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1928 and music
Why, man, that's the same kind of music we've been playin ' since 1928 !... We didn't call it rock and roll back when we introduced it as our style back in 1928, and we don't call it rock and roll the way we play it now.
Lehrer was born in 1928 to a Jewish family in the New York City borough of Manhattan, and began studying classical piano music at the age of seven.
Vincent Anthony " Vince " Guaraldi ( July 17, 1928 – February 6, 1976 ) was an Italian-American jazz musician and pianist noted for his innovative compositions and arrangements and for composing music for animated adaptations of the Peanuts comic strip.
: Vormittagsspuk (" Ghosts Before Breakfast ", with music by Hindemith ) ( 1928 )
Ravel is perhaps known best for his orchestral work Boléro ( 1928 ), which he considered trivial and once described as " a piece for orchestra without music ".
** 1928 Good Boy, music Stothart, lyrics Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby
Although many associate Welk's music with a style quite separate from jazz, he did record one notable song in a ragtime style in November 1928 for Indiana-based Gennett Records.
The concept of matching animation to classical music was used as early as 1928 in Disney's cartoon series, the Silly Symphonies, but he wanted to go beyond the usual slapstick, and produce shorts where " sheer fantasy unfolds ... action controlled by a musical pattern has great charm in the realm of unreality.
Hindemith wrote the music for Hans Richter's 1928 avant-garde film Ghosts Before Breakfast ( Vormittagsspuk ), although the score was subsequently lost, and he also acted in the film.
* Lefty Frizzell, repeat country music Top 10 singer and songwriter, ( 1928 – 1975 )
After studying with Maurice Emmanuel, he was awarded first prize for the history of music in 1928.
Ruth Brown ( January 12, 1928 – November 17, 2006 ) was an American singer-songwriter and actress also known as " Queen of R & B " noted for bringing a pop music style to R & B music in a series of hit songs for Atlantic Records in the 1950s, such as " So Long ", " Teardrops from My Eyes " and "( Mama ) He Treats Your Daughter Mean ".
In 1928, Maurice Ravel conducted some of his music.
The first time the modern-day spelling of " boogie-woogie " was used in a title of a published audio recording of music appears to be Pine Top Smith's December 1928 recording titled, " Pine Top's Boogie Woogie ", a song whose lyrics contain dance instructions to " boogie-woogie ".
" Amédé Ardoin made the first recordings of Creole music in 1928.
Why, man, that's the same kind of music we've been playin ' since 1928 !...
* In 1928, on the 200th anniversary of the original production, Bertolt Brecht ( words ) and Kurt Weill ( music ) created a popular new musical adaptation of the work in Germany entitled Die Dreigroschenoper ( The Threepenny Opera ).
These records were scattered in Victor's regular popular music series until July, 1928 when they started the V-38000 series ( which lasted until V-38146 in 1930 ).
Hillous Buel " Bew " Butrum ( April 21, 1928 – April 27, 2002 ) was an American country music guitar player and a record and video producer best known as being a member of Hank Williams ' Drifting Cowboys.

1928 and critic
* 2012 – Hilton Kramer, American critic and essayist ( b. 1928 )
* 1928 – Andrew Sarris, American film critic ( d. 2012 )
In an article in La France, 1915, the French critic, Remy de Gourmont described the Imagists as descendants of the French Symbolistes and in a 1928 letter to the French critic and translator René Taupin, Pound was keen to emphasise another ancestry for Imagism, pointing out that Hulme was indebted to a Symbolist tradition, linking back via William Butler Yeats, Arthur Symons and the Rhymers ' Club generation of British poets to Mallarmé.
Sir Edmund William Gosse CB ( 21 September 1849 – 16 May 1928 ) was an English poet, author and critic ; the son of Philip Henry Gosse and Emily Bowes.
The critic Joseph Bédier ( 1864 – 1938 ) launched a particularly withering attack on stemmatics in 1928.
After parting with Epstein, Buñuel worked as film critic for La Gaceta Literaria ( 1927 ) and Les Cahiers d ' Art ( 1928 ).
As critic Percy Hammond wrote, sympathetically, in 1928:
To quote from the British Film Institute: "... she was open to new directions in cinema and was not constrained by the middle class shibboleths of " good taste ", unlike her rival C. A. Lejeune, film critic for the Observer newspaper from 1928 to 1960 ".
When music critic Abbe Niles heard the Blue Yodel recordings released by Jimmy Rodgers in 1928 he was impressed by how distinctively black Rodger's Blue Yodel recordings sounded, yodeling and all.
Brooks Atkinson, the theatre critic for The New York Times, reviewed the 1928 Broadway production, and called it " a gorgeous spectacle " with " long stretches of excellent comedy ".
The English theatre critic James Agate published a biography of her in 1928, which echoes the anti-Semitism of his day.
Joseph Hillis Miller, Jr. ( born March 5, 1928 ) is an American literary critic who has been heavily influenced by — and who has heavily influenced — deconstruction.
In a June 16, 1928 article in the Illustrated London News, Wells's good friend and lifelong critic G. K. Chesterton reviewed the book and explained the danger he saw in what Wells was saying about the " general tendency towards establishing a world control.
* Iain Crichton Smith ( 1928 – 1998 ), Scottish poet and critic
Lionel Abrahams ( 11 April 1928 – 31 May 2004 ) was a South African novelist, poet, editor, critic, essayist and publisher.
* John Fraser ( critic ) ( born 1928 ), English / Canadian author, literary theorist, and cultural analyst
Writing in the Gramophone magazine in 1928, the often acerbic British critic and future record producer, Walter Legge, lauded Ruffo's singing, recalling a recital that he had heard the baritone give six years earlier in London.
In 1928, she married writer and art critic Guillermo de Torre, student of the Ultraist movement and expert on Avant-Garde art and literature, whom she had met in Spain when she was 19 years old.
Martin Roger Seymour-Smith ( 24 April 1928 – 1 July 1998 ) was a British poet, literary critic, biographer and astrologer.
Denis Donoghue ( born 1928 ) is an Irish literary critic.
Hilton Kramer ( March 25, 1928 – March 27, 2012 ) was an American art critic and essayist.
Champagne ( 1928 ) is a silent comedy film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, based on an original story by English writer and critic Walter C. Mycroft.

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