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1939 and played
In 1939, Bogart played a mad scientist in The Return of Doctor X.
Dark Victory ( 1939 ) was one of the last films in which he played a supporting role
On the night of 14 – 15 March 1939, Ribbentrop played a key role in the German annexation of the Czech part of Czecho-Slovakia by bullying the Czechoslovak President Hácha into transforming his country into a German protectorate at a meeting in the Reich Chancellery in Berlin.
Ribbentrop played a key role in the conclusion of a Soviet-German non-aggression pact, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, in 1939, and in the diplomatic action surrounding the attack on Poland.
In 1937, the Eagles moved to Shibe Park and played their home games at the stadium through 1947, except for the 1941 season, which was played at Municipal Stadium, where they had played from 1936 to 1939.
Richard's career is also the subject of the 1939 film Tower of London, in which he is played by Basil Rathbone.
He played his entire 22-year Major League Baseball career as the left fielder for the Boston Red Sox ( 1939 – 1942 and 1946 – 1960 ).
This was followed by Gold Diggers of Broadway which was so popular it played in theatres until 1939.
Oscar frequently played ethnic parts, including the Sudanese doctor in The Four Feathers ( 1939 ).
This was followed by the title role in Young Mr. Lincoln ( 1939 ), his first collaboration with director John Ford, and that year he played Frank James in Jesse James ( 1939 ).
* Tower of London ( 1939 ): Elizabeth was played by Barbara O ' Neil.
The first academic treatment of the Dozens was made in 1939 by Yale-based psychologist and social theorist John Dollard, who described the importance of the game among African-American males, and how it is generally played.
Guests included Morticia's older sister Ophelia ( also played by Carolyn Jones in the original television series ), Morticia's cousin Melancholia, and Morticia's mother Hester Frump ( played in the 1960s series by Margaret Hamilton, wearing her Miss Almira Gulch dress from the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz ).
In this, Canaris was successful, and the " Dutch War Scare " played a major role in causing Chamberlain to make the " continental commitment " ( i. e. sending a large British ground force to the defence of France ) in February 1939.
Further highlights of this period included Tom, Dick, and Harry, a 1941 comedy in which she dreams of marrying three different men ; I'll Be Seeing You, with Joseph Cotten ; La Cava's 5th Avenue Girl ( 1939 ), where she played an out-of-work girl sucked into the lives of a wealthy family ; and especially the sharp and highly successful comedies: Bachelor Mother ( 1939 ), with David Niven, in which she played Polly Parrish, a shop girl who is falsely thought to have abandoned her baby ; and Billy Wilder's first Hollywood feature film: The Major and the Minor ( 1942 ), in which she played a woman who masquerades as a 12-year-old to get a cheap train ticket and finds herself obliged to continue the ruse for an extended period.
His 146 runs scored were the most since Ted Williams had 150 in 1950, and he became the first player since Jimmie Foxx in 1939 to amass more runs scored than games played.

1939 and lead
In order to enter at a talent competition at University High School, Berry and Torrence helped form a doo-wop group known as " The Barons " ( named after their high school's Hi-Y club, where they were members ), which comprised fellow University High students William " Chuck " Steele ( lead singer ), Arnold P. " Arnie " Ginsburg ( born November 19, 1939 ) ( 1st tenor ), Wallace S. " Wally " Yagi ( born 20 July 1940 ) ( 2nd tenor ), John ' Sagi " Seligman ( 2nd tenor ), with Berry singing bass, and Torrence providing falsetto.
In July 1939, Ribbentrop's claims about Bonnet's alleged statement of December 1938 were to lead to a lengthy war of words via a series of letters to the French newspapers between Bonnet and Ribbentrop over just what precisely Bonnet had said to Ribbentrop.
For a brief moment in August 1939, Ribbentrop convinced Hitler that the Non-Aggression Pact with the Soviet Union would cause the fall of the Chamberlain government, and lead to a new British government that would abandon the Poles to their fate.
He was General Secretary ( later Chairman of the Presidium ) of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia ( 1939 – 80 ), and went on to lead the World War II Yugoslav guerrilla movement, the Partisans ( 1941 – 45 ).
* Ruby Nash Garnett ( born 1939 ), lead singer of American group Ruby & the Romantics
Hitler however cut a deal with Joseph Stalin to divide Eastern Europe ; when Germany did invade Poland in September 1939, Britain and France declared war ; the British Commonwealth followed London's lead.
The firm also obtained the distinction of being the lead syndicate in the 1939 U. S. rail financing.
It was first performed in 1939, with Alabama-born actress Tallulah Bankhead giving a legendary performance in the lead role of Regina.
By this time Loy was highly regarded for her performances in romantic comedies and she was anxious to demonstrate her dramatic ability, and was cast in the lead female role in The Rains Came ( 1939 ) opposite Tyrone Power.
They married in London in June 1939 and divorced in Los Angeles, California, on 25 February 1942 ( it was finalized on 6 March ); Gabor claimed cruelty, saying, " I wanted to have babies and lead a simple family life but my husband objected to my having children ".
He was the chief chemist involved in the production of the gasoline additive Tetra-ethyl lead at DuPont's Chambers Works from 1939 to 1952.
For example, a statement from a lead article in the February 1939 edition of The Plain Truth, about a coming world war, said this:
In 1939, Crabbe reunited with Betty Grable for a lead role in the mainstream comedy hit Million Dollar Legs.
One of these cans was opened in 1939, and was edible and nutritious, though it was not analysed for contamination by the lead solder used in its manufacture.
His film roles were bigger after that, starting with The Bad Man of Brimstone ( 1938 ), and the lead role in Burn ' Em Up O ' Connor ( 1939 ).
" He compared the film with Stella Dallas ( 1937 ) for the thematic similarity of series of sacrifices made by the female lead, and with Gone with the Wind ( 1939 ) as an epic mirroring social upheavals.
He appeared in 40 of the shorts between 1939 and 1944, eventually becoming the series ' final lead character.
Returning to Hollywood in 1939, she snared the lead in a B comedy for RKO Radio Pictures, The Girl from Mexico.
The Senate's lead counsel Ferdinand Pecora wrote on page 293 in his 1939 memoir Wall Street Under Oath about Otto Kahn: " No suaver, more fluent, and more diplomatic advocate could be conceived.
In 1939, Britain's first biodynamic agriculture conference, the Betteshanger Summer School and Conference on Biodynamic Agriculture, was held at Lord Northbourne's farm in Kent ; Ehrenfried Pfeiffer was the lead presenter.
Nevertheless, Darnell had her way as she was assigned in the female lead opposite Power in the light romantic comedy Day-Time Wife ( 1939 ).
In the 1939 Quebec election the federal Liberals warned that the Duplessis government's support for Manion would lead to conscription, despite Manion's claims that he opposed mandatory military enlistment.
He helped lead the Boilermakers to the 1932 National Championship, as determined by a panel vote rather than the NCAA tournament, which did not begin until 1939.
The group formerly known as The Charlemagnes took on the name " The Blue Notes " in 1954, with a lineup consisting of lead singer Harold Melvin ( born June 25, 1939, in Philadelphia, died March 24, 1997 ), Bernard Williams, Roosevelt Brodie, Jesse Gillis, Jr., and Franklin Peaker.
Kenneth Pitts and Clifford Gross played fiddles ; and in 1939, Brower joined the Doughboys, replacing Buck Buchanan as fiddler in the string section but playing lead ( Buchanan had played harmony ).

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