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1898 and Baker
* August 26 – Art Baker, American actor ( b. 1898 )
* Jim Baker ( frontiersman ) ( 1818 – 1898 ), American trapper, scout and guide ; considered one of the most colorful figures of the Old West
The Christian Science Publishing Society ( CSPS ) was established in 1898 by Mary Baker Eddy and is the publishing arm of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.
The subspecies R. a. indicus has, in addition to its distinctive plumage, very different vocalisations to the other subspecies, and it was considered a separate species in early works, including the first edition ( 1898 ) of Fauna of British India, but later demoted to a subspecies by E. C. Stuart Baker in the second edition ( 1929 ).
In 1898 Baker had successfully convinced Canadian Pacific Railway to establish their Crowsnest Pass line through Cranbrook rather than nearby Gold Rush Boom Town Fort Steele.
On September 18, 1946 Mound Metalcraft was created in Mound, Minnesota with three men as partners, Lynn Everett Baker ( 1898 – 1964 ), Avery F. Crounse, and Alvin F. Tesch.
The first recipient of the Certificate of Merit medal was First Lt. William Baker, who had received an original Certificate of Merit as a Corporal during the Spanish-American War ( 1898 ).
* Gladiolus conrathii Baker ( 1898 )
Bernie Naylor Medalists: ( 18 total ) 1894: W. Duffy ( 15 ), 1898: H. Loel ( N / A ), 1899: H. Loel ( 50 ), 1900: A. Daly ( 30 ), 1901: H. Loel ( 45 ), 1902: H. Loel ( 35 ), 1903: T. McNamara ( 32 ), 1911: William Bellion ( 30 ), 1925: Ted Flemming ( 50 ), 1930: Frank Hopkins ( 79 ), 1932: Ted Tyson ( 96 ), 1936: Ted Tyson ( 126 ), 1942: Ted Brunton ( 94 ), 1945: Bill Baker ( 91 ), 1951: Ray Scott ( 141 ), 1955: Ray Scott ( 83 ), 1963: Ron Evans ( 97 ), 1973: Phil Smith ( 84 )
Mountain man Jim Baker had a cabin on the creek from 1873 until his death in 1898.
Jim Baker ( 1818 – 1898 ), trapper, scout and guide, was a friend of Jim Bridger and Kit Carson and one of General John C. Fremont's favorite scouts.
May 15, 1898, Jim Baker died in his cabin near Savery, Wyoming.
Rudy Baker ( born 1898, date of death unknown ), a Communist Party USA ( CPUSA ) official, is today best known for his alleged role as head of the CPUSA's underground secret apparatus.
Baker was born in 1898 in Vukovar, Croatia, probably under the name Rudolph Blum.
* Dorothy Beecher Baker ( 1898 – 1954 )
Alfred Baker ( 27 April 1898 – April 1955 ) was an English footballer.

1898 and joined
Real film continuity, which means showing action moving from one shot into another joined to it, can be dated to Robert W. Paul's Come Along, Do !, made in 1898.
Ex-Legionnaire Ferreira, along with the cívico ( civic ) wing of the Liberals, joined the government of Egusquiza, who left office in 1898, to allow a civilian, Emilio Aceval, to become president.
In 1898 Shackleton joined the Union-Castle Line, the regular mail and passenger carrier between Southampton and Cape Town.
The expedition ended in October 1898 and Rivers returned to England .” In 1900, Rivers joined Myers and Wilkin in Egypt to run tests on the colour vision of the Egyptians ; this was the last time he saw Wilkin, who died of dysentery in May 1901, aged 24.
O ' Kelly joined the National Library of Ireland in 1898 as a junior assistant.
The Navy set up coaling stations there and in Hawaii ( which voluntarily joined the U. S. in 1898 ).
He joined the Nevada Bar in 1898, and made his fortune in the 1900 silver boom in Tonopah, becoming manager of the Tonopah Mining Company.
In 1898, Frederick Taylor joined Bethlehem Steel as a management consultant in order to solve an expensive machine shop capacity problem.
In 1898, Taylor joined Bethlehem Steel in order to solve an expensive machine shop capacity problem.
They established a republic, which joined the United States in 1898.
In 1898, Allenby joined the 3rd Cavalry Brigade, then serving in Ireland as the Brigade-Major.
In 1898 a third brother, Edward H. Parker, joined the company.
Seidel later joined the Social Democracy of America ( established 1897 ), the Social Democratic Party of America ( established 1898 ), and the Socialist Party of America ( established 1901 ) in turn.
In 1883, the club played in the Montreal Winter Carnival, and joined the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada ( AHAC ) in 1888 and were members until 1898.
Those clubs were: Port Melbourne ; Williamstown ; Brunswick ( joined 1897 ); Prahran ( 1898 ); Brighton ( 1908 ); Northcote ( 1908 ); Coburg ( 1925 ); Camberwell ( 1926 ); Preston ( 1926, after a temporary period between 1903-1911 ); Yarraville ( 1928 ); Oakleigh ( 1929 ); Sandringham ( 1929 ).
Rhyl Athletic joined forces with Rhyl Town in 1898 and in an ambitious move switched to the Anglo-Welsh competition known as The Combination.
In 1898, Itagaki joined with Ōkuma Shigenobu of the Shimpotō to form the Kenseitō, and Japan's first party government.
In 1898, he joined a traveling baseball team in Wahoo.
President William McKinley, a Republican, secured a Congressional resolution in 1898, and the small republic joined the U. S. All its citizens became full U. S. citizens.
George Phillips went to Galveston, Texas where he joined the United States Navy in March 1898.
Kalinin joined the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party ( RSDLP ) in 1898, the year of its foundation.
During his years 1895-1901 in the Russian Orthodox Seminary in Poltava, Petliura joined the Ukrainian Revolutionary Party ( RUP ) in 1898.
The South Wales Miners ' Federation was founded in 1898, joining the MFGB in 1899, while the Northumberland Miners ' Federation joined in 1907, followed by the Durham Miners ' Federation in 1908.
He joined the socialist movement around 1898, becoming a member of the Social Democratic Party of Galicia ( GPSD ), an affiliate of the Social Democratic Workers ' Party of Austria.

1898 and staff
At the start of the War Joe Jr. was made an aide on his father's staff and sailed for Cuba on June 1898.
Due to family matters he returned to England briefly in 1898, then moved to Paris to work as sub-editor of the English language Daily Messenger, and then as a staff contributor to the newspaper Éclair.
Sir William Augustus Fraser, 4th Baronet of Leadclune ( 10 February 1826 – 17 August 1898 ), English politician, author and collector, was born the son of Sir James Fraser, a colonel of the 7th Hussars, who had served on Wellington's staff at Waterloo.
In 1898, he joined Janssen at Meudon, increasing the scientific staff by 100 %.
The origin of the term " Cadet Corps " is debatable, as some believe it was first used in 1898, in Ontario, bundled in a provision that the Corps ' instructors would be a member of the local school teaching staff, and not from the local militia unit.
He served on Kitchener's staff during the advance on Omdurman in 1898 and served with distinction in a field command in the Boer War in 1899 to 1902.
From late 1898 to May 1900, he served as the chief of staff to the military governor of Cuba, General Leonard Wood, being promoted to Colonel of regulars in May 1899.
In 1898 Lamberton was ordered to command of the protected cruiser on the Asiatic Squadron, but upon arrival in Hong Kong was appointed chief of staff on board Admiral George Dewey's flagship.
In 1897 he was promoted to the rank of Oberst ( colonel ), and appointed chief of staff of the Seventh Corps of the Imperial & Royal Army in June 1898, where he remained until February 1904.
He contributed many non-fiction articles to magazines and joined the staff of The Daily Mail in 1898.
On May 19, 1898, Aguinaldo, aboard the American revenue cutter McCulloch, returned to the Philippines with 13 of his military staff.
Between 1898 and 1908 he served as a postman on the staff of the Salonica Post Office.
Following his term as mayor, he remained on staff at the Ottawa General Hospital until 1898 and also worked at the Department of Public Works.
From 1891 to 1898, he was professor of modern languages in the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee, then joined the editorial staff of The Churchman in New York City from 1899 to 1912.

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