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1927 and pioneer
* 1884 – Major Harold Geiger, U. S. Army aviation pioneer ( d. 1927 )
* Hans Oeschger ( 1927 – 1998 ), palaeoclimatologist and pioneer in ice core research, co-identifier of Dansgaard-Orschger events.
* January 1 – Gustav Albin Weißkopf, German-born aviation pioneer ( d. 1927 )
* October 7 – Major Harold Geiger, U. S. Army aviation pioneer ( d. 1927 )
** Henry Huntington, American railroad pioneer and art collector ( d. 1927 )
* Ferdinand N. Kahler ( 1864 – 1927 ), American inventor, entrepreneur and automobile pioneer
* Major Harold Geiger ( 1884 – 1927 ), pioneer in Army aviation and ballooning.
* Alexander Kolowrat ( 1886 – 1927 ), pioneer of Austrian Cinema.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, Jennings Lodge was platted as a townsite in 1905 and named after Berryman Jennings, an Oregon pioneer, one of whose children still owned Jennings ' house in 1927.
* Juan Trippe ( 1899 – 1981 ), airline pioneer, headed Pan Am from 1927 to 1968
Ludwig Karl Martin Leonhard Albrecht Kossel ( 16 September 1853 – 5 July 1927 ) was a German biochemist and pioneer in the study of genetics.
A pioneer of propaganda studies, Harold Lasswell defined propaganda in 1927 as referring " solely to the control of opinion by significant symbols, or, to speak more concretely and less accurately, by stories, rumors, reports, pictures, and other forms of social communication " ( 1927: 9 ).
Known as Sunset Field before 1941, it was purchased from the county by the War Department and renamed Geiger Field after Major Harold Geiger, an Army aviation pioneer who died in a crash in 1927.
A pioneer in the field of labor legislation, he edited several treatises on labor legislation in Argentina and on the need for a universally recognized doctrine on the treatment of labor-among them, Centro de legislacíon social y del trabajo ( 1927 ) of Social and Labor Legislation, Traités internationaux de type social ( 1924 ), Código nacional del trabajo ( three volumes, 1933 ) Code of Labor Law.
* Everard Calthrop ( 1857 – 1927 ), railway engineer and parachute pioneer, lived at ' Goldings ' from the early 1900s onwards
He was also featured in The First Auto ( 1927 ) as an early pioneer of automotive history.
Gustave Albin Whitehead, born Gustav Albin Weisskopf ( 1 January 1874 – 10 October 1927 ) was an aviation pioneer who emigrated from Germany to the U. S., where he designed and built early flying machines and engines meant to power them from about 1897 to 1915.
; Ph. D., Tulane, 1929, faculty ( 1927 – 30 ), pioneer in hematology developing method for hematocrit and sedimentation rate measurement and Wintrobe indices ( MCV, MCH, MCHC ) while at Tulane.
* Bob O. Evans ( 1927 – 2004 ), computer pioneer and corporate executive
The next day claimed Carlos Panini, Italian in origin, and a pioneer of Mexican aviation-in 1927 he had established Mexico's first scheduled airline, which he sold in 1951 with plans for his retirement.
Bob Overton Evans ( August 19, 1927 — September 2, 2004 ), also known as " Boe " Evans, was a computer pioneer and corporate executive at IBM ( International Business Machines ).
Allan Kaprow ( August 23, 1927 – April 5, 2006 ) was an American painter, assemblagist and a pioneer in establishing the concepts of performance art.
Georg Clemens Perthes ( 17 January 1869 – 3 January 1927 ) was a German surgeon and X-ray diagnostic pioneer born in Moers, Germany.

1927 and Stefan
The theorem was first published in 1927 by Stefan Banach and Hugo Steinhaus but it was also proven independently by Hans Hahn.
It was designed in 1927 by Stefan Bryła from the Warsaw University of Technology.
* Amok ( 1927 film ), a 1927 film after the novella by Stefan Zweig

1927 and designed
In 1925 a special committee was inaugurated to build the city ; city expansion plans were designed and city rights were granted in 1926, and tax privileges were granted for investors in 1927.
Between 1922 and 1927, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret designed many of these private houses for clients around Paris.
Roosevelt was included with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln at the Mount Rushmore Memorial, designed in 1927 with the approval of Republican President Calvin Coolidge.
In 1927 Alliott Verdon-Roe designed a two-wheeler car powered by a 350cc Villiers air-cooled engine.
The Perpetua design was followed by the Gill Sans typeface in 1927 – 30, based on the sans serif lettering originally designed for the London Underground.
In 1927 Rohwedder successfully designed a machine that not only sliced the bread but wrapped it.
Notably, the Virginia Dare Hotel and Arcade, a neoclassical building designed in 1927 by William Lee Stoddart, continues to form the skyline of Elizabeth City and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
State Highway Route 18N lasted only two years after the 1927 renumbering, being designed as part of State Highway Route S-1 and State Highway Route 1 and State Highway Route S-1-A, which was designated along current Route 67 as a spur of Route S-1.
K4 ( designed by the Post Office Engineering Department in 1927 ) incorporated a post box and machines for buying postage stamps on the exterior.
* Bochum City Hall was built from 1927 – 1931 and was designed by architect Karl Roth as a modern office building, but in the Renaissance style, reflecting the industrial era's middle class, inventions and discoveries.
In typography, Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed in 1927 by Paul Renner.
* Boeing TB, an American torpedo bomber biplane designed by the US Navy and built by Boeing in 1927
In 1927 the development of an extrusion process reduced the cost of coating electrodes while allowing manufacturers to produce more complex coating mixtures designed for specific applications.
To the north of the Laemmle Building is a Spanish Colonial style building housing the Avalon Hollywood, opened on January 24, 1927, as the Hollywood Playhouse and designed by the architectural firm of H. L. Gogerty and Carl Jules Weyl.
Cranbrook School for Boys, which began operations in 1927, was designed by world-renowned Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen.
New structures were limited to the Picnic House, ( 1927 ) which replaced an earlier rustic structure that had burned down in 1926, and a small comfort station at the Ocean Avenue entrance ( 1930 ), both designed by J. Sarsfield Kennedy.
* Abrial A-3 Oricou, a French touring aircraft designed in 1927
The station was then rebuilt again between 1927 and 1929 as part of the construction of 55 Broadway the company's new headquarters building designed by Charles Holden and featuring statues and carved stone panels including ones by Sir Jacob Epstein, Eric Gill, and Henry Moore.
Constructed in 1927 and designed by architect Hugh Prather, the center, originally known as River Oaks Community Center, was one of the nation's first automobile-oriented retail centers.
The Sam Maguire Cup was designed and presented to the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1928 in his honour after his death in 1927.
Tattenhall is home to a group of houses designed in 1927 by architect Clough Williams-Ellis, famous for creating the Italianate village of Portmeirion in north west Wales.
* The Aegli Hotel, ( 1927 ), designed by Kassiopoulos

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