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1935 and Sri
In 1935 he continued his travels to India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Republic of China and Singapore.
Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal ( born July 18, 1935 as Subramanyam Mahadeva Iyer ) is the 69th Shankaracharya ( guru and head or pontiff ( Peetadhipathi )) of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.
By 1965 there were four other leftist political parties of considerable size: the Lanka Sama Samaja Party ( LSSP ), the first leftist party in Sri Lanka and established in 1935, the Communist Party of Sri Lanka ( CP ) which was a break away from the LSSP, the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna ( MEP ) and the CP-Chinese faction.
* Chitra Fernando ( 1935 – 1998 ), Sri Lankan female writer and critic
In this way Sujata also came to Sri Aurobindo in 1935, at age nine.
Venerable Dhammananda enrolled at the Sri Dhammarama Pirivena, Ratmalana in 1935, and then at the Vidyawardhana Buddhist Institute, Colombo, 1937 for a more detailed study of the Buddha's teaching.
# Sri Krishna Leelalu ( 1935 ) ( dialogues )

1935 and Swami
* Swami Nigamananda ( 1880 – 1935 )
This is the third and final part in the series, preceded by Swami and Friends ( 1935 ) and The Bachelor of Arts ( 1937 ).
The main Ramakrishna temple in Belur was started in 1935 and in view of the deteriorating health condition of Swami Vijanananda, it was planned to have the installation ceremony just after the completion of the main shrine.
Foundation stone of the temple was laid by Swami Vijanananda, then Vice President of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, in July 1935.
* BSCRO, File 16 / 1935 ( I ), report on Swami Sahajanand, Nasirganj, Shahabad district, 18 January 1935.

1935 and penned
Her book, The Pavlova Story: A Slice of New Zealand ’ s Culinary History, states that the first Australian pavlova recipe was created in 1935 while an earlier version was penned in 1929 in the rural magazine.
In 1935, she penned a novel about Charles Goodnight entitled The No-Gun Man from Texas.

1935 and detailed
The publication of Hooke's diary in 1935 revealed other sides of the man that ' Espinasse, in particular, has detailed carefully.
The central incident he wrote of detailed his 1935 plane crash in the Sahara Desert between Benghazi and Cairo, which he barely survived along with his mechanic-navigator, André Prévot.
The book was published in 1935 and reissued 36 years later, with detailed notes by Zariski's students that illustrated how the field of algebraic geometry had changed.
A 1935 mystery novel, Obelists Fly High by C. Daly King, features a detailed description of a transcontinental flight on a Boeing 247, including an interior floor plan and passenger operations.
* Victor Klemperer 1920 – 1935 – Professor for romance studies ; He wrote “ LTI ”, an analysis of the Nazi's language, and detailed dairies during the Nazi time.
Brasillach was fascinated by the cinema and co-wrote a detailed critical history of the media in 1935, Histoire du cinéma ( re-edited in 1943 ), with his brother-in-law, Maurice Bardèche.
The Goudhurst Jubilee Book ( 1935 ), Goudhurst Coronation Book ( 1937 ) and Goudhurst and Kilndown Millennium Book ( 2001, ISBN 0-9527822-1-9 ) contain detailed reminiscences, directories, historical notes, matters of local intelligence and records of celebrations starting from the 1800s and before, up to the current time.
Day's most famous work is the autobiographical Life with Father ( 1935 ), which detailed humorous episodes in his family's life, centering on his domineering father, during the 1890s in New York City.
In a letter to Edmund Wilson, she detailed a raucous affair that she and the yet-unpublished Roethke carried on in 1935, during the time between his expulsion from Lafayette College and his return to Michigan.
In the meantime she published her three major novels: Trellantonis ( Crazy Anthony ; 1932 ), which detailed her mischievous elder brother's Antonis Benakis childhood adventures in late 19th century Alexandria, Mangas ( 1935 ), which was about the not dissimilar adventures of the family's fox terrier dog, and Ta Mystika tou Valtou ( The Secrets of the Swamp ; 1937 ), which was set around Giannitsa Lake in the early 20th century, when the Greek struggle for Macedonia was unfolding.
A detailed account of the F. magna life cycle was given by Swales ( 1935 ), Erhardová-Kotrlá ( 1971 ), and reviewed by Pybus ( 2001 ). The cercariae of F. magna shedded from the snail. Adult flukes occur in pairs or groups within a fibrous capsule in the liver parenchyma of the definitive host.

1935 and depiction
In 1993, Rockman created Still Life, a still life depiction of a pile of fish and marine specimens, evoking reference to 1935 horror James Whale film Bride of Frankenstein and films by Luis Buñuel.
Metcalfe designed the Obverse and reverse | reverse of the 1935 Crown ( British coin ) | Crown, featuring a modern depiction of Saint George and the Dragon.

1935 and some
In the spring of 1935 Blair met his future wife Eileen O ' Shaughnessy, when his landlady, Rosalind Obermeyer, who was studying for a masters degree in psychology at University College London, invited some of her fellow students to a party.
Authorisation for use of this language was extended to some other Slavic regions between 1886 and 1935.
In the 1935 World Series umpire George Moriarty warned some Chicago Cubs players to stop yelling anti-Semitic slurs at Greenberg and eventually cleared the players from the Cubs bench.
Taking as an example some comments made by Alistair Cooke in 1935, where Cooke claimed to be without politics as a critic, Anderson responded:
Castaneda had appeared in the first Mutiny on the Bounty film in 1935, some 27 years before the 1962 remake with Brando as Fletcher Christian.
Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA ), the first twelve-step fellowship, was founded on August 11, 1938 ( although some speculate the date as being June 10, 1935 which is the date that Dr. Bob had his last drink ) by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, known to AA members as " Bill W ." and " Dr. Bob ", in Akron, Ohio.
His dissertation, entitled, " Solutions of the Mathieu equation of period 4 pi and certain related functions ", was beyond the comprehension of the chemistry and physics faculty, and only when some members of the mathematics department, including the chairman, insisted that the work was good enough that they would grant the doctorate if the chemistry department would not, was he granted a Ph. D. in chemistry in 1935.
In 1935 he played the role of a strike-leading taxi driver in a drama by Clifford Odets, Waiting for Lefty, and his performance was called " dynamic ," leading some to describe him as the " proletarian thunderbolt.
Among the most famous of all cantatas is Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, written 1935 – 36 ; the introductory and concluding movement, O Fortuna, has been used in countless films, and has become some of the most recognizable music ever written.
In 1935, he met Vittorio De Sica, beginning a partnership that produced some two dozen films, including such masterpieces of Italian neorealism as
Nevertheless, only some 8, 000 troops under Mao's command, the First Front Army, ultimately made it to the final destination of Yan ' an in 1935.
Some charities and volunteer organizations have also been founded as gifts to, or in honour of, some of Canada's monarchs or members of the Royal Family, such as the Victorian Order of Nurses ( a gift to Queen Victoria for her Diamond Jubilee in 1897 ), the Canadian Cancer Fund ( set up in honour of King George V's Silver Jubilee in 1935 ), and the Queen Elizabeth II Fund to Aid in Research on the Diseases of Children.
Brzezinski's father was Tadeusz Brzeziński, a Polish diplomat who was posted to Germany from 1931 to 1935 ; Zbigniew Brzezinski thus spent some of his earliest years witnessing the rise of the Nazis.
This new Oswald model was adapted directly from a non-Oswald character in another Lantz cartoon: the Cinecolor " Fox and the Rabbit " ( 1935 ), released some two months earlier as the last of the early Cartune Classics series.
After some good league and FA Cup campaigns the club joined the Midland League in 1935 for four seasons before returning to the Birmingham & District League in 1939.
Segovia's second wife ( marriage in 1935 ) was the pianist Paquita Madriguera, who also made some piano roll recordings.
However, in Dalmatia, Croatia the liturgy was celebrated in Church Slavonic, and authorisation for use of this language was extended to some other Slavic regions between 1886 and 1935.
Some date the start to earlier events in the 1930s: The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide's regular publication The Golden Age Quarterly lists comic books from 1933 onwards ( 1933 saw the publication of the first comic book in the size that would subsequently define the format ); some historians, including Roger Sabin ( in Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels: a History of Comic Art ), date it to the publication of the first comic books featuring entirely original stories rather than re-prints of comic strips from newspapers ( 1935 ), by the company that would become DC Comics.
A few years later, in 1935, Harriet returns to Oxford for a reunion ( or Gaudy ) and is asked to investigate some strange occurrences at her old college.
1935: Publication of the article by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen arguing that quantum mechanics was incomplete, as its formalism was non-local, which the authors assumed to not possibly reflect some true underlying mechanism that remained to be discovered.
The year 1935 in television involved some significant events.
As a result, he helped develop some of MGM's most prestigious ventures, including Grand Hotel ( 1932 ), The Barretts of Wimpole Street ( 1934 film starring his wife Norma Shearer ), Mutiny on the Bounty ( 1935 ), China Seas ( 1935 ), A Night at the Opera ( 1935 ) with the Marx Brothers, San Francisco ( 1936 ), and Romeo and Juliet ( 1936 ).

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