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1892 and Tretyakov
In 1892 Tretyakov inherited a collection of Western European painting from his brother and placed it in two halls of the western school.
In August 1892 Tretyakov donated his collection and a private residence to Moscow.
A minor planet 3925 Tret ' yakov, discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Zhuravlyova in 1977 is named after Pavel Tretyakov and his brother Sergei Mikhailovich Tretyakov ( 1824 – 1892 ).
Fine examples of these qualities include The Vladimirka Road, 1892 Evening Bells, 1892, and Eternal Rest, 1894, all in the Tretyakov Gallery.
Sergei Mikhailovich Tretyakov ( Russian: Серге ́ й Миха ́ йлович Третьяко ́ в ; 20 June 1892, Goldingen, Courland Governorate ( modern day Kuldīga, Latvia ) – September 10, 1937, Moscow ) was a Russian constructivist writer, playwright and special correspondent for Pravda.

1892 and presented
In 1892, Fleming presented an important paper on electrical transformer theory to the Institution of Electrical Engineers in London.
To A Friend and Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote a play The Foresters, or Robin Hood and Maid Marian, which was presented with incidental music by Sir Arthur Sullivan in 1892.
Tensor calculus was developed around 1890 by Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro under the title absolute differential calculus, and originally presented by Ricci in 1892.
The Stanley Cup, the championship trophy of the National Hockey League, was presented to the Dominion of Canada in 1892 by Frederick Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby during his tenure as Governor General of Canada.
The term Entartung ( or " degeneracy ") had gained currency in Germany by the late 19th century when the critic and author Max Nordau devised the theory presented in his 1892 book, Entartung.
In 1892 Lady Cartier presented a marble bust of her husband to the Legislative Assembly of Quebec.
Costa and his successors presented all operas in Italian, even those originally written in French, German or English, until 1892, when Gustav Mahler presented the debut of Wagner's Ring cycle.
In January 1892 the four Western Chiefs, who had hitherto been nominally independent, were formally recognized as feudatories by the Government of India, and at a meeting held at Bawlake on 23 January of that year, they were each presented with sanads appointing them Myozas.
One prosecution witness, presented as a religious expert in Judaic rituals, was a Catholic priest, Justinas Pranaitis from Tashkent, well known for his antisemitic 1892 work Talmud Unmasked.
In 1892, the criteria for the Certificate of Merit was changed and now was presented to:
He developed the theory of gliding flight, developed a method for the manufacture of ship and plane propellers ( 1892 ), and presented a general theory for screw-propeller thrust ( 1920 ).
In 1892 he received his doctorate with his dissertation, Idee und Perzeption ( Idea and Perception ), and in 1894 he presented his habilitation thesis, Zur Lehre vom Inhalt und Gegenstand der Vorstellungen ( On the Doctrine of the Content and Object of Presentations ).
Observing the structure of Kucaj mountain and Prekonoska cave, he got the idea for his PhD thesis, which he presented in Vienna in 1892, and honorarily promoted on January 22, 1893.
In 1890, two-year classes were started and the first batch of students was presented for the F. A Examination in 1892.
George Edwardes ' musical play, In Town, often considered the first English musical comedy, was presented at the theatre in 1892 and was followed by Edwardes ' even more successful A Gaiety Girl in 1893.
From the 1860s until the Second World War, various syndicates or individual impresarios presented short seasons of opera at the Royal Opera House ( so named in 1892 ), sung in the original language, with star singers and conductors.
He founded the Jewish Colonization Association as an English society, with a capital of £ 2, 000, 000, and in 1892 he presented to it a further sum of £ 7, 000, 000.
In 1892, the English High School moved into a commodious new building on Broadway ; Rindge had presented the land to Cambridge at a cost of $ 230, 000.
In 1892, Saint-Gaudens was asked to design the official medal of the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago ; it would be presented to prizewinning exhibitors.

1892 and already
Kipling had already used the same title for an article on businessmen as the new adventurers, published in The Times of 23 November 1892.
Nielsen is perhaps most closely associated with his six symphones, which were written between 1892, when he was an aspiring young composer, and 1925, when he was already beginning to suffer from poor health.
He joined the Socialist League in 1892 and became a street-corner speaker for the Balmain Single Tax League and an organiser with the Australian Workers ' Union and may have already joined the newly formed Labor Party.
The publication in the October 1892 Phonogram of cinematographic sequences shot in the format demonstrates that the Kinetograph had already been reconfigured to produce movies with the new film.
The miners who formed the union had already experienced a number of hard-fought battles with mine owners and governmental authorities: in the Coeur d ' Alene strike in February of 1892, after company guards shot five strikers to death, the miners disarmed the guards and marched more than a hundred strikebreakers out of town.
As to the short Mle 1890 and Mle 1892 Berthier carbine, they had already been issued to cavalry, artillery, machine gun and engineering troops long before the outbreak of World War I.
Pierre de Coubertin had already attempted to restart the Olympic Games at the congress for the fifth anniversary of the Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques in 1892.
He had already been created Baron Cromer, of Cromer in the County of Norfolk, in 1892, Viscount Cromer, in the County of Norfolk, in 1899, and was made Viscount Errington, of Hexham in the County of Northumberland, at the same time he was given the earldom.
He had already been created a Baronet, of Hall Barn in The Parish of Beaconsfield in the County of Buckingham, in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom in 1892.
He had already been created Baron Roberts of Kandahar, in Afghanistan, and of the City of Waterford, in 1892, and was made Viscount St Pierre at the same time as he was given the earldom.
Meanwhile, duplication had already started, being provided to Royal Park in September 1888, to South Brunswick ( Jewell ) in May 1889, Brunswick to Coburg in December 1891, and South Brunswick to Brunswick in August 1892.
Glazunov had already set some of the music in 1892 as a purely orchestral suite, under the title Chopiniana, Op.
In fact by 1892, four years before the slogan was created, the Heinz company was already selling more than 60 products.
Despite its success, the club was dropped during the NL-AA merger of 1892, as there was already an NL entry in Boston.
It was only in 1892 that he granted a parcel of land to the newly formed Mahomedan Gymkhana for a cricket field, adjacent to land already used by the Parsi Gymkhana.
At Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town, in March 1892, he made his debut for South Africa having already appeared twice for his native England.
By 1892, six years into the marriage, Sergei was already certain that they would not have children and he left a will making the children of his brother Paul his heir after his and his wife ’ s deaths.
However, his reputation on hard wickets meant he was already an automatic choice for the 1891 / 1892 Ashes tour and he worked remarkably hard-often with considerable success, as when he took 6 for 84 off 51 overs in the First Test at the MCG.
He had already been personally slandered for his allegedly closet homosexuality — something which led him to challenge his former friend, the poet Olavo Bilac, to a duel in 1892 ; he had also broken other friendships in the same resounding fashion.
In March 1892 Berry wrote his letter of resignation, probably without knowing that in October of the previous year the Home Office had already decided that " the employment of Berry as Executioner should no longer be recommended to the High Sheriffs ".
Based on that result and to bring the hypothesis of an immobile ether in accordance with the Michelson – Morley experiment, George FitzGerald in 1889 ( qualitatively ) and independently of him Lorentz in 1892 ( already quantitatively ) suggested that not only the electrostatic fields, but also the molecular forces are affected in such a way that the dimension of a body in the line of motion is less by the value than the dimension perpendicularly to the line of motion.
Karonga was important as England's main support base for the ' Stephenson Road ', from Lake Nyasa to Lake Tanganyika, which by 1892 was already falling apart due to a lack of funds.
Jersey tendered his resignation already in November 1892 citing pressing business affairs.
The liberty was abolished in 1892 ; although by this date in Hornchurch it had already been superseded by various ad-hoc bodies, such as the Romford Poor Law Union and the Romford Rural Sanitary District.

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