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1940 and went
Barnard matriculated from the Beaufort West High School in 1940, and went to study medicine at the University of Cape Town Medical School, where he obtained his MB ChB in 1945.
In Germany the small Christadelphian community founded by Albert Maier went underground from 1940 – 1945, and a leading brother, Albert Merz, was imprisoned as a conscientious objector and later executed.
More importantly, however, he went on to maintain the same high level of performance throughout the season, kicking precisely 100 goals for the year to become the first player to top the ton since Richmond's Jack Titus in 1940.
Initially, in May 1940, 16, 700 people went to French Morocco.
He was replaced as the director of Gone with the Wind ( 1939 ), but he went on to direct The Philadelphia Story ( 1940 ), Adam's Rib ( 1949 ), Born Yesterday ( 1950 ), A Star Is Born ( 1954 ) and My Fair Lady ( 1964 ).
The " dream cars " which American automobile manufacturers exhibited at the fair included Cadillac's introduction of its V-16 limousine ; Nash's exhibit had a variation on the vertical ( i. e., paternoster ) parking garage — all the cars were new Nashes ; Lincoln presented its rear-engined " concept car " precursor to the Lincoln-Zephyr, which went on the market in 1936 with a front engine ; Pierce-Arrow presented its modernistic Pierce Silver Arrow for which it used the byline " Suddenly it's 1940!
On June 14, 1940, while the world's attention was focused on the fall of Paris to Nazi Germany a day earlier, the Soviet military blockade of Estonia went into effect, and two Soviet bombers downed Finnish passenger airplane " Kaleva " flying from Tallinn to Helsinki carrying three diplomatic pouches from the U. S. legations in Tallinn, Riga and Helsinki.
In July 1940 he went to Chicago to do research for a folk history of blacks to accompany photographs selected by Edwin Rosskam.
Ackermann went on to construct consistency proofs for set theory ( 1937 ), full arithmetic ( 1940 ), type-free logic ( 1952 ), and a new axiomatization of set theory ( 1956 ).
He went on to appear in The Dawn Patrol ( 1938 ) with David Niven, Dodge City ( 1939 ), The Sea Hawk ( 1940 ) and Adventures of Don Juan ( 1948 ).
It premiered in New York City on 11 January 1940, and went into general American release on 18 January.
Doohan went to England in 1940 for training.
The assembly went bankrupt, but in 1936, Methodist bishops raised $ 100, 000 to pay off the debt, and the Methodist Church took over in 1940.
After the success of Snow White, Disney went on to produce Pinocchio which was released in 1940.
In early August 1940, the month he would have entered the Franciscan novitiate, Merton went to Olean, New York, to stay with friends, including Robert Lax and Ed Rice, at a cottage where they had vacationed the summer before.
In 1940, Lomax and his close friend Nicholas Ray went on to write and produce a fifteen-minute program, Back Where I Come From, which aired three nights a week on CBS and featured folk tales, proverbs, prose, and sermons, as well as songs, organized thematically.
Shortly thereafter, Mascot was absorbed by the newly-formed Republic Pictures Corp. and Autry went along to make a further 44 films up to 1940, all B Westerns in which he played under his own name, rode his horse, Champion, had Burnette as his regular sidekick, and had many opportunities to sing in each film.
He went on to develop the technique between 1935 and 1940.
Although he made several contributions in advisory roles during the campaigns in the Western Desert in 1940 and 1941, it was not until May 1942 that he went on active service again.
On 25 June 1940 he went by flying boat, with Duff Cooper, to Rabat, Morocco, to rally anti-Nazi French cabinet ministers, but was instead held on his flying boat.
Muste went to work as the director of the Presbyterian Labor Temple in New York City from 1937 to 1940.
In 1940, Daisy went from spacemen to cowboys with their Red Ryder BB Gun that still is in production today.
In 1940, a number of imprisoned IRA members went on hunger strike, Boland, however, refused to grant their release.
Other novels about the university include Geese in the Forum ( Knopf, 1940 ) by Lawrence Edward Watkin, a professor of English who went on to become a screenwriter for Disney ( the college faculty were the titular geese ); The Hero ( Julian Messner, 1949 ), by Millard Lampell, filmed as Saturday's Hero, starring Donna Reed and John Derek ( Columbia Studios, 1951 ), about a football player who struggles to balance athletics, academics and a social life ; and A Sound of Voices Dying by Glenn Scott ( E. P.

1940 and Cincinnati
Bloomfield was Instructor in German at the University of Cincinnati, 1909 – 1910 ; Instructor in German at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1910 – 1913 ; Assistant Professor of Comparative Philology and German, also University of Illinois, 1913 – 1921 ; Professor of German and Linguistics at the Ohio State University, 1921 – 1927 ; Professor of Germanic Philology at the University of Chicago, 1927 – 1940 ; Sterling Professor of Linguistics at Yale University, 1940-1949.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
After serving as an assistant coach at Ohio State from 1938 to 1940, Gillman was the head football coach at Miami University from 1944 to 1947 and at the University of Cincinnati from 1949 to 1954, compiling a career college football record of 81 – 19 – 2.
In 1940 Cincinnati Reds catcher Willard Hershberger committed suicide in his hotel room by slitting his throat.
Durham Athletic Park was finally completed in April 1940, in time for an exhibition game on April 7 between the Cincinnati Reds and Boston Red Sox.
It was the home field of the National League's Cincinnati Reds from 1912 through June 24, 1970, and the original Cincinnati Bengals football team, members of the second ( 1937 ) and third American Football League ( 1940 – 41 ).
McKechnie was the first manager to win World Series titles with two different teams ( 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates and 1940 Cincinnati Reds ), and remains one of only two managers to win pennants with three teams, also capturing the National League title in 1928 with the St. Louis Cardinals.
His teams won four National League pennants ( 1925, 1928, 1939 and 1940 ) and two World Series championships ( 1925 and 1940 ), and he remains the only manager to win National League pennants with three different teams ( Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Cincinnati ).
Howard Hesseman ( born February 27, 1940 ) is an American actor best known for playing disc jockey Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati and schoolteacher Charlie Moore on Head of the Class.
* Robert L. Black, The Little Miami Railroad ( Cincinnati, 1940 ).
Much of the original towpath served as the right-of-way for the Cincinnati and Lake Erie Railroad, an electric interurban streetcar that operated until 1940.
Richard Kinard Sanders ( born August 23, 1940 ) is an American actor best known for playing the quirky news anchorman Les Nessman on the television sitcom, WKRP in Cincinnati.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
Cincinnati: n. p., 1940.
In 1939, Dunham's company gave further performances in Chicago and Cincinnati and then went back to New York, where Dunham had been invited to stage a new number for the popular, long-running musical revue Pins and Needles 1940, produced by the International Ladies ' Garment Workers Union.

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