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1905 and England's
However, that England XI only included one contemporary Test player wicketkeeper Dick Lilley and he had not been on England's most recent tour, their 1905 6 tour of South Africa.
Arsenal reached the 1905 06 and 1906 07 FA Cup semi-finals twice with Ashcroft in goal, and he also won three caps for England, playing in all three of England's British Home Championship matches of 1906 ( England won twice and lost once, sharing the 1905 06 championship with Scotland ).
Newcastle are England's equal-eighth most successful club of all time, four times League champions ( in 1905, 1907, 1909 and 1927 ) and six times FA Cup winners ( in 1910, 1924, 1932, 1951, 1952, and 1955 ).

1905 and captain
These include Ulster Qualifying League Two side Letterkenny RFC, whose ground is named after Dave Gallaher, the captain of the 1905 New Zealand All Blacks touring team, who have since become known as The Originals.
During the Russo-Japanese War, he served as Battalion Adjutant in September 1904, Company Commander in March 1905 and was promoted to captain in June 1905, all in the same regiment.
After beating São Paulo Athletic on November 1, 1905 for the Taça Álvares Penteado, the team's captain Jorge Mesquita and other players left the club and joined Associação Atlética das Palmeiras.
Married Genevieve Woodruff, the daughter of Brigadier General Charles Woodruff April 1901 ; attended the Infantry and Cavalry School ( 1903 1904 ) and Staff College ( 1904 1905 ) at Fort Leavenworth ; was promoted to captain and assigned to the 10th Cavalry, May 1904, and the 1st Cavalry, 1905 ; was regimental quartermaster at Fort Clark, 1906 1909,
After the War Montgomery served as a battery captain at Bulford Camp before attending Staff College, Camberley from 1905 to 1906.
After two years he was promoted to captain and chosen as flag captain for Vice-Admiral Lord Charles Beresford in the channel squadron, commanding HMS Majestic from 1903 1904 and HMS Caesar 1904 1905.
In 1905 Evan-Thomas became captain of the yacht HMS Enchantress, which was reserved for the use of the first lord of the admiralty ( the government minister in charge of the navy ).
He served as captain of Surrey County Cricket Club ( 1905 1907 ).
He was promoted to 1st lieutenant ( June 1905 ) and captain ( May 1907 ) and was then assigned to the 4th Artillery Regiment in the west ( 1909 1914 ).
During the Russo-Japanese war ( 1904 1905 ) Kvinitadze was promoted to captain.
Darling toured England four times with the Australian team — in 1896, 1899, 1902 and 1905 ; the last three tours as captain.
In 1899 Brownson achieved the rank of captain and command of the battleship, and from 1902 to 1905 was Superintendent of the Naval Academy.
Palairet was captain of Somerset in 1907 when Sammy Woods was clearly becoming too old to continue, but was having trouble by this time because it cost him more to spend a full summer away from business than he could afford: in 1905 and 1906, Palairet had been able to spare time only for three county matches out of thirty-six.
William Semple Green ( December 26, 1832, Kentucky July 2, 1905 ) was a California pioneer, a steamboat captain, mail carrier, surveyor, newspaper publisher, writer, legislator, United States Surveyor General for California, California State Treasurer, and irrigationist.

1905 and Stanley
Ottawa Hockey Club " Silver Seven " ( the original Ottawa Senators ( original ) | Ottawa Senators ), the Champion of the Stanley Cup in 1905
* 1905 Stanley Hawes, British-born Australian film producer, director and administrator ( d. 1991 )
* April 19 Stanley Hawes, British-born Australian film producer, director and administrator ( b. 1905 )
From around 1902 to 1905 the Stanley, Merrill and Phillips Railway ran a line up the west end of the county through Polley, Gilman, Hannibal and Jump River.
* 18 December — Dawson City Nuggets begin a 4, 000 mile journey by dog sled to play the Ottawa Hockey Club in a Stanley Cup challenge scheduled for 13 January 1905.
He became president of Scott in 1903, but moved to Stanley Gibbons in 1905, shortly after returning to Scott, where he remained for the rest of his life.
By 1905, Georgina Gibbons had died, as Stanley re-married again in October 1905.
* Henry Wyndham Stanley Monck, 6th Viscount Monck ( 1905 1982 )
His tally is second in Stanley Cup history to Frank McGee ’ s 14-goal total on 16 January 1905.
The city was home to the Dawson City Nuggets hockey team, who in 1905 challenged the Ottawa Silver Seven for the Stanley Cup.
Between 1899 and 1905, Stanley outsold all gasoline-powered cars, and was second only to Columbia Electric in the US.
He was a member of five Ottawa Stanley Cup championship teams in 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906 and 1909.
Later in 1903, Gilmour moved to Montreal to attend McGill University, where he played college hockey, and joined Ottawa for some Stanley Cup challenge games, in the 1904 and 1905 seasons and a league game in 1906.
During his years with the club, the Thistles won three league titles and challenged for the Stanley Cup three times, in 1903 and 1905 against Ottawa, and 1907 against the Montreal Wanderers.
He was a member of four Stanley Cup winning teams between 1905 and 1910 with the Montreal Wanderers of the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association ( ECAHA ) and later the National Hockey Association ( NHA ).
As a player-coach, he would eventually lead the team to consecutive Stanley Cup victories in 1904, 1905, and 1906, the club by then known as the Silver Seven.
Portrait of Elizabeth Blackwell by Joseph S. Kozlowski | Joseph Stanley Kozlowski, 1905.

1905 and Jackson
Loggers returned to the area in 1905 to cut timber for a coal mine near Coalmont in Jackson County, Colorado.
* Joseph H. Jackson ( c. 1905 1990 ), American Baptist pastor and civil rights campaigner
* Rear-Admiral Sir Henry Jackson, 1905 1908
This 1905 postcard is an image of the Uncas monument placed upon the foundation laid by President Jackson.
1905 Jackson Automobile Company | Jackson Model C
* William Humphreys Jackson ( 1839 1915 ), U. S. Representative from Maryland, 1901 1905, 1907 1909
In 1905, Jackson worked his way to Europe on a cattle boat, returning by the same means and travelling on to Chicago.
In 1905 these former residents of Washington Park built Jackson Park Highlands, an exclusive residential community ensconced within South Shore.
Other notable AIEE presidents were Alexander Graham Bell ( 1891 1892 ), Charles Proteus Steinmetz ( 1901 1902 ), Schuyler S. Wheeler ( 1905 1906 ), Dugald C. Jackson ( 1910 1911 ), Michael I. Pupin ( 1925 1926 ), and Titus G. LeClair ( 1950 1951 ).
By the act of March 9, 1905, the state was divided into eight districts with the 1st Congressional District being composed of the counties of Nemaha, Brown, Doniphan, Jackson, Atchison, Jefferson, Leavenworth and Shawnee.
Orage and Jackson followed in 1905 and 1906 ; Penty in fact led the way, and Orage lodged with him in his first attempts to live by writing.
; Alex Jackson: was born in Renton on 1905 and played for Renton Victoria Football Club.
Jackson left Arsenal in 1905 to become player-manager at Leyton ( who had just been promoted to the Southern League ), but his spell was short-lived and later that year he signed for West Ham United, before rejoining his old club Rangers in 1906.

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