radical educator and peace activist Scott Nearing ( 1883 – 1983 ), author Dorothy Frooks ( 1896 – 1997 ), reporter and author George Seldes ( 1890 – 1995 ), civil liberties advocate Roger Baldwin ( 1884 – 1981 ), and the American writer Henry Miller ( 1891 – 1980 ), among others.
* Josiah Henson ( 1789 – 1883 ), former slave and author
* Nikos Kazantzakis ( 1883 – 1957 ) author
* Peadar Kearney ( 1883 – 1942 ), author of the Irish national anthem
During the Victorian era, Dial House was the home of the writer Primrose McConnell, tenant farmer and author of The Agricultural Notebook ( 1883 ), recognized as a standard reference work for the European farming industry.
* Harvey Spencer Lewis ( 1883 – 1939 ), Rosicrucian author, occultist and mystic.
( A third sequel, The Son of Porthos, 1883 ( a. k. a. The Death of Aramis ) was published under the name of Alexandre Dumas ; however, the real author was Paul Mahalin.
He is best known as the principal author of the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1883.
He is perhaps best known for his Prolegomena zur Geschichte Israels of 1883 ( first published 1878 as Geschichte Israels ), in which he advanced a definitive formulation of the Documentary hypothesis, arguing that the Torah or Pentateuch had its origins in a redaction of four originally independent texts dating from several centuries after the time of Moses, their traditional author.
* June 3-Franz Kafka, German language author ( born 1883 )
)) — author of a long-running series of articles published from 1883 through 1896 in The Wasp and the San Francisco Examiner attacking the Big Four and the Central Pacific Railroad for political corruption.
Veuillot during the 1850s. Louis Veuillot ( October 11, 1813 – March 7, 1883 ) was a French journalist and author who helped to popularize ultramontanism ( a philosophy favoring Papal supremacy ).
Josiah Henson ( June 15, 1789 – May 5, 1883 ) was an author, abolitionist, and minister.

1883 and calling
The modern version is based on the game reversi that was invented in 1883 by either of two Englishmen ( each calling the other a fraud ), Lewis Waterman or John W. Mollett ( or perhaps earlier by someone else entirely ), and gained considerable popularity in England at the end of the 19th century.
; 1883: Rabbi Isaac Rülf publishes Aruchas Bas-Ammi, calling for a Hebrew-speaking Jewish homeland in Palestine.
He issued a manifesto, " Grito de Montan ", calling for peace and in December 1882 convened a convention of representatives of the seven northern departments, where he was elected " Regenerating President " To support Iglesias against Montero, on April 6, 1883, Patricio Lynch started a new offensive to drive the guerrillas from central Peru and destroy Caceres ' little army.
In 1883 he wrote an open letter to the graduates of Calcutta University, calling upon them to form their own national political movement.
The District wished to serve the town better and on 1 May 1883 started a service to Hounslow Town, calling at South Ealing, Boston Road ( now Boston Manor ) and Osterley & Spring Grove ( now Osterley ).
In 1883 the CBO, which had been formed to handle local coastal trade was fused with the CNCo and in the 1880s and 1890s the CNCo expanded its fleet and the ports of call so that by 1894 it consisted of twenty-nine ships calling at ports along the Yangtze, down the South China coast, in the Philippines, South East Asia, Australia, Japan, Russia and the North China coast.

1883 and himself
< span id = GS > 1883 </ span > saw publication of his < span id = SIL > Studies in Logic by Members of the Johns Hopkins University </ span > containing works by himself and Allan Marquand, Christine Ladd, Benjamin Ives Gilman, and Oscar Howard Mitchell.
Ackerman was born Forrest James Ackerman ( though he would refer to himself from the early 1930s on as " Forrest J Ackerman " with no period after the middle initial ) on November 24, 1916 in Los Angeles, to Carroll Cridland ( née Wyman ; 1883 – 1977 ) and William Schilling Ackerman ( 1892 – 1951 ).
* Édouard Manet ( who did not regard himself, nor is he generally considered, as an Impressionist, but who supported the Impressionists and was a great influence on them ), ( 1832 – 1883 )
He then worked for the Logansport Journal, and taught himself shorthand reporting, becoming in 1883 official court reporter for the Cass County Circuit Court.
Lenin was an advocate of the socio-political theory of Marxism, first developed by the German sociologists Karl Marx ( 1818 – 1883 ) and Friedrich Engels ( 1820 – 1895 ) in the mid-19th century, and Li's articles helped bring an understanding of Marxism to the Chinese revolutionary movement, even though he failed to fully understand it himself.
However, in 1883 – 84 he suddenly reversed himself and overnight built a colonial empire in Africa and the South Pacific.
Intrigued by what he had read about English public schools, in 1883, at the age of twenty, Fredy went to Rugby and to other English schools to see for himself.
Mereschkowski was familiar with work by botanist Andreas Schimper, who had observed in 1883 that the division of chloroplasts in green plants closely resembled that of free-living cyanobacteria, and who had himself tentatively proposed ( in a footnote ) that green plants had arisen from a symbiotic union of two organisms.
The German political theorist and sociologist Karl Marx ( 1818 – 1883 ) was the primary founder of Marxism, although he himself wrote little about the nature of the dictatorship of the proletariat, with his published works instead largely focusing on analysing and criticising capitalist society.
Tony Rennell's book Last Days of Glory: The Death of Queen Victoria reveals that Victoria had entrusted detailed instructions about her burial to her doctor, Sir James Reid ( in lieu of Brown himself, who had died in 1883: the Queen's wish had been for him to attend to her ).
Born in Paris, he was called to the bar in 1879 and distinguished himself by brilliant pleadings in favour of socialist and anarchist leaders, defending Prince Kropotkine at Lyon in 1883, Louise Michel in the same year.
Berliner subsequently moved to Boston in 1877 and worked for Bell Telephone until 1883, when he returned to Washington and established himself as a private researcher.
For this he himself edited the following works: Introduction à l ' étude de la littérature celtique ( 1883 ); L ' Épopée celtique en Irlande ( 1892 ); Études de droit celtique ( 1895 ); and Les Principaux auteurs de l ' Antiquité à consulter sur l ' histoire des Celtes ( 1902 ).
He subsequently set himself up as a land agent specialising in the Kimberley and was thus instrumental in the leasing of over in the region during 1883.
Perhaps his most notable decision in office was changing the territorial capital from Battleford to Regina in 1883a featureless location without water, trees or topography, but where Dewdney had secured substantial real estate for himself adjacent to the Canadian Pacific Railway line.
A close political relationship developed between Foraker and Daugherty, with Daugherty exerting himself in support of Foraker's unsuccessful 1883 campaign.
Party affiliations were fluid in Manitoba in this period, and by the general election of 1883 Davidson was identifying himself as a Liberal-Conservative, and a supporter of Premier John Norquay.
Born in 1883, the eleventh son of a Wolverhampton draper, Cox left school at thirteen but chose to study electrical engineering in his spare time, and through a succession of jobs, earned himself the post of Engineer at a Wolverhampton power station by the age of eighteen.
His health showed signs of collapse from 1883 ; in January 1887 he lost his voice, and suffered intensely from the failure to make himself understood.
" he describes himself as thinking in 1883.
He was himself appointed Commissioner for the Evacuation of Thessaly ( ceded to Greece by Turkey ) and advised the Egyptian government on financial matters from 1883 to 1889.
Pickard-Cambridge himself published extensively on spiders between 1859 and his death in 1917, his major work being the volume on arachnids in the Biologia Centrali-Americanii between 1883 and 1902.
Blackburne later played the opening himself against Josef Noa in the London 1883 international chess tournament.

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