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1928 and she
Boudica has been the subject of two feature films, the 1928 film Boadicea, where she was portrayed by Phyllis Neilson-Terry, and 2003's Boudica ( Warrior Queen in the US ), a UK TV film written by Andrew Davies and starring Alex Kingston as Boudica.
" There was nothing we could do but accept poor mother's fate ", Chaplin later wrote, and she remained in care until her death in 1928.
The family plot of Damon Runyon in Woodlawn Cemetery ( Bronx, New York ) | Woodlawn CemeteryRunyon's marriage to Ellen Egan produced two children ( Mary and Damon, Jr .), and broke up in 1928 over rumors that Runyon had become infatuated with a Mexican girl he had first met while covering the Pancho Villa raids in 1916 and discovered once again in New York, when she called the American seeking him out.
Shearer's first marriage to writer John Ward was unhappy and she and Hawks began dating throughout 1927 until Shearer asked Ward for a divorce in 1928.
* 1928 – Aviator Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly in an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean ( she is a passenger ; Wilmer Stultz is the pilot and Lou Gordon the mechanic ).
Riefenstahl accompanied Fanck to the 1928 Olympic Games in St. Moritz, where she became interested in athletic photography and filming.
She played a reckless socialite in Coquette ( 1929 ), a role where she no longer had her famous ringlets, but rather a 1920s bob ; Pickford had cut her hair in the wake of her mother's death in 1928.
On 13 October 1928 at Hvidøre near Copenhagen, in a house she had once shared with her sister Queen Alexandra, Maria died at the age of 80, having outlived four of her six children.
In 1928 she was made a member of the Committee of Yuans by Chiang.
Bernhardt had an affair with a Belgian nobleman, Charles-Joseph Eugène Henri Georges Lamoral de Ligne ( 1837 – 1914 ), son of Eugène, 8th Prince of Ligne, with whom she had her only child, Maurice Bernhardt ( 1864 – 1928 ).
Her performances in Seventh Heaven ( the first of twelve movies she would make with actor Charles Farrell ) and both Sunrise, directed by F. W. Murnau, and Street Angel ( in 1927, also with Charles Farrell ) earned her the first Academy Award for Best Actress in 1928.
Nevertheless, she remained active in the Democratic Party and campaigned for Al Smith in the 1928 presidential election though the two disagreed on prohibition.
At the 1928 Democratic National Convention, she received 31 votes from 10 states for vice president on the first ballot.
Coolbrith was later acknowledged as the " Loved Laurel-Crowned Poet of California " by a 1919 state Senate resolution, and she retained the title until her death in 1928.
An early sign of future problems came in 1928 when she won only a narrow victory over the Labour candidate.
In 1928, just 20 years old, she married her uncle Joan Gurguí, 14 years her senior, and in 1929 she had her only child, Jordi.
Shub-Niggurath is first mentioned in Lovecraft's revision story " The Last Test " ( 1928 ); she is never actually described in Lovecraft's fiction, but is frequently mentioned or called upon in incantations.
In 1928, she sang for the first time at Carnegie Hall.
She is best known for her critical, standard edition of the Suda, which she published in 5 volumes ( Leipzig, 1928 – 1938 ).
" Immediately after her return to the United States, she undertook an exhausting lecture tour ( 1928 – 1929 ).
Famous people born there include: the author, Enid Blyton in 1897 ; the first compiler of the London A-Z, Phyllis Pearsall in East Dulwich in 1906, she went on to live in Dulwich Village ; the war-time singer Anne Shelton in 1923 ( or 1928?
Born in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, she started swimming under the coaching of " Ma " Braun, who had coached her daughter to an Olympic gold medal in 1928.
In 1928 she was diagnosed with cancer, which resulted in a long hospitalization and the removal of her lower teeth and part of her jaw.
In 1928 she passed her exam in geodesy and accepted a position as state geodesist and head of the department of seismology at the Geodetical Institute of Denmark, which was led by Nørlund.

1928 and married
Capra married actress Helen Howell in 1923 ; they divorced in 1928.
He married Lucille Warner in 1928, with whom he had a daughter and three sons, one of whom died in infancy.
Kenneth Hawks and Mary Astor eventually married in February 1928, while Bill Hawks and Bessie Love married in December 1929.
Hawks and Athole Shearer finally married on May 28, 1928 and they honeymooned in Hawaii.
They were married in July 1928, and their only child, Gudrun, was born on 8 August 1929.
On April 3, 1928, he married Mary Philips at her mother's apartment in Hartford, Connecticut.
After graduating from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Edgerton married Esther May Garrett in 1928.
On 27 July 1928 he married the popular young singer Olive May Franks ( b. 1898 / 9 ), of Bristol, daughter of George Franks, a Cardiff businessman.
On 6 March 1928, Schindler married Emilie Pelzl ( 1907 – 2001 ), daughter of a wealthy Sudeten German farmer from Maletein.
In 1928, before leaving for Göttingen, Curry married Mary Virginia Wheatley.
However, the engagement was called off, possibly due to his affair around this time with the journalist Adela Rogers St. John, and in 1928 he married Jessica Stewart Sargent.
In 1928 Dewey married Frances Hutt.
In 1928 Stevenson married Ellen Borden, a well-to-do socialite.
In 1928, Colbert married Norman Foster, an actor and director, who appeared with Colbert in the Broadway show The Barker.
He married Marguerite Cerruti in September 1926, but the couple divorced in 1928.
Later that year Fonda's father married socialite Susan Blanchard ( born 1928 ), nine years his daughter's senior ; this marriage would end in divorce.
In 1928, when the band arrived in New York City, he sent for and married his college sweetheart, Helen Burger.
# Dolores Costello ( 1903 – 1979 ), actress and model best known for Little Lord Fauntleroy ( 1936 ) and The Magnificent Ambersons ( 1941 ); they married on November 24, 1928 and divorced in 1935.
He married Burroughs ' daughter Joan Burroughs on 8 August 1928 after meeting her on the set of that film.
They were married in 1928 and remained together until her death from emphysema in 1967.
Jiang married Wang Yeping (, born 1928 ), a native of Yangzhou, China.
In autumn 1928, he married his first wife Klara Riccabona, who later died while giving birth to their sixth daughter.
In 16 May 1928, Shastri married Lalita Devi of Mirzapur.

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