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1892 and worked
The Eisenhowers then lived in Texas from 1889 until 1892, and later returned to Kansas, with $ 24 to their name at the time ; David worked as a mechanic with a railroad and then with a creamery.
In 1907, French-born, London-based Eugene Lauste — who had worked at Edison's lab between 1886 and 1892 — was awarded the first patent for sound-on-film technology, involving the transformation of sound into light waves that are photographically recorded direct onto celluloid.
Sutherland was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, the son of Dorothy Isobel ( née McNichol ; 1892 – 1956 ) and Frederick McLea Sutherland ( 1894 – 1983 ), who worked in sales and ran the local gas, electricity, and bus company.
In January 1892 he returned to Jacksonville and worked on the plants he had collected in Florida and Cuba at Jiang's.
He worked aboard a cattle boat in 1892 before emigrating to Canada in 1896.
McCrae worked on his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto in 1892 – 93.
He first worked as a book illustrator with London publishers, illustrating such works as George Meredith's Jump to Glory Jane ( 1892 ), Jonas Lie's Weird Tales ( 1892 ), Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market ( 1893 ), Jane Barlow's The End of Elfintown ( 1894 ) and his sister's Werewolf ( 1896 ) in an intricate Art Nouveau style.
From 1883, John Moses Browning worked in partnership with Winchester, designing a series of rifles and shotguns, most notably the lever-action Winchester Model 1886, Model 1892, Model 1894, and Model 1895 rifles, along with the lever-action Model 1887 / 1901 shotgun, the pump-action Model 1890 rifle, and the pump-action Model 1893 / 1897 shotgun.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson lived and worked at Aldworth House, Haslemere, for much of his later life, dying there in 1892.
Upon returning to white culture in 1889, he found the Judith Basin to be filling up with settlers, so worked in various more open places for a couple of years before settling in the area of Great Falls, Montana in 1892 in an attempt to make a living as a full-time artist.
For seventeen years, between 1875 and 1892, Frobenius worked in Zürich.
His Serbian father, Petar Sekulović ( 1886 – 1975 ), worked in the steel mills and as a milkman, and his mother, Minnie ( née Sebera ) Sekulovich ( 1892 – 1995 ), was a Czech seamstress and actress.
April 12, 1892 – April 13, 1973 ) was a reclusive American writer and artist who worked as a custodian in Chicago, Illinois.
In 1892 – 96 he worked as a librarian — during the last two years, as the librarian — at the Polish National Museum in Rapperswil, Switzerland.
Garratt transferred to the Argentine Central Railway in 1889, where he became Locomotive Superintendent in 1892, and between 1900 and 1906 he worked for railways in Cuba, Lagos, and Lima ( Peru ).
Both the Ballinrobe and Claremorris Railway 19 km ( 12 mi ), opened 1892 and the Loughrea and Attymon Railway 14 km ( 9 mi ), opened 1890 were worked by the Midland Great Western.
Goschen calmly obeyed his father's orders and worked in Australia from 1890 to 1892.
Also Suzanne Aubert who had come to New Zealand in 1860 at the invitation of Bishop Pompallier, and had worked in Auckland and Hawkes Bay established her order the Sisters of Compassion-the first Catholic order founded in New Zealand for women-in Jerusalem in 1892.
There, Sherrington worked on segmental distribution of the spinal dorsal and ventral roots, he mapped the sensory dermatomes, and in 1892 discovered that muscle spindles initiated the stretch reflex.
He subsequently moved to Manitoba, where he worked as a farmer and store manager and served as Reeve of the Municipality of De Salaberry from 1892 to 1896.
He was a Representative from New Mexico ; born on Greenwood plantation, near Bayou Sara, Louisiana., April 3, 1861 ; attended the public schools ; moved to the Territory of New Mexico in 1879 and worked on a cattle ranch until 1881 ; acted as post trader at Fort Stanton ; engaged in the mercantile and stock business until 1886 ; deputy treasurer of Lincoln County in 1886 and 1887 ; elected county clerk in 1888, county assessor in 1890, and sheriff in 1892 ; member of the Territorial senate in 1894 and 1896, serving as president the latter year ; lieutenant of the First Volunteer Cavalry, known as “ Roosevelt ’ s Rough Riders ,” in the Spanish-American War ; sheriff of Otero County in 1899 ; resigned to join the Eleventh Volunteer Cavalry ; lieutenant, provost marshal, and provost judge, with service in the Philippine Islands from December 16, 1899, to March 20, 1901 ; Governor of the Province of Camarines, Philippine Islands, in 1901 ; chief of police of the city of Manila, 1901 ; Governor of the Province of Isabela 1903-1905 ; Governor of the Province of Samar from 1905 to 1907, when he resigned ; Governor of the Territory of New Mexico 1907-1911 ; upon the admission of New Mexico as a State into the Union was elected as a Republican to the Sixty-second Congress and served from January 8, 1912, to March 3, 1913 ; declined to be a candidate for renomination in 1912 ; engaged in the hotel business in Socorro, N. Mex.
Haldane ( 1892 — 1964 ) and his esteemed pupil John Maynard Smith, ( 1920 — 2004 ) were both communists, and both worked for the British governments during the first and second world wars respectively.
Born in Cork he worked as a railway clerk, he converted in 1892 to the Anglican church.

1892 and under
Between that year and the buying out of Mr. Darling's interest in 1892, a large portion of the company's precision tool business was carried out under the name of Darling, Brown & Sharpe, and to this day many old precision tools are in use still bearing that famous trademark.
The first world heavyweight champion under the Queensberry Rules was " Gentleman Jim " Corbett, who defeated John L. Sullivan in 1892 at the Pelican Athletic Club in New Orleans.
In April 1892, 10, 000 of the Batetela, under the command of Gongo Lutete, joined forces with Dhanis in a campaign against the Swahili-Arab leaders Sefu and Mohara.
) The game was invented in Germany in 1892 under the name " Stern-Halma " as a variation of the older American game Halma.
The first ships to bear the formal designation " torpedo boat destroyer " ( TBD ) were the Daring class of two ships and Havock class of two ships of the Royal Navy, developed in 1892 under the newly appointed Third Sea Lord Rear Admiral " Jackie " Fisher.
Mali fell under French colonial rule in 1892.
By the Benefices Act 1892, a person guilty of simony is guilty of an offence for which he may be proceeded against under the Clergy Discipline Act 1892.
It was further supplemented by the Cordoba Durchmusterung ( 580, 000 stars ), which began to be compiled at Córdoba, Argentina in 1892 under the initiative of John M. Thome and covers declinations-22 to-90.
Tensor calculus was developed around 1890 by Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro under the title absolute differential calculus, and originally presented by Ricci in 1892.
James Thorne Smith, Jr. ( March 27, 1892 – June 21, 1934 ) was an American writer of humorous supernatural fantasy fiction under the byline Thorne Smith.
The general election of 1892 resulted in a minority Liberal government under Gladstone as Prime Minister.
After a series of party reversals at the presidential level ( 1884, 1888, 1892, 1896 ), the result was that most federal jobs were under civil service.
In the 1892 presidential election, Harrison was soundly defeated by Grover Cleveland, and the Senate, House, and Presidency were all under Democratic control.
It became communal in 1892 at the time of acquisition of Waux Hall by the city of Mons, and then came under the authority of the province of Hainaut in 2006.
The islands came under Britain's sphere of influence in the late 19th century, when the Ellice Islands were declared a British protectorate by Captain Gibson, R. N. of HMS Curaçao between 9th and 16 October 1892.
In 1913, with his friends Pinchus Kremegne ( 1890 – 1981 ) and Michel Kikoine ( 1892 – 1968 ), he emigrated to Paris, where he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts under Fernand Cormon.
** Rafai ca. 1875 Sultanate, 8 April 1892 under Congo Free State protectorate, March 31, 1909 under French protectorate ; 1939 Sultanate suppressed
Johnny Dodds ( April 12, 1892 – August 8, 1940 ) was an American New Orleans based jazz clarinetist and alto saxophonist, best known for his recordings under his own name and with bands such as those of Joe " King " Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Lovie Austin and Louis Armstrong.
* Neil Thomas ( 1892 – 1963 ), sheriff of Jackson Parish from 1928 – 1948 ; state parole director under the second Jimmie Davis administration, originally a barber in Jonesboro ; father-in-law of Bob Reese
The town was incorporated on January 12, 1892 under the name " Rich Prairie ", however on August 15, 1894, residents voted to change the name of the town to Pierz, for Father Francis Xavier Pierz.
In 1892, Grand River College moved from Edinburg, Missouri to Gallatin, where it operated for a period under the auspices of William Jewell College before permanently closing in 1910 following a fire.
The Paris Opéra finally staged the opera on 23 November 1892 in a performance under the supervision of Saint-Saëns conducted by Édouard Colonne with Blanche Deschamps-Jéhin as Dalila and Edmond Vergnet as Samson, a performance which was lauded by critics and the audience.

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