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1920 and assisted
In the 20th century excavations were carried out at Carchemish, Turkey, between 1911 and 1914 and in 1920 by D. G. Hogarth and Leonard Woolley, the latter assisted by T. E. Lawrence.
* 1920 – Kiev Offensive: Polish troops led by Józef Piłsudski and Edward Rydz-Śmigły and assisted by a symbolic Ukrainian force capture Kiev only to be driven out by the Red Army counter-offensive a month later.
The Games competition was assisted by a Preliminary Round which featured the silver-medallists from the 1920 Games, Spain in a game with Italy.
In 1920 – 1921, she assisted the Bernice P. Bishop Museum's Bayard Dominick Expedition with their mapping of Tongan archaeological sites by providing access to localities and information.
In 1920 to combat the issue the federal government assisted the tribe in constructing a new irrigation system which was generally effective in ceasing soil erosion from water overflows.
Around 1920, Longman assisted Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon by creating some of the sculptural decorations for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C.
This ship first sailed in 1920 and assisted the Irish government in suppressing a pro-British rebellion in Ulster.
Upon his return to the United States, he assisted in fitting out the destroyer USS J. Fred Talbott at William Cramp and Sons, and served on that vessel as commanding officer from the time of her commissioning in June 1919 until July 1920.

1920 and formation
Each borough contains a number of localities ( Ortsteile ), which often have historic roots in older municipalities that predate the formation of Greater Berlin on 1 October 1920 and became urbanized and incorporated into the city.
* 1920 – Patriarch Tikhon issues a decree that leads to the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.
Poland's Józef Piłsudski, who envisioned the formation of an Intermarum Federation as a Central and East European bloc that would be a bulwark against Germany to the west and Russia to the east, carried out a Kiev Offensive into Ukraine in 1920.
Lloyd George presided over the Government of Ireland Act 1920 which established Northern Ireland in May 1921, during the Anglo-Irish War, which led to the negotiation of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921 with Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins and the formation of the Irish Free State.
On Saturday May 1, 1920, ten weeks after the formation of the Society, the foundations of the first two houses were laid and by March 1922 ninety-one houses had been built.
At the first NFL formation meetings held on August 20, 1920 and September 17, 1920 at Ralph Hay's Hupmobile dealership located in Canton, Ohio, the Triangles were represented by their manager Carl Storck as they became charter members of the new league called the American Professional Football Association, until 1922 when it was renamed the National Football League.
* 1920 Paris, France ( formation of ICC )
In 1920, after having served in the Navy for eighteen months, he joined a jazz formation named the Carolina Five, and remained a member for the next three years, playing small clubs and boat rides all around New York City.
After the resignation of the Bauer ministry, which followed upon the Kapp coup d ' état ( March 1920 ), Müller was appointed chancellor of the Reich, an office which he held till the following June, when the result of the general elections for the Reichstag necessitated the formation of a coalition ministry with Constantin Fehrenbach of the Catholic Centre party as chancellor.
In 1920 he advocated the formation of a broad Christian middle-party, that would transcend denominations and social classes and which could push back the Social Democrats ' influence.
The Scots National League was formed in 1920 in favour of Scottish independence, and this movement was superseded in 1928 by the formation of the National Party of Scotland, which became the Scottish National Party ( SNP ) in 1934.
His activities with the publication brought him into contact with William Gillies, with whom he formed the Scots National League ( SNL ) in 1920, thus going some way towards the realisation of the formation of a Scottish nationalist political party.
In 1920, a number of small southern and eastern districts ( volosti ) and villages were shifted from Vyatka as a result of the formation of the Tatar Autonomous Republic and the Mari and Votskaya the Udmurt Republic autonomous regions.
The formation of the Ulster Special Constabulary was therefore announced on 22 October 1920.
In 1920 Haller was appointed Inspector General of the Volunteer Army, the formation to which he made a great contribution.
They base their claims on their belief that they are the rightful successors of the autocephalous Montenegrin Metropolitanate, which participated in the formation of a imposed Serbian Orthodox Church in 1920.
Although a legal political party at the time of its formation, the group was forced underground by the Palmer Raids of January 1920 and thereafter was forced to conduct its activities in secret.
After the " Heidelberg " split of the Communist Party of Germany ( KPD ; a successor to the Spartacist League ) and the formation for the Communist Workers Party of Germany ( KAPD ) in the spring of 1920, he entered the KAPD and worked in the youth organization Rote Jugend, writing for its journal.
* The Marinekommandoamt (" Naval Command Department ") was formed on 11 January 1936 with the formation of the OKM, but had previously existed in the Marineleitung since 1920.
Although a member of the Independent Labour Party, Cook worked closely with the Communist Party after its formation in 1920 and the National Minority Movement from 1924 to 1929.
During a Cabinet meeting on 11 May 1920, the Secretary of State for War, Winston Churchill, suggested the formation of a " Special Emergency Gendarmerie, which would become a branch of the Royal Irish Constabulary.
The 45th Infantry Division of the U. S. Army was a major formation of the Oklahoma Army National Guard from 1920 to 1968.
Syrians reacted with violent demonstrations, and with the formation of a new government under Hashim al-Atassi on May 7, 1920.

1920 and subsequently
In 1920, the Dervish state collapsed after intensive British aerial bombardments, and Dervish territories were subsequently turned into a protectorate.
The western part of the duchy, with the towns of Postojna, Ilirska Bistrica, Idrija and Šturje was annexed to Italy in 1920, but was subsequently also included into Yugoslavia in 1947.
Early in 1920 Karl Harrer was forced out of the DAP as Hitler moved to sever the party's link with the Thule Society, which subsequently fell into decline and was dissolved about five years later, well before Hitler came to power.
After the war, in 1920, Armstrong sold the patent for the superheterodyne to Westinghouse, who subsequently sold it to RCA.
Union County was subsequently “ carved up ” by the creation of additional counties, Quay in 1903 and Harding in 1920.
Marquette subsequently became home to a major rail yard, which even as late as 1920 was the busiest in Iowa, employing 400 people.
In 1920, Colman went to America and toured with Robert Warwick in The Dauntless Three, and subsequently toured with Fay Bainter in East is West ; at the Booth Theatre, New York, in January 1921 he played the Temple Priest in William Archer's play The Green Goddess, with George Arliss ; at the 39th Street Theatre in August 1921 he appeared as Charles in The Nightcap ; and in September 1922 he made a great success as Alain Sergyll at the Empire Theatre ( New York City ) in the hit play La Tendressse.
Among these are a concerto for wordless tenor voice, piano and strings ( 1920 ), and Rout for wordless soprano and chamber ensemble ( subsequently revised for orchestra ), which received a double encore at its first performance.
Which subsequently resulted in the establishment of a Northern Ireland Home Rule Government in Belfast under the Government of Ireland Act 1920.
Warwick was born in East Orange, New Jersey, to Mancel Warwick ( 1911 – 1977 ), who began his career as a Pullman porter and subsequently became a chef, a gospel record promoter for Chess Records and later a Certified Public Accountant ; and Lee Drinkard Warwick ( 1920 – 2005 ), manager of The Drinkard Singers ( see below ).
He rose to the rank of captain in December 1920 and was subsequently sent as naval attaché to Poland from 1921-1922.
He was imprisoned in December 1920 but was subsequently released on 30 June 1921.
He was subsequently approached by two unidentified men, presumably representing the secret services, and threatened with prosecution under section 6 of the Official Secrets Act 1920.
He founded the archdiocesan Catholic Charities in 1920, and subsequently became known as " the Cardinal of Charities.
The AOF subsequently expanded to neighbouring French-ruled territories: Dahomey was added in 1904, after having been put under colonial tutelage in 1892 ; Mauritania in 1920, and when the territory of Upper Volta was divided from French Sudan by colonial decree in 1921, it automatically also entered the AOF.
* the Treaty of Sèvres, 10 August 1920 ; subsequently revised by the Treaty of Lausanne, 24 June 1923, ( Ottoman Empire ).
He subsequently served as solicitor for Grandview Heights, Ohio from 1920 to 1928, Assistant Attorney General of Ohio from 1923 to 1927, a member of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio from 1929 to 1932 and Attorney General of Ohio from 1933 to 1937.
In 1920 he received a government bursary to attend a higher teachers ' training course at Adams College, and subsequently joined the training college staff, teaching alongside Z. K.
On July 11, 1920 Curzon signed a telegram sent to the Bolshevik government proposing that a ceasefire be established along the line, and his name was subsequently associated with it.
The phenomenon was first described in 1920, and subsequently confirmed.
The history of ATF can be subsequently traced to the time of the revenuers or " revenoors " and the Bureau of Prohibition, which was formed as a unit of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in 1920, was made an independent agency within the Treasury Department in 1927, was transferred to the Justice Department in 1930, and became, briefly, a division of the FBI in 1933.
See Ankara for the history of this region which has seen the passing of numerous great civilisations including Phrygians, Lydians, Persians and Alexander the Great, Galatians ; the city of Ankara becoming a fortified stronghold of the Byzantines ; and then falling to the Seljuk Turks, and later the Ottoman Empire ; and finally being chosen by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as the site of Turkish parliament in 1920 and subsequently in 1923 as the capital city of the Republic of Turkey.
The parish of Calverton was part of Stratford and Wolverton Rural District from 1894 to 1919, when the rural district became an urban district, subsequently renamed Wolverton urban district in 1920.
Trumpeldor died defending the settlement of Tel Hai in 1920 and subsequently became a Zionist national hero.

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