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1886 and her
Bradford released another volume in 1886 called Harriet, the Moses of her People, which presented a less caustic view of slavery and the South.
His mother Marija, née Mrak, found bringing up the family alone very hard, but she was able to send her son to school in Ljubljana where Plemelj studied from 1886 to 1894.
She organised some 37 women in her Leek School of Art Embroidery to collaborate working from a full-scale water-colour facsimile drawing provided by the South Kensington Museum The full-size replica was finished in 1886 and is now exhibited in the Museum of Reading in Reading, Berkshire, England .< ref name = reading >
* July 4, 1886: Charleston, South Carolina During Sunday school, Emma Connelly shot and killed John Steedley for " circulating slanderous reports " about her, even though her brother publicly whipped him a few days earlier.
Pope Leo XIII beatified her as a martyr for the Roman Catholic Church on 29 December 1886.
Her father, Walter Augustus de Havilland ( 31 August 1872 – 23 May 1968 ; aged 95 ), was a patent attorney with a practice in Japan, and her mother, Lilian Augusta ( née Ruse ; 11 June 1886 – 20 February 1975 ; aged 88 ) was a stage actress who had left her career after going to Tokyo with her husband – she would return to work after her daughters had already won fame in the 40s, with the stage name of Lillian Fontaine.
The first popular male impersonator in U. S. theater was Annie Hindle, who started performing in New York in 1867 ; in 1886 she married her dresser, Annie Ryan.
Connecticut repealed the Black Law in 1838, and later recognized Crandall with a small pension in 1886, four years before her death.
Mrs. L. S. Smith, one of the " few surviving members " of the first graduating class ( 1886 ), spoke of her memories of the old school, a talk that was followed by a musical presentation and a toast given by the future governor of Pennsylvania, Arthur James.
It was used by Ma Rainey ( 1886 – 1939 ) to describe her repertoire to rural audiences.
See also F Hardy, Memoirs of Lord Charlemont ( London, 1812 ); Warden Flood, Memoirs of Henry Flood ( London, 1838 ); Francis Plowden, Historical Review of the State of Ireland ( London, 1803 ); Alfred Webb, Compendium of Irish Biography ( Dublin, 1878 ); Sir Jonah Barrington, Rise and Fall of the Irish Nation ( London, 1833 ); WJ O ' Neill Daunt, Ireland and her Agitators ; Lord Mountmorres, History of the Irish Parliament ( 2 vole., London, 1792 ); Horace Walpole, Memoirs of the Reign of George III ( 4 vols., London, 1845 and 1894 ); Lord Stanhope, Life of William Pitt ( 4 vols., London, 1861 ); Thomas Davis, Life of JP Curran ( Dublin, 1846 ) this contains a memoir of Grattan by DO Madden, and Grattan's reply to Lord Clare on the question of the Union ; Charles Phillips, Recollections of Curran and some of his Contemporaries ( London, 1822 ); JA Froude, The English in Ireland ( London, 1881 ); JG McCarthy, Henry Grattan: an Historical Study ( London, 1886 ); Lord Mahon's History of England, vol.
She supported her son Eugén, who wanted to study art in Paris ( 1886 ), and her son Oscar when he wanted to marry the noble lady-in-waiting Ebba Munck af Fulkila ( 1888 ).
Nellie Melba ( 1861 – 1931 ) travelled to Europe in 1886 to commence her international career as an opera singer.
In 1928, her longtime patron the Baron Raoul Kuffner von Diószeg ( 1886 – 1961 ) visited her studio and commissioned her to paint his mistress.
Parnell later took up residence with her in Eltham, Kent in the summer of 1886, and was a known overnight visitor at the O ' Shea house in Brockley, London.
( born Hilda Doolittle ; September 10, 1886 – September 27, 1961 ) was an American poet, novelist and memoirist known for her association with the early 20th century avant-garde Imagist group of poets such as Ezra Pound and Richard Aldington.

1886 and mother
Along with their mother, the five sisters immigrated to America from Denmark in 1886, joining their father, who had taken the journey earlier.
The couple had two daughters: Marie-Alexandrine-Henriette Dumas, born 20 November 1860, who married Maurice Lippmann and was the mother of Serge Napoléon Lippmann ( 1886 – 1975 ) and Auguste Alexandre Lippmann ( 1881 – 1960 ); and Jeanine Dumas ( 3 May 1867 – 1943 ), who married Ernest d ' Hauterive ( 1864 – 1957 ), son of George Lecourt d ' Hauterive and his wife Léontine de Leusse.
Hyde was born at Longford House in Castlerea in County Roscommon, while his mother, Elizabeth née Oldfield ( 1834 – 1886 ) was on a short visit there.
The Andrews sisters were born in Minnesota to a Greek immigrant father Peter Andreas ( probably an Americanization of Petros Andreou ) ( 1884 – 1949 ), and a Norwegian American mother Olga " Ollie " ( née Sollie ) Andrews ( 1886 – 1948 ).
Upon his father's death, his mother returned to Germany with her children for two years, after which she returned to New Orleans in 1886, but soon thereafter decided to move her family to San Francisco.
Croft was born into a showbiz family: his mother, Annie Croft ( 1896 – 1995 ), was a famous stage actress and his father, Reginald Sharland ( 1886 – 1944 ), had a successful career as a radio actor in Hollywood.
Born in the city of Bombay the son of a civil servant, he was brought up in London and Hampshire by his maternal aunts due to the death of his mother in 1886 and his father in 1894.
His Serbian father, Petar Sekulović ( 1886 – 1975 ), worked in the steel mills and as a milkman, and his mother, Minnie ( née Sebera ) Sekulovich ( 1892 – 1995 ), was a Czech seamstress and actress.
Ley was born in Bath, England, but his father died in 1882 and his mother brought him and three siblings to Australia in 1886.
His mother was Betty de Rothschild ( 1805 – 1886 ), the daughter of Salomon Mayer von Rothschild from the Austrian branch of the family.
Originally named Peter Dunne, to honor his mother, who had died when he was in high school, he took her family name as his middle name some time before 1886, going by PF Dunne, reversed the two names in 1888, for Finley P. Dunne, and later used simply the initials, FP Dunne.
His father Ezhumavail Neelakanthan Bhattatiripad was an accomplished scholar, and his mother Umayamba Thampuratti ( died 1886 ) was a poet and writer whose work Parvati Swayamvaram was published by Raja Ravi Varma after her death.
His mother died when he was seven years old in 1886.
His mother, Frances, née Mark ( 1886 – 1969 ) was the daughter of a labourer from south London, socially inferior to her husband but with artistic and social ambitions.
D ' Albert was born at 4 Crescent Place, Glasgow, Scotland, to an English mother, Annie Rowell, and a German-born father of French and Italian descent, Charles Louis Napoléon d ' Albert ( 1809 – 1886 ), whose ancestors included the composers Giuseppe Matteo Alberti and Domenico Alberti.
The church was built in 1886 by Tsar Alexander III to honor his mother, Empress Maria Alexandrovna of Russia.
His father was Felice ( born in Venezia on 1886 ), his mother was Ada Basevi ( born in Verona ).
After her father was found dead in a railway tunnel in 1886, her mother began letting rooms in the family home, before moving to Brighton run a grocery and later a boarding house.
Darclée was the mother of composer Ion Hartulary Darclée ( 1886 – 1969 ) who was known particularly as a writer of operettas.
In Henry James's realist novel The Princess Casamassima ( 1886 ) the prison is the " primal scene " of Hyacinth Robinson's life: the visit to his mother, dying in the infirmary, is described in chapter 3.

1886 and inspired
His work inspired poetry by Swinburne — Swinburne's 1886 Poems & Ballads is dedicated to Burne-Jones.
In the 1880s, these choirs inspired the organization of singing societies that sponsored music festivals ; in 1886, five singing clubs joined to become the Union of Scandinavian Singers, and the Norwegian Singers Association of America has met biannually since 1910.
Edward Bach ( pronounced ' Batch ', ; September 24, 1886 – November 27, 1936 ) was a British physician, homeopath and spiritual writer, best known for developing a range of remedies called the Bach flower remedies, a form of alternative medicine inspired by classical homeopathic traditions.
Both he and Edmund Husserl seem to have been inspired by Mach's work Beiträge zur Analyse der Empfindungen ( Contributions to the Analysis of the Sensations, 1886 ) to formulate their very similar concepts of Gestalt and Figural Moment respectively.
' Visits to Scotland inspired her with two poems of considerable compass and pretension —' The Prophecy of St. Oran ( published in 1881, but written some years previously ), narrating the remarkable legend of that saint, and ' The Heather on Fire ' ( 1886 ), a denunciation of indiscriminate Highland evictions.
In 1860 Petermann decided that these should be listed in a more structured way, the latter temporarily as Geographischer Literatur Bericht für ****( 1886 – 1909 ), maybe inspired by Kroner ’ s literature lists in the Zeitschrift für allgemeine Erdkunde of the ‘ Gesellschaft für Erdkunde ’.
Larsen was inspired by the example of the great Latvian-Danish player and theoretician Aron Nimzowitsch ( 1886 – 1935 ), who often played 1. Nf3 followed by 2. b3, which is sometimes called the Nimzowitsch – Larsen Attack.
Edward William Godwin ( Bristol, 26 May 1833 – 6 October 1886 ) was a progressive English architect-designer, who began his career working in the strongly polychromatic " Ruskinian Gothic " style of mid-Victorian Britain, inspired by The Stones of Venice, then moved on to provide designs in the " Anglo-Japanese taste " of the Aesthetic Movement and Whistler's circle in the 1870s.

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