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Some Related Sentences

1885 and Acton
In a letter to Lord Acton on 11 February 1885, Gladstone criticised Tory Democracy as " demagogism " that " put down pacific, law-respecting, economic elements that ennobled the old Conservatism " but " still, in secret, as obstinately attached as ever to the evil principle of class interests ".
* Library of Lord Acton, Catholic historian and Regius Professor of Modern History in 1885 – 1902.

1885 and asserted
Some sceptics asserted the promoters were merely using silver from somewhere else, to ramp up the shares ... Another shareholder, the dominating W. R. Wilson had had to lend Jamieson, General Manager a new suit so he could take the first prospectus, printed at Silverton near Broken Hill on 20 June 1885, to Adelaide to start the float process.
In 1885, historian H. J. Huitfeldt-Kaas said that in the period 1670-1870 the family started marrying commoners, and thus, should be considered to have lost their nobility ( later it was asserted that this position was influenced by the Danish, whose nobility, to a large degree, supplanted Norwegian nobility during the Dano-Norwegian period.

1885 and We
In 1885 Holger Drachmann wrote a midsommervise ( Midsummer hymn ) called " Vi elsker vort land ..." (" We Love Our Country ") that is sung with a melody composed by P. E.
He wrote The Relation of the Government to the Telegraph ( 1873 ); The Cremation Theory of Specie Resumption ( 1875 ); The Silver Question ( 1877 ); Why We Trade and How We Trade ( 1878 ); Our Merchant Marine ( 1882 ); A Primer of Tariff Reform ( 1884 ); Practical Economics ( 1885 ); Recent Economic Changes ( 1889 ), a major description and analysis of the national economy ; Breakers Ahead: Cause of the Present Crisis ( 1896 ); and The Theory and Practice of Taxation ( 1900 ).

1885 and must
Babbitt ( 1922 ), by Sinclair Lewis ( 1885 – 1951 ), satirizes the American bourgeois George Follansbee Babbitt, a middle-aged realtor, booster, and joiner in the Midwestern city of Zenith, who — despite being unimaginative, self-important, and hopelessly conformist and middle-class — is aware that there must be more to life than money and the consumption of the best things that money can buy.
To do so, the federal parliament passed in 1885 the Chinese Immigration Act, which stipulated that all Chinese entering Canada must first pay a $ 50 fee, later referred to as a head tax.
However, the accidental discovery of the 1985 Doc's tombstone reveals that Doc was shot shortly after he wrote the letter, which convinces Marty that he must travel to 1885 to rescue him.

1885 and never
Friese-Greene realised that glass plates would never be a practical medium for true moving pictures and in 1885 he began to experiment with oiled paper and by 1887 was experimenting with celluloid as a medium for motion picture cameras.
The Republican-controlled U. S. Congress did not forget this: when Stevenson was nominated for a federal judgeship, he was defeated for confirmation by the same people who never forgot his 1885 purge.
He took no real interest in his studies and never practised as a doctor, moving instead to London in 1885, to try to become a writer.
Although the treaty of peace with the Manchu Empire ( 9 June 1885 ), in which the Qing Dynasty ceded suzerainty of Annam and Tonkin to France, was the work of his ministry, he would never again serve as premier.
He notably served as Chancellor of the Exchequer between 1874 and 1880 and as Foreign Secretary between 1885 and 1886, and was one of only two people to hold the office of First Lord of the Treasury and was never Prime Minister.
A Borough Charter granted in 1885 gave some renewed impetus to the struggling borough council, but it was not until 1937 that the Charity Commissioners were at last able to appoint a borough council, but the town and its fisheries never fully recovered.
Kraus never married, but from 1913 until his death, he had a conflict-prone but close relationship with the Baroness Sidonie Nádherný von Borutin ( 1885 – 1950 ).
Already obsolete when launched, she was never fitted with all her guns and was renamed Bulwark in 1885 when she became a training ship.
Howard Pyle drawing in an 1885 edition of Harper's Magazine, showing a romanticized account of Sevier's 1788 escape from North Carolina ( he never actually went on trial )
Between 1880 and 1885 Spilsby Town would enter the FA Cup each year yet they were never able to progress beyond the first round.
In September 1885, at a Liberal Party of Canada convention in Toronto, a policy resolution was put forward to reform the Canadian Senate on an elective basis ; a policy that was adopted, but never implemented.
Even with a further extension of the franchise in 1868, the electorate never passed 1, 500, and had fallen to barely 1, 000 by the next Reform Act, under which the borough was abolished with effect from the general election of 1885.
His practice was chiefly in commercial, railway and patent cases until ( June 1885 ) he was appointed Attorney-General in the Conservative Government in the exceptional circumstances of never having been Solicitor-general, and not at the time occupying a seat in parliament.
* A lamplighter, never actually seen, is the central figure in Bolesław Prus ' 1885 micro-story, " Shades.
Unfortunately, Jackson died in 1885, never having publicly disclosed what locations the book was based on.
In spite of that, in 1906 and 1920 the United States formally reminded Great Britain that Sabah did not belong to them and was still part of the Sultanate of Sulu on the premise that Spain never acquired sovereignty over North Borneo Madrid Protocol to transfer all its claims of sovereignty over North Borneo to Great Britain on the Madrid Protocol of 1885.
The first pedigree records of pigs began in 1885, much later than it did for cattle, sheep and horses because the pig was a peasant's animal, a scavenger and was never highly regarded.

1885 and judge
French was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, to Henry Flagg French ( 1813 – 1885 ), a lawyer, judge, Assistant US Treasury Secretary and author of a book that described the French drain, and his wife Anne Richardson.
His funeral Mass was held at St. Patrick's Cathedral on October 25, 1885 ; during the eulogy, Archbishop James Gibbons described him as " a kind father, a devoted friend, a watchful shepherd, a fearless leader and, above all, an impartial judge.
* That phrase can be found in Nature in 1885, page 74 Nov 26, 1885: :" A well-known lawyer, now a judge, once grouped witnesses into three classes: simple liars, damned liars, and experts.
John Johnston Parker ( November 20, 1885 – March 17, 1958 ) was a U. S. judge who failed confirmation to the Supreme Court by one vote.
Thomas O ' Hagan, 1st Baron O ' Hagan KP, PC, QC ( 29 May 1812 – 1 February 1885 ), was an Irish lawyer and judge.
The trail can trace its origins to the founding of the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway on 15 April 1885, by ten men headed by judge Thomas Burke and Daniel Gilman.
* Robert Johnston McMillan ( 1885 – 1941 ), U. S. federal judge
* John J. Parker ( 1885 – 1958 ), American judge who served at the Nuremberg Trials and missed a nomination to the Supreme Court by one vote
Michael Morris, 1st Baron Killanin PC, QC ( 14 November 1826 – 8 September 1901 ), known as Sir Michael Morris, Bt, from 1885 to 1889 and as The Lord Morris between 1889 and 1900, was an Irish lawyer and judge.
Cox became a practicing attorney in 1885 and was subsequently elected county judge of Sullivan County.
On March 27, 1885, judge Deady admitted Mary Leonard to the federal bar, the first woman admitted in Oregon.
The school started in 1885 when art enthusiasts formed the " Sketch Club " with the purpose of " talking over art matters in general and to judge pictures.
* William Wirt Clayton ( 1812 – 1885 ), judge, director and tax collector in Atlanta, Georgia
He was a judge of the first judicial circuit of Maryland from 1878 – 1884 and elected as a Democrat in 1884 to the United States Senate serving from March 4, 1885 until his death.
James Patrick Bannerman Robertson, Baron Robertson ( 19 August 1845-1909 ), was a Scottish judge and Conservative politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1885 until 1891 when he was raised to the peerage as Baron Robertson.
From 1880 to 1885 he sat as a judge of the Supreme Court of Cape Colony ; and he was British commissioner on the Anglo-German commission in 1884-1885 for settling the claims of British subjects at Angra Pequeña ( German: Lüderitzbucht ) and other parts of the south-west coast.
He was city attorney for Macomb, Illinois from 1885 to 1887 and a McDonough County judge from 1886 to 1890.
Sir Robert Joseph Phillimore, 1st Baronet PC ( 5 November 1810 – 4 February 1885 ), was an English judge and politician.
Lawrence was appointed judge of the judicial district of northern Berkshire, County in 1885.

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