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1895-1896 and by
* The First Italo-Ethiopian War ( 1895-1896 ) won by Ethiopia,

1895-1896 and at
From 1894 to 1899 he was chairman and in 1895-1896 first director of the American School of Classical Studies at Rome.
From 1895-1896 Lyman taught at BYA.

1895-1896 and which
The Daily was founded in September 1891 as The Pacific Wave and ran under that title until June 5, 1908, having absorbed the short-lived The College Idea which ran during the 1895-1896 school year.

1895-1896 and History
* History of Edison Motion Pictures: The Shift to Projectors and the Vitascope ( 1895-1896 )

1895-1896 and from
Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn, CMG, LL. D, FRS, FGS ( 26 July 1824 – 19 October 1902 ) was a British geologist, director of the Geological Survey of Victoria from 1852 – 1869, director of Geological Survey of Canada 1869 – 1894 and President of the Royal Society of Canada 1895-1896 .< ref name = adb >
He joined the Léon Bourgeois ministry of 1895-1896 as minister of commerce, industry, post and telegraphs, was vice-president of the Chamber from 1898 to 1902, and presided over the Budget Commission of 1899, 1901 and 1902.

1895-1896 and .
Jackson Whipps Showalter ( February 5, 1860, Minerva, Kentucky – February 5, 1935, Lexington, Kentucky ) was a five-time U. S. Chess Champion: 1890, 1892, 1892 – 1894, 1895-1896 and 1906 – 1909.
* 1895-1896 P. Cassidy
Campbell was a trustee of the Ohio State University 1895-1896.
* James K. Jones ( D-AR ) 1895-1896
By July, there were three road gangs working on different sections of the road, and work began over the difficult section over the Rotoma hill in the summer of 1895-1896.
The cheese cutting was a large wedge shaped rock formed during road construction in 1895-1896 when the road gangs cut the road through a hill with picks and shovels and left a portion of the hill standing.
to study law, gaining scholarships in law for 1894-1895 and 1895-1896, and a senior exhibition in law for 1896-1897.
1895-1896 Rev H. N. Thompson
" Notes sur la propriété de l ’ Hôtel du gouvernement à Québec " in Rapport du Commissaire des Travaux publics pour l ’ année 1895-1896, Documents de la session, 1896, 1, doc.

Kansas and City
Before he made that retreat, he telephoned Earl Blackman in Kansas City and asked him to come to Europe with him.
Blackman had brought news from Kansas City.
Kansas City, Mo. ; ;
Kansas City, Mo. ; ;
The Kansas City and the Topeka KCs are arranging that Juniors who win at their shows will be qualified to win points for Westminster.
Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City, Mo., has a do-it-yourself quiz game called `` Benefit Bafflers '', which it distributes to employees.
With the development of the Red Bridge Subdivision south of Kansas City, Missouri, the developer was faced with the problem of providing adequate sewage disposal.
The sewage system from Kansas City was not expected to serve the Red Bridge area for several years.
Chandler had been commissioned in the Medical Service Corps and was serving as a personnel officer for the Kansas City Medical Depot when he decided that if he was going to make the Army his career, he wanted to be in the fighting part of it.
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 9 ( UPI )
-- The president of the Kansas City local of the International Association of Fire Fighters was severly injured today when a bomb tore his car apart as he left home for work.
A $500 reward was offered by the association's local in Kansas City, Kas..
-- The Orioles tonight retained the distinction of being the only winless team among the eighteen Major-League clubs as they dropped their sixth straight spring exhibition decision, this one to the Kansas City Athletics by a score of 5 to 3.
Then Heywood Sullivan, Kansas City catcher, singled up the middle and Throneberry was across with what proved to be the winning run.
The Orioles once again performed at the plate in powderpuff fashion, gathering only seven blows off the offerings of three Kansas City pitchers.
The detailed rundown on the Kansas City scoring in the sixth went like this:
The big, 22-year-old shortstop, the 1960 American league `` rookie-of-the-year '', flew here late this afternoon from Baltimore, signed his contract for an estimated $15,000 and was a spectator at tonight's 5-to-3 loss to Kansas City -- the winless Birds' sixth setback in a row.
Unfortunately, Brooks's teammates were not in such festive mood as the Orioles expired before the seven-hit pitching of three Kansas City rookie hurlers.
The sluggers get along so well in fact, that with their families at home for the summer ( Mantle's in Dallas, Maris's in Kansas City ), they are rooming together.
As roommates, teammates, and home-run mates, Mantle, 29, who broke in with the Yankees ten years ago, and Maris, 26, who came to the Yankees from Kansas City two years ago, have strikingly similar backgrounds.
Further improvements in earnings of the Kansas Turnpike are expected late in 1961, with the opening of a new bypass at Wichita, and still later when the turnpike gets downtown connections in both Kansas City, Kans., and Kansas City, Mo..

Kansas and Pittsburg
While attending Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg ( located in southeastern Kansas ) on a football scholarship, he became interested in acting.
* Pittsburg, Kansas, Crawford County, founded 1876
* Pittsburg Township, Mitchell County, Kansas
* Pittsburg State University, a NCAA Division II public university located in Pittsburg, Kansas
Columbus is the second largest city and county seat of Cherokee County, Kansas, United States, 15 miles south-southwest of Pittsburg, Kansas.
Pittsburg is a city in Crawford County, in southeastern Kansas, United States.
A relic of the city's coal mining days was the Pittsburg & Midway Coal Company, founded in 1885, and one of the oldest continuously running coal companies in the United States ( even though its headquarters moved several years ago to Denver, Colorado after the Kansas mines closed ).
The city has a rich cultural heritage from many Southern and Eastern European mine workers who settled in and around Pittsburg and Southeastern Kansas.
Pittsburg is a center of broadcast media for southeastern Kansas.
* Pittsburg, Kansas in the Kansas Encyclopedia
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