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1935 and she
In April 1935, Harold Latham of Macmillan, an editor who was looking for new fiction, read what she had written and saw that it could be a best-seller.
In London she met Captain James Fell, a British Army officer, and they married in March 1935.
When Keller visited Akita Prefecture in Japan in July 1937, she inquired about Hachikō, the famed Akita dog that had died in 1935.
In 1956, inspired by Ernest Hemingway's 1935 novel Green Hills of Africa, she began an ambitious film project in Africa drawn from another novel called Schwarze Fracht ( Black Freight ).
Born in Alexandria in 1935, she learned to play the saw at the age of seven, with Poland-Austrian Anton Stein.
She was consequently named Assistant Professor of Egyptology at the University College of London in 1924, a post she held until her retirement in 1935.
He formally adopted her in 1935, and she would always refer to him as her father.
This led to a visiting professorship in 1935, when she became the first female engineering professor at Purdue ; she was granted full professorship in 1940, dividing her time between the departments of industrial engineering, industrial psychology, home economics, and the dean's office where she consulted on careers for women.
In 1925, she was signed as a contract player with Fox Film Corporation ( which merged with Daryl Zanuck's Twentieth Century Productions in 1935 ).
In 1935 she starred in Mitchell Leisen's Hands Across the Table which helped to establish her reputation as a comedy actress.
In 1935, after her Academy Award nomination, Colbert decided not to attend the presentation, feeling confident that she would not win the award, and instead, planned to take a cross-country railroad trip.
On the evening of 10 May 1935, Lustig was arrested by federal agents on charges of counterfeiting after an anonymous phone call was made, out of jealousy, by his mistress Billy May, who became jealous when she learned of the romance between him and Shaw's young mistress Marie.
Ordained in Germany in 1935, she died in Auschwitz concentration camp | Auschwitz in 1944.
In 1935, she settled in Tel Aviv, where she joined a group of Zionist Hebrew poets of Eastern-European origin known as Yakhdav ( " together ").
In 1935, she was a Guggenheim Fellow.
They married on March 15, 1935, and she would later become known as Chiang Fang-liang.
In 1935, after her Academy Award nomination, Colbert decided not to attend the presentation, feeling confident that she would not win the award, and instead, planned to take a cross-country railroad trip.
In 1935 and 1936, she was listed in the annual " Quigley Poll of the Top Ten Money Making Stars ", which was compiled from the votes of movie exhibitors throughout the U. S. for the stars who had generated the most revenue in their theaters over the previous year.
During this time she began acting for CBS ' popular Lux Radio Theater, making 22 appearances between 1935 and 1954.
In 1935, she left Germany for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to escape Nazism.
In 1935, David O. Selznick wanted to cast her as the dying heiress in Dark Victory, but Garbo chose Tolstoy's Anna Karenina ( 1935 ) in which she played another of her renowned roles.

1935 and met
In the spring of 1935 Blair met his future wife Eileen O ' Shaughnessy, when his landlady, Rosalind Obermeyer, who was studying for a masters degree in psychology at University College London, invited some of her fellow students to a party.
Since 1935, the Supreme Court has met in the United States Supreme Court Building.
In 1935, John von Neumann, whom Ulam had met in Warsaw, invited him to come to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, for a few months.
In 1935, he met Vittorio De Sica, beginning a partnership that produced some two dozen films, including such masterpieces of Italian neorealism as
In 1935 he left to work at the Harvard College Observatory where he met Sarah Parker Fuller, whom he married on June 20, 1936.
The first mayor was O. O. McCollum, and the government met in Wheeler's old train station until a new town hall was completed in 1935.
After Louis ' narrow defeat of Natie Brown on March 29, 1935, Jacobs and the Louis team met at the Frog Club, a colored nightclub, and negotiated a three-year exclusive boxing promotion deal.
In 1897, Delius met the artist Helena Sophie Emilie Rosen, known as Jelka ( 1868 – 1935 ), who later became his wife.
In jail, he met Waterbury, Connecticut, attorney Ed Levy, with whom he began legitimate publishing in 1935, acquiring permissions to reproduce lyrics in such magazines as Hit Parade and Song Hits.
There, he worked with his father for the Canadian government and met and married Ethel Poy, with whom he had two children: Neville, born October 29, 1935, and Adrienne, born February 10, 1939.
In 1935 he met Lois Foerster.
During this period Hinds met Spanish émigré Enrique Carreras, a former cinema owner, and on 10 May 1935 they formed film distribution company Exclusive Films, operating from a single office at 60-66 National House, Wardour Street.
She journeyed to New York and met American railway heir Clendenin Ryan Jr ( 1905 – 1957 ), grandson of Thomas Fortune Ryan, marrying him on 20 February 1935, after he proposed on their third date, in Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York.
The marriage lasted three months ( they divorced in 1935 and the marriage was annulled in 1944 ), and she returned to Europe where she met Hungarian Count Paul Pálffy ab Erdöd ( 1890 – 1968 ) and became his fourth of eight eventual wives in late 1935.
Returning to England in 1935, Trist met Oscar Oeser, who headed the psychology department at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and went on to study unemployment in Dundee.
When General Minami met with Prince Demchugdongrub in August 1935, the Prince promised close cooperation with Japan, and Minami promised financial assistance to the Prince.
Before the Long March, Yang served in Zhang Guotao's army, but joined Mao's forces when Mao and Zhang met briefly in June – July 1935, in the middle of the Long March.
Orwell and O ' Shaughnessy met at a party that Eric ( Orwell ) and Rosalind Obermeyer, gave in the spring of 1935 in Obermeyer's flat in Parliament Hill Road-" when the last guests had departed, he turned to Mrs Obermeyer and said: " Eileen O ' Shaughnessy is the girl I want to marry.
O ' Shaughnessy met Orwell in the spring of 1935.
He met with Mussolini in Rome, and they signed the Franco – Italian Agreement of 1935 on 4 January.
In 1935 he married Nancy Pigott of Glasgow, Scotland, eight years his junior, whom he had met during her visit to relatives in Chattanooga.
It was while in Washington that Gay met his future wife, Alberta Cooper, with whom he'd marry on July 2, 1935.
On November 5, 1935, representatives of the General Conference ( Palmer ) and the Cooperative General Association ( a mixture of Randall and Palmer elements west of the Mississippi ) met in Nashville, Tennessee to unite and organize the National Association of Free Will Baptists.

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