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1944 and identification
" Excavations carried out in 1944 corresponded with Crusader identification of the site as Emmaus.
5 June 1944 photograph of C-47s of the 95th and 98th Troop Carrier Squadrons at RAF Exeter with freshly applied black / white invasion stripes to aid in aircraft identification from the ground.

1944 and transforming
In 1944, Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty demonstrated the transforming factor in Griffith's experiment was DNA, not protein, as was widely believed at the time.
In 1944 this " transforming principle " was identified as being genetic by Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty.
: 1944: The AveryMacLeodMcCarty experiment isolates DNA as the genetic material ( at that time called transforming principle )
In February 1944, the trio published the first of a series of scientific papers in the Journal of Experimental Medicine demonstrating that DNA was the transforming principle.

1944 and factor
After 1944 Communists were a factor to consider for a few decades, and the Finnish People's Democratic League, formed by Communists and others to the left of Social Democrats, even was the largest party after 1958 elections.
From September 1944 until early 1945 the deaths of 18, 000 Dutch people were attributed to malnutrition as the primary cause and in many more as a contributing factor.
His whole essence and being, his structure and his own experiences, become a factor that cannot be overlooked for interpretation .” In this sense Kerényi ’ s understanding of science was very modern in 1944.
They were also a key factor in the founding of the Country Fire Authority in 1944.
Weather reports from Claremorris and Blacksod Lighthouse ( located on the west coast of Mayo ) played a significant factor in selecting the date of launch for the invasion of France ( D Day ) on the 6th June 1944.
In the spring of 1944, with the arrival of command B-29s in the theater, another factor would be added to air force operations.
His strong defensive play continued in 1944, leading the league's catchers in fielding percentage, range factor and baserunners caught stealing percentage, and finished second in putouts and baserunners caught stealing as, the Tigers lost the pennant on the last day of the season.
Hurban operated in the Brezno – Červená Skala area against the 18th division SS Horst Wessel and from October 23 – 24 1944 was the main factor in the fight for the upper flow of the Hron river.
Re-supply became a decisive factor because of the loss of the Ferihegy airport just before the start of the siege, on 27 December 1944.

1944 and was
When Harold Arlen returned to California in the winter of 1944, it was to take up again a collaboration with Johnny Mercer, begun some years before.
Our companion was a huge, plain-spoken American sculptor who had been a sixteen-year-old rifleman all across France in 1944.
The most convincing recent measurement of an anaconda was made in eastern Colombia by Roberto Lamon, a petroleum geologist of the Richmond Oil Company, and reported in 1944 by Emmett R. Dunn.
Volume 1, was completed in 1941 and published in 1944.
Volume 1 ( ( Af ) of the seventh edition of Dana's System Of Mineralogy was published in 1944 and Volume 2 ( ( Af ) in 1951 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, N. Y..
Even though it was known that the Luftwaffe in the north was now being directed by the young and energetic General Peltz, the commander who would conduct the `` Little Blitz '' on London in 1944, a major raid on Bari at this juncture of the war was not to be considered seriously.
In October 1944, he was appointed state warden and chief of the Forest Fire Section.
" The term made an impact into English pulp science fiction starting from Jack Williamson's The Cometeers ( 1936 ) and the distinction between mechanical robots and fleshy androids was popularized by Edmond Hamilton's Captain Future ( 1940 – 1944 ).
Americium was first produced in 1944 by the group of Glenn T. Seaborg at the University of California, Berkeley.
Although americium was likely produced in previous nuclear experiments, it was first intentionally synthesized, isolated and identified in late autumn 1944, at the University of California, Berkeley by Glenn T. Seaborg, Leon O. Morgan, Ralph A. James, and Albert Ghiorso.
The discovery of americium and curium in 1944 was closely related to the Manhattan Project ; the results were confidential and declassified only in 1945.
According to a research report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Oran was decimated by the plague in 1556 and 1678, but outbreaks after European colonization, in 1921 ( 185 cases ), 1931 ( 76 cases ), and 1944 ( 95 cases ), were very far from the scale of the epidemic described in the novel.
The scenes at the end of the novel, when Oran's gates are reopened, recall the jubilant scenes in Paris when the city was liberated in 1944.
Alexis Carrel ( June 28, 1873 – November 5, 1944 ) was a French surgeon and biologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1912 for pioneering vascular suturing techniques.
It was successively renamed Annales d ' histoire sociale ( 1939 – 1942, 1945 ), Mélanges d ' histoire sociale ( 1942 – 1944 ), Annales.
Cofounder Marc Bloch ( 1886 – 1944 ) was a quintessential modernist who studied at the elite École Normale Supérieure, and in Germany, serving as a professor at the University of Strasbourg until he was called to the Sorbonne in Paris in 1936 as professor of economic history.
* Fleming was knighted, as a Knight Bachelor, by king George VI in 1944.
Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Höss was overall commandant of the Auschwitz complex from May 1940 – November 1943 ; Obersturmbannführer Arthur Liebehenschel from November 1943 – May 1944 ; and Sturmbannführer Richard Baer from May 1944 – January 1945.
Aristide Joseph Bonaventure Maillol ( December 8, 1861 – September 27, 1944 ) was a French Catalan sculptor, painter, and printmaker.

1944 and published
A final folktale, Wag by Wall, was published posthumously by The Horn Book in 1944.
In 1944, readability expert Rudolf Flesch published an article in Harper's Magazine, " How Basic is Basic English?
His Principles of Physical Geology, ending with a chapter on continental drift, was published in 1944.
* Rewald, John, ed., with the assistance of Lucien Pissarro: Camille Pissarro, Lettres à son fils Lucien, Editions Albin Michel, Paris 1950 ; previously published, translated to English: Camille Pissarro, Letters to his son Lucien, New York 1943 & London 1944 ; 3rd revised edition, Paul P Appel Publishers, 1972 ISBN 0-911858-22-9
A similar work for US English was published in 1944 by Kenyon and Knott.
It was first published in Britain by Routledge in March 1944 and was quite popular, leading Hayek to call it " that unobtainable book ," also due in part to wartime paper rationing.
In 1944, he published his first novel, Les innocents de Paris (" The Innocent of Paris "), in Switzerland.
He is referenced in Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin, The Seven Crystal Balls published in 1944 by Le Soir.
The results of the Avery-MacLeod-McCarty experiment, published in 1944, suggested that DNA was the genetic material, but there was still some hesitation within the general scientific community to accept this, which set the stage for the Hershey – Chase experiment.
* 1944The final page of the comic Krazy Kat was published, exactly two months after its author George Herriman died.
A book of nonsense poems, Rhymes Without Reason, was published in 1944 and was described by John Betjeman as " outstanding ".
Six volumes of Peake's verse were published during his lifetime ; Shapes & Sounds ( 1941 ), Rhymes without Reason 1944, The Glassblowers ( 1950 ), The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb ( 1962 ), Poems & Drawings ( 1965 ), and A Reverie of Bone ( 1967 ).
Neo-Theosophist Alice Bailey published the book Discipleship in the New Age ( 1944 ), which used the term New Age in reference to the transition from the astrological age of Pisces to Aquarius.
Another early usage of the term, was by the American artist, mystic, and philosopher Walter Russell, who spoke of "... this New Age philosophy of the spiritual re-awakening of man ... Man's purpose in this New Age is to acquire more and more knowledge ..." in his essay " Power Through Knowledge ," which was also published in 1944.
In March 2000, doctors at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in San José, Costa Rica, published the manuscripts of the Costa Rican scientist and medical doctor Clodomiro ( Clorito ) Picado Twight ( 1887 – 1944 ).
* Russell Thorndike: The Doctor Syn novels – a series of seven novels about Doctor Syn, the Smuggler of Romney Marsh, published between 1915 and 1944
First published in a small mimeographed edition in May 1944 as Philosophical Fragments, the text would wait another three years before achieving book form when it was published with its definitive title, Dialectic of Enlightenment, by the Amsterdam publisher Querido Verlag.
Maugham's last major novel, The Razor's Edge, published in 1944, was a departure for him in many ways.
In some versions of the quest for the Golden Fleece, for instance that published by Robert Graves in 1944, Atalanta sailed with the Argonauts as the only female among them.
One of the earliest recorded uses of the word in the West is in the McFarland Thai-English Dictionary, published in 1944, which describes one of the meanings of bong in the Thai language as, " a bamboo waterpipe for smoking kancha, tree, hashish, or the hemp-plant.
In August 1976, Science published a retrospective cohort study by Educational Testing Service psychologist Herman Witkin and colleagues that screened the tallest 16 % of men ( over 184 cm ( 6 ' 0 ") in height ) born in Copenhagen from 1944 – 1947 for XXY and XYY karyotypes, and found an increased rate of minor criminal convictions for property crimes among sixteen XXY and twelve XYY men may be related to the lower intelligence of those with criminal convictions, but found no evidence that XXY or XYY men were inclined to be aggressive or violent.
He also wrote a novel, published in 1944, about a fashion salon for automobiles.

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