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1902 and coal
Some sources say veteran prospector Truman H. Aldrich assembled these lands as part of his extensive coal properties, others cite two red-headed brothers, George and E. T. Shuler as having opened the Virginia Mine in 1902.
In 1901 and 1902 almost 60, 000 tons of coal were being taken out of the mines, but increased difficulty with finances soon reduced production.
In 1902, the Columbus and Southern Railroad began to operate between Wyandotte Junction, a connection with the Pennsylvania Railroad line, in Fairfield County, and the coal mines in Hocking, Vinton and Athens Counties.
He purchased the Chauncey in 1902, and operated it as the George F. Lee Coal Co and also ran a coal distribution center in Brooklyn, New York.
In 1902, William Page enlisted the support of millionaire industrialist Henry Huttleston Rogers as a silent partner to finance the expansion of the Deepwater Railway much further, about 80 miles through Mullens to reach a N & W railroad branch line at Matoaka to open up new territory with untapped deposits of high volatile bituminous coal.
* 1902 Coal-mine Maximilian in Werries / Ostwennemar starts mining ( first coal output 1907 )
Australia's worst coal mining disaster occurred in 1902, at the Mount Kembla mine when an explosion killed 94 men and boys, the youngest aged 14, the oldest 69.
The United Mine Workers was successful in its strike against soft coal ( bituminous ) mines in the Midwest in 1900, but its strike against the hard coal ( anthracite ) mines of Pennsylvania turned into a national political crisis in 1902.
When compelled to find means for financing the war in South Africa, he insisted on combining the raising of loans with the imposition of fresh taxation ; and besides raising the income-tax each year, he introduced taxes on sugar and exported coal ( 1901 ), and in 1902 reimposed the registration duty on corn and flour which had been abolished in 1869 by Lowe.
After a 1901 journey across Russia on the then not-quite-completed Trans-Siberian Railway, Hill settled in 1902 in Seattle, Washington, where he had major interests in the Seattle Gas and Electric Company, which was focused mainly in the coal gas business.
It is a coal mining area, notable for the Mount Kembla Mine disaster of 1902 in which 96 people lost their lives.
DSM was established in 1902 as a state-owned coal mining company.
He founded the town of Crofton, British Columbia in 1902 as a place to house the smelter for his coal mine on Mount Sicker.
Movements of coal down the Churchbridge flight were around 12, 000 tons per month in 1902, while in 1905 the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal carried 722, 000 tons, or which 225, 000 tons were coal, mainly from the Cannock coalfields.
Brown, William Michael, 21 Feb 1902, aged 57, Master Shifter, deceased signalled to the winding engineman to take the cage from the 5 / 4 to main coal seam and then attempted to get into the cage, but the engineman, not knowing there was no onsetter there, dropped the cage at once, and Brown was caught and killed
Briceville played an important role in three major late-19th and early-20th century incidents related to the region's coal mining activities: the Coal Creek War in 1891, the Fraterville Mine disaster of 1902, and the Cross Mountain Mine disaster of 1911.
The Fraterville Mine disaster was a coal mine explosion that occurred on May 19, 1902 near the community of Fraterville, in the U. S. state of Tennessee.
Fraterville, which has a history of coal mining, is known for the Fraterville Mine Disaster that occurred there in 1902.
In 1902, Page enlisted the support of millionaire industrialist Henry Huttleston Rogers as a silent partner to finance the expansion of the Deepwater Railway much further, about 80 miles through Mullens to reach the Norfolk and Western Railway ( N & W ) at Matoaka to open up new territory with untapped deposits of high volatile bituminous coal.
The Coal Strike of 1902, also known as the Anthracite Coal Strike, was a strike by the United Mine Workers of America in the anthracite coal fields of eastern Pennsylvania.
Theodore Roosevelt teaches the childish coal barons a lesson ; 1902 editorial cartoon
* A history of the coal miners of the United States, from the development of the mines to the close of the anthracite strike of 1902 Cornell University Library Historical Monographs Collection.
During this time he was chairman of the commission to investigate conditions of the coal strike in Pennsylvania in 1902, and was largely responsible for its settlement.

1902 and were
Polonium, radium and radon were observed before actinium, but they were not isolated until 1902.
Five matches were played in 1902 but the first two were drawn after being hit by bad weather.
By 1902, however, due to the Governor of ` Akka being supportive of ` Abdu ' l-Bahá, the situation was greatly eased ; while pilgrims were able to once again visit ` Abdu ' l-Bahá, he was confined to the city.
They contend that the Boers of the South African Republic ( ZAR ) and Orange Free State republics were recognized as a separate people or cultural group under international law by the Sand River Convention ( which created the South African Republic in 1852 ), the Bloemfontein Convention ( which created the Orange Free State Republic in 1854 ), the Pretoria Convention ( which re-established the independence of the South African Republic 1881 ), the London Convention ( which granted the full independence to the South African Republic in 1884 ) and the Vereeniging Peace Treaty, which formally ended the Second Anglo-Boer War on 31 May 1902.
The United States commissioned its first torpedo boat destroyer,, Destroyer No. 1, in 1902 and by 1906 there were 16 destroyers in service with the US Navy.
Among his predecessors as editors-in-chief were Hugh Chisholm ( 1902 – 1924 ), James Louis Garvin ( 1926 – 1932 ), Franklin Henry Hooper ( 1932 – 1938 ), Walter Yust ( 1938 – 1960 ), Harry Ashmore ( 1960 – 1963 ), Warren E. Preece ( 1964 – 1968, 1969 – 1975 ), Sir William Haley ( 1968 – 1969 ), Philip W. Goetz ( 1979 – 1991 ), and Robert McHenry ( 1992 – 1997 ).
Duddell didn't further develop his invention, but in 1902 Danish physicists Valdemar Poulsen and P. O. Pederson were able to increase the frequency produced into the radio range, inventing the Poulsen arc radio transmitter, the first continuous wave radio transmitter, which was used through the 1920s.
There were two younger brothers, Hanly ( 1899 – 1983 ) and Carey ( 1902 – 1976 ), who were born after the family had moved to the nearby suburb of Beckenham — in Oakwood Avenue.
In 1903 there was a substantial increase in the number of women film several minutes long unclear, as a result of the great popularity of Georges Méliès ’ le Voyage dans la lune ( A Trip to the Moon ), which came out in early 1902, though such films were still a very minor part of production.
Other salt dome mounds were quickly drilled, resulting in discoveries at Sour Lake ( 1902 ), Batson ( 1904 ) and Humble ( 1905 ).
Hydro-metallurgical, and magnetic separation methods were also tried, but the main breakthrough came in 1902 when Delprat and Potter independently devised processes that would eventually be patented as the Delprat-Potter method.
Between 1902 and 1905, there were about 5, 000 Irish immigrants.
They were held in 1887, 1894, 1897, 1902, 1907, 1911, 1921, 1923, 1926, 1930 and 1937.
Peter Weissmüller and John Ott were both brewers, Ott immigrating in 1902, Weissmüller in 1904.
After the troops based in different parts of British East and Central Africa territories were placed under a central command, the regiment born thereof was officially designated “ King's African Rifles ” on 1 January 1902.
Eight Bremen class light cruisers were constructed between 1902 and 1907, developed from the earlier Gazelle class.
His wife was also sent there ; their first two daughters, Zinaida Volkova ( 1901 – 5 January 1933 ) and Nina Nevelson ( 1902 – 9 June 1928 ), were born in Siberia.
Both were published as part of his dissertation in 1902.
Archaeological excavations were first carried out in 1897 by K. Kontopoulos for the Greek Archaeological Service, followed by K. Kourouniotes between 1902 and 1909.
Conceptually different experiments that also attempted to detect the motion of the aether were the Trouton-Noble experiment ( 1903 ) to detect torsion effects caused by electrostatic fields, and the Experiments of Rayleigh and Brace ( 1902, 1904 ) to detect double refraction in various media.
Important literary precursors of Modernism were: Fyodor Dostoyevsky ( 1821 – 81 ) ( Crime and Punishment ( 1866 ), The Brothers Karamazov ( 1880 ); Walt Whitman ( 1819 – 92 ) ( Leaves of Grass ) ( 1855 – 91 ); Charles Baudelaire ( 1821 – 67 ) ( Les fleurs du mal ), Rimbaud ( 1854 – 91 ) ( Illuminations, 1874 ); August Strindberg ( 1849 – 1912 ), especially his later plays, including, the trilogy To Damascus 1898 – 1901, A Dream Play ( 1902 ), The Ghost Sonata ( 1907 ).
After its name change in 1902, the club colours were changed to red shirts, white shorts, and black socks, which has become the standard Manchester United home kit.

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