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1920 and short-lived
The artists published a series of short-lived political magazines, and held the First International Dada Fair, ' the greatest project yet conceived by the Berlin Dadaists ', in the summer of 1920.
In January 1920, Disney and Iwerks formed a short-lived company called, " Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists ".
In 1920 Howard and his friend Adrian Brunel founded the short-lived company Minerva Films in London ; Howard was producer and actor, and Brunel the story editor.
The boom was short-lived, though, and by the time the actual was census taken in 1920, the population was only 3, 302.
* two incumbents appointed by the kingdom in Fiume ( a former Austrian province ; now Rijeka, in Croatia ), after an extraordinary commissionary, in the 31 December 1920 declared, short-lived " Independent State of Fiume ", until the accession of its first President
From the summer of 1920 on she abandoned her poetry until August 1922 ; during the autumn and winter she wrote her final poems, stimulated by the review Ultra ; the short-lived review, started by Elmer Diktonius, Hagar Olsson and other young writers, was the first publication in Finland to embrace literary modernism and it hailed Edith as a pioneering genius and printed her new poems.
It was established in December 1920, when the Soviets took over control of the short-lived Democratic Republic of Armenia and lasted until 1991.
In 1917, the party was instrumental in the creation of the short-lived Democratic Republic of Armenia, which fell to the Soviet communists in 1920.
He rose to prominence within the party as secretary of its research department from 1920 and served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Health in the short-lived Labour government of 1924.
In 1920, the German government was briefly overthrown by a coup by Wolfgang Kapp in the Kapp Putsch and a nationalist government was briefly in power, until mass public demonstrations forced the short-lived regime out of power.
After the October Revolution, Ingrian Finns inhabiting the southern part of Karelian Isthmus seceded from Bolshevist Russia and formed the short-lived Finland-backed Republic of North Ingria, which was reintegrated with Russia in the end of 1920 according to the conditions of the Treaty of Tartu, but enjoyed a certain degree of national autonomy.
** Azerbaijan Democratic Republic — a short-lived republic ( 1918 – 1920 )
The Charter of Carnaro ( Carta del Carnaro in Italian ) was the constitution of the Italian Regency of Carnaro, a short-lived government in Fiume ( Rijeka ), proclaimed by Gabriele D ' Annunzio on 8 September 1920.
Mirza Kuchak khăn established the short-lived Persian Socialist Soviet Republic in 1920 after the defeat of the constitutional forces and in coalition with Iranian communists.
The Canadian Air Force was established in 1920 as the successor to a short-lived two-squadron air force formed during the First World War in Europe, also named the Canadian Air Force.
On December 25, 1920 regular Italian army troops put an end to the short-lived Republic after brief clashes.
Gouraud led French forces which crushed King Faisal's short-lived monarchy at the Battle of Maysalun on 23 July 1920, occupied Damascus, defeated the forces of the Syrian Revolution and established the French Mandate of Syria.
The short-lived Armenian Republic established in 1918 in the Southern Caucasus by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation ( The Dashnaks ) was conquered by the Bolsheviks in 1920, and ceased to exist.
They included the short-lived Sejm of Central Lithuania ( 1921 – 1922 ), the three voivodeship sejms Silesian Parliament, Greater Poland Sejm, Pomeranian Sejm ( 1920 – 1939 ) preserving traditions of sejmiks in the Prussian partition, and the county sejmiks ( 264 in 1939 ).
In the course of the war the town was briefly recaptured by the Bolshevists, but in the aftermath of the battle of Warsaw it was again recaptured by the Polish forces of Gen. Stanisław Bułak-Bałachowicz, who proclaimed a short-lived Belarusian People's Republic on November 12, 1920.
The history of baseball in Yakima stretches back to 1920 with the short-lived Yakima Indians in the Northwest League's original form as the Northwest International League.
In the 13 March 1920 state election, Holman and his Nationalists were thrown from office in a massive swing, being succeeded by a Labor Government under the short-lived John Storey.
A short-lived six-cylinder variant, The F-Type Oxford Six, was announced in 1920 and was in theory available until 1926.
The Persian Socialist Soviet Republic ( widely known as the Soviet Republic of Gilan ) was a short-lived Soviet republic in the Iranian province of Gilan that lasted from June 1920 until September 1921.

1920 and company
Milne was an early screenwriter for the nascent British film industry, writing four stories filmed in 1920 for the company Minerva Films ( founded in 1920 by the actor Leslie Howard and his friend and story editor Adrian Brunel ).
Bamford left in 1920 and the company was revitalised with funding from Count Louis Zborowski.
Lang was born in Vienna as the second son of Anton Lang ( 1860 – 1940 ), an architect and construction company manager, and his wife Pauline " Paula " Lang née Schlesinger ( 1864 – 1920 ).
In 1920, he became the stage manager for the Knickerbocker Players, a troupe that shuttled between Syracuse and Rochester, New York, and the following year he was hired as general manager of the newly formed Lyceum Players, an upstate summer stock company.
The company made fourteen films between 1920 and 1923, with eight directed by Neilan, three by Dwan and three by Holubar.
In 1920, the company registered the name " Mobiloil " as a trademark.
Spending four years raising money, Flaherty was eventually funded by French fur company Revillon Frères and returned to the North and shot from August 1920 to August 1921.
In 1920, Flaherty secured funds from Revillon Frères, a French fur trade company to shoot what was to become Nanook of the North.
In 1920, the name of the company was changed to Alfa Romeo with the Torpedo 20-30 HP becoming the first car to be badged as such.
Stravinsky moved with his family to France in 1920, He formed a business and musical relationship with the French piano manufacturing company Pleyel.
In April 1920, the Government sold the site and its contents to the Slough Trading Co. Ltd. Repair of ex-army vehicles continued until 1925, when the Slough Trading Company Act was passed allowing the company ( renamed Slough Estates Ltd ) to establish an Industrial Estate.
A glut of war surplus aircraft and a lack of government interest in aviation caused the company to become unprofitable, and in 1920 it was sold to Birmingham Small Arms Company, who had its operations liquidated later that year.
Airco and BSA, parent company of Daimler, announced on 1 March 1920 that Airco had amalgamated with Birmingham Small Arms Company.
7 Up was created by Charles Leiper Grigg, who launched his St. Louis-based company The Howdy Corporation in 1920.
At the same time that he was carrying on his war, Zaharoff was also involved in two more significant financial ventures in October 1920, he became involved in the incorporation of a company that was a predecessor to oil giant, British Petroleum.
* Harry Helmsley ( 1909 – 1997 ), real estate mogul who built a company that became one of the biggest property holders in the United States, and his wife Leona Helmsley ( 1920 – 2007 ), in a mausoleum with a stained-glass panorama of the Manhattan skyline.
This was the first locomotive manufactured by Lokomo ( company founded circa 1915 ) and entered service in 1920
On his return to London in 1920 he joined the family firm Macmillan Publishers as a junior partner, remaining with the company until his appointment to ministerial office in 1940.
Pan American Airways, Incorporated ( PAA ) was founded as a shell company on March 14, 1927 by Air Corps Majors Henry H. " Hap " Arnold, Carl A. Spaatz, and John H. Jouett as a counterbalance to the German-owned Colombian carrier SCADTA, operating in Colombia since 1920.
It became part of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad but was abandoned in 1920 due to financial difficulties ; a new company operated the line as the Chicago, Attica and Southern Railroad starting in 1921, but financial problems affected the new company as well and the rails were removed in 1946.

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