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1892 and Saint-Gaudens
In addition to his famous works such as the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial on Boston Common and the outstanding grand equestrian monuments to Civil War generals John A. Logan, atop a tumulus in Chicago, 1894 – 97, and William Tecumseh Sherman, at the corner of New York's Central Park, 1892 – 1903, Saint-Gaudens also maintained an interest in numismatics and designed the $ 20 " double eagle " gold piece, for the US Mint in 1905 – 1907, still considered the most beautiful American coin ever issued as well as the $ 10 " Indian Head " gold eagle, both of which were minted from 1907 until 1933.
Diana ( Saint-Gaudens ) | Diana ( 1892 – 93 ).
File: Diana by Augustus Saint-Gaudens 01. jpg | Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Diana ( 1892 – 93 )

1892 and was
His next major work, completed in 1892, was a long fantastic epic in prose, entitled Hans Alienus, which Professor Book describes as a monument on the grave of his carefree and indolent youth.
Between that year and the buying out of Mr. Darling's interest in 1892, a large portion of the company's precision tool business was carried out under the name of Darling, Brown & Sharpe, and to this day many old precision tools are in use still bearing that famous trademark.
Ward had originally written the music, Materna, for the hymn O Mother dear, Jerusalem in 1882, though it was not first published until 1892.
He was the fourth child of Ondrej Varchola ( Americanized as Andrew Warhola, Sr., 1889 – 1942 ) and Júlia ( née Zavacká, 1892 – 1972 ), whose first child was born in their homeland and died before their move to the U. S. Andy had two older brothers, Paul, born about 1923, and John, born about 1925.
Alexander Mackenzie, PC ( January 28, 1822 – April 17, 1892 ), a building contractor and newspaper editor, was the second Prime Minister of Canada from November 7, 1873 to October 8, 1878.
The Homestead Strike was a bloody labor confrontation lasting 143 days in 1892, one of the most serious in U. S. history.
HH Abbas II Hilmi Bey ( also known as Abbas Hilmi Pasha ) () ( 14 July 1874 – 19 December 1944 ) was the last Khedive of Egypt and Sudan ( 8 January 1892 – 19 December 1914 ).
Lake Foy Sagar is situated in the outskirts of the city, it is a picturesque artificial lake that was created as a famine relief project in 1892.
In 1892 a local board of health and local government district of Abercarn was formed.
Its institutions included a post-graduate theological college ( opened in connection with the Church of England in 1892, until 1907, when it was removed to Llandaff ).
In 1892, ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was appointed in his father's will to be his successor and head of the Bahá ' í Faith.
With his father's death in 1892, and his appointment as head of the Bahá ’ í faith, there was much opposition against him, including virtually all his family members.
He gradually acquired such a high reputation that in 1892 he was offered the professorship of Latin at University College London, which he accepted.
In 1892, a short-lived rule was added crediting runners with stolen bases if a base runner advanced on a fly out, or if they advanced more than one base on any safe hit or attempted out, providing an attempt was made by the defense to put the runner out.
The first world heavyweight champion under the Queensberry Rules was " Gentleman Jim " Corbett, who defeated John L. Sullivan in 1892 at the Pelican Athletic Club in New Orleans.
In the then Victorian Colony ( now State of Victoria in Australia ), the ( Royal ) Victorian Bowling Association was formed in 1880 and The Scottish Bowling Association was established in 1892, although there had been a failed attempt in 1848 by 200 Scottish clubs.
There was a final weak Gladstone ministry in 1892, but it also was dependent on Irish support and failed to get Irish Home Rule through the House of Lords.
The first Archdeacon was Reginald Hobhouse and he was succeeded by Archdeacon du Boulay in 1892.
The Little Bears ( 1893 – 96 ) was the first American comic with recurring characters, while the first color comic supplement was published by the Chicago Inter-Ocean sometime in the latter half of 1892, followed by the New York Journals first color Sunday comic pages in 1897.

1892 and asked
In 1892, Dr. Augustus Stinchfield was asked to join the practice by W. W. Mayo, who considered him to be the best doctor in the small towns surrounding Rochester.
In 1892 President Sadi Carnot, who was his personal friend, asked him to form a cabinet.
He was asked to join the two Mayo brothers ' private medical practice in 1892.
In 1892 Carlisle was again proposed as a candidate for president at the Democratic convention, but this time Carlisle asked that he not be considered.
Sharp had made many friends and an address with over 300 signatures asked him to continue his work at Adelaide, but he decided to return to England and arrived there in January 1892.
In 1833 the cemetery had to move to what was then called Victoria Cemetery ( today the " Plaza 1 ° de Mayo ") until November, 1892, when they were asked by the Municipality to move.
He was asked to serve as temporary chair of the 1892 State Republican Convention.
In 1892, while writing up the census results, he was asked to serve as a translator for the US State Department in connection with the Bering Sea Arbitration.
On June 7, 1892, Plessy bought a first-class ticket for the commuter train that ran from New Orleans to Covington, sat down in the car for white riders only and the conductor asked whether he was a colored man, Medley said.
In 1892, the Citizens ' Committee asked Plessy to agree to violate Louisiana's Separate Car law that required the segregation of passenger trains by race.
On 21 May 1892, Ancona was asked to create the part of Silvio in the first performance of Leoncavallo's Pagliacci, which took place at Milan's Teatro Dal Verme with Arturo Toscanini conducting.
In 1892, William Worrall Mayo asked Dr. Augustus Stinchfield to join his practice as a full partner.
Pope Leo XIII granted pontifical status to the Josephinum with this hand-written, Latin letter in 1892. To make sure that the fledgling institution would continue after his death, Father Jessing asked that it be placed under the protection of the Holy See.
Dr. Augustus Stinchfield was also asked to join the medical practice in 1892 by William Worrall Mayo.
When Charles Spurgeon's illness with Bright's disease kept him from preaching, he asked Pierson to substitute for him while he recovered ; but when Spurgeon unexpectedly died on January 31, 1892, the people of the Metropolitan Tabernacle invited Pierson to stay on, which he did for the next two years.
In 1892, he was asked by the Swiss government to draft the Swiss civil code ( Zivilgesetzbuch ), which he completed in 1904.

1892 and design
The first working prototype was unveiled in May 1891 and the design of system was essentially finalized by the fall of 1892.
Electrical engineering full courses were added in 1892, automobile design has been taught from 1899 onwards.
By autumn 1892, the design of the Kinetoscope was essentially complete.
The Heisler locomotive was the last variant of the three major types of geared steam locomotive, Charles L. Heisler receiving a patent for the design in 1892 following the construction of a prototype in 1891.
The Midland Railway completely rebuilt the station between 1892 and 1894 to a design by the architect Charles Trubshaw.
opened on 7 July 1892 to great fanfare and the proclamation of a public holiday, the line is one of four funicular railways in the UK built to the same basic design ( the others were the Clifton Rocks Railway in Bristol ; the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway in Devon ; and the Constitution Hill Railway in Aberystwyth, Wales ).
This reverse design continued through the end of the series in 1891 and was changed only slightly in 1892, when the Barber dime debuted.
Khnopff continued to design illustrations for the works of Péladan, most notably for " Femmes honnêtes " ( 1888 ) and " Le Panthée " ( 1892 ).
In 1892 he abandoned painting, devoting his time to arts of decoration and interior design.
The original buildings that formed the department store were destroyed by fire in 1892, and in 1893 the Scottish architect William Hamilton Beattie was appointed to design the new store which subsequently opened in 1895.
The former Collingwood Post Office was built between 1891 and 1892 in the Victorian Mannerist style, to the design of John Marsden and is similar to Rupertswood, with its tall tower.
Savage introduced the first hammerless lever-action rifle, the Model 1895, derived from Arthur Savage's Model 1892 rifle that he had designed for Colt in a failed bid for a US Army rifle contract that instead was won by the Krag-Jørgensen design.
The building links into the Town Hall and some areas of the building, most notably the Braithwaite Hall, are part of the original town hall and library complex, built in 1892 – 1896 to a design by Charles Henman Jun.
The first and most numerous class was A class of Vladicaucasian Railway and Kolomna factory design, 533 of which were built from 1892 until 1907 in several Russian and German factories, for several railroads ( in A < sup > D </ sup >< sub > K </ sub >, A < sup > D </ sup > and most numerous A < sup > V </ sup > series ).
In 1892 he was hired by H. H. Sinclair and Henry Fisher of the Redlands Electric Light and Power Company, a Californian generating company, to design a new three-phase generator ( based on experimental work by Nikola Tesla ) for the Mill Creek No. 1 hydroelectric plant.
The first departure from this design came when Brother Richard Lonergan, Cornell 1892, had his badge made retaining the diamond in the center but had the Delta mounted in black enamel.
The new design, which closely resembles the 1892 concept, is attributed to C. A. P.
His design won a contest put on by the city in 1892, but the War Department objected to the design.
The three conversions were withdrawn between September 1880 and October 1887, while the other locomotives to the later design were all withdrawn with the end of the GWR broad gauge in May 1892 ( except Hirondelle, which had been withdrawn in December 1890 ).
The Jesse window of 1892 by Lavers & Westlake is a colourful design.
Trademarks of dollar watches were their simple, rugged design, movement ( usually with a pin-pallet escapement, although sometimes with duplex escapements ) which has either no jewels or just one jewel, width of about eighteen size ( two inches ), and sale price of about a dollar from 1892 until the mid 1950s.
The Highland Railway Strath Class were 4-4-0 steam locomotives introduced in 1892, to the design of David Jones.
The Royal West Norfolk Golf Club was founded in 1892, its design being from a Mr Holcombe Inglby.

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