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1946 and starred
Kaye starred in 17 movies, notably The Kid from Brooklyn ( 1946 ), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ( 1947 ), The Inspector General ( 1949 ), Hans Christian Andersen ( 1952 ), and – perhaps his most accomplished performance – The Court Jester ( 1956 ).
Kaye starred in a radio program of his own, The Danny Kaye Show, on CBS in 1945 – 1946.
Cotten starred with Jennifer Jones in four films: the wartime domestic drama Since You Went Away ( 1944 ), the romantic drama Love Letters ( 1945 ), the western Duel in the Sun ( 1946 ), and the critically acclaimed Portrait of Jennie ( 1948 ), in which he played a melancholy artist who becomes obsessed with a girl who may have died many years ago.
The short-lived series starred Renne Jarrett ( born 1946 ) as the title character and Celeste Holm and Robert F. Simon in supporting roles.
* The Rubaiyat was quoted in the 1946 King Vidor Western film Duel in the Sun, which starred Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones: " Oh threats of hell and hopes of paradise!
The film also starred Joanne Dru, Walter Brennan, Coleen Gray, Harry Carey, John Ireland, Hank Worden, Noah Beery Jr. and Harry Carey, Jr. Borden Chase wrote the script with Charles Schnee, based on Chase's original story ( which was first serialized in The Saturday Evening Post in 1946 as " Blazing Guns on the Chisholm Trail ").
Bachelor Mother was adapted as a radio play on several occasions, including five broadcasts of The Screen Guild Theater: the first starred Laraine Day, Henry Fonda and Charles Coburn ( February 1, 1942 ); the second starred Ann Sothern and Fred MacMurray ( November 23, 1942 ); the third starred Ginger Rogers, Francis X. Bushman and David Niven ( May 6, 1946 ); the fourth starred Lucille Ball, Joseph Cotten and Charles Coburn ( April 28, 1949 ); the fifth starred Ann Sothern and Robert Stack ( April 20, 1952 ).
The longest-running Broadway production starred Henry Daniell and Jessie Royce Landis and ran for 39 performances in 1946.
After the war Garfield starred in a series of successful films such as The Postman Always Rings Twice ( 1946 ) with Lana Turner, Humoresque ( 1946 ) with Joan Crawford, and the Oscar-winning Best Picture Gentleman's Agreement ( 1947 ).
In 1946, he starred opposite Katharine Cornell as King Creon in her production of Jean Anouilh's adaptation of the Greek tragedy Antigone.
By 1946, she had starred in Between Two Worlds, Hollywood Canteen, Pride of the Marines, Never Say Goodbye, and Of Human Bondage.
The show, which starred Scott Forbes, was based on the 1946 novel Tempered Blade.
Although she was not a member of the school, Petula Clark was under contract to Rank for a period of time and starred in a number of films released by the studio, including London Town ( 1946 ), one of the costliest flops in British film history.
A native of Cherbourg, France, Marais starred in several movies directed by Jean Cocteau, for a time his lover and a lifelong friend, most famously Beauty and the Beast ( 1946 ) and Orphée ( 1949 ).
In The Diary of a Chambermaid ( 1946 ), she starred opposite Meredith, whom she soon divorced.
Among his numerous Broadway roles, Lahr starred as Skid in the Broadway revival of Burlesque from 1946 to 1948 and played multiple roles, including Queen Victoria, in the original Broadway musical Two on the Aisle from 1951 to 1952.
The second ( made in 1946 ) starred Lawrence Tierney.
The following year, Miller signed with Columbia Pictures, where, starting with “ Time Out for Rhythm ,” she starred in 11 B movie musicals from 1941 to 1945, ending her contract in 1946 with one “ A ,” “ The Thrill of Brazil.
In 1946, he starred in A Flag Is Born, opposite Quentin Reynolds and Marlon Brando.

1946 and rare
He finally got the chance to record as a leader in 1946, with an occasional group called the Miles Davis Sextet plus Earl Coleman and Ann Hathaway — one of the rare occasions when Davis, by then a member of the groundbreaking Charlie Parker Quintet, can be heard accompanying singers.
Collaborators were hatefully presented as a rare minority, as played by Pierre Brewer in Jéricho ( 1946 ) or Serge Reggiani in Les Portes de la nuit ( 1946 ), and movements such as the Milice were rarely evoked.
He oversaw two of the most important records in the early evolution of rock and roll: T – Bone Walker's Stormy Monday ( 1946 ) and a rare, early crossover pop hit, Jack McVea's Open the Door, Richard.
In a rare starring role, Lom played twin trapeze artists in Dual Alibi ( 1946 ).
One of the inversions, known as PP, was quite rare up to 1946, but by 1958 its proportion had risen to 8 %.
After Detour, although Savage starred in a half-dozen more films during the later 1940s — including Scared Stiff ( 1945 ), The Spider ( 1945 ), The Dark Horse ( 1946 ) and Satan's Cradle ( 1949 ) ( a rare Western )— her most prolific years were behind her.

1946 and comic
In 1946 Capp created a special full-color comic book, Al Capp by Li ' l Abner, to be distributed by the Red Cross to encourage the thousands of amputee veterans returning from the war.
Apart from the newspaper strips, Disney Br ' er Rabbit comics were also produced for comic books ; the first such stories appeared in late 1946.
Charlton Comics was an American comic book publishing company that existed from 1946 to 1985, having begun under a different name ( T. W. O.
Initially Floyd Gottfredson besides doing the Mickey comic strip oversaw the Disney comic strip department from 1930 to 1945, then Frank Reilly was brought in to administer the burgeoning department from January 1946 to 1975.
In 1946, the story was adapted by Classic Comics ( issue 29 ) to comic book format.
Gallagher ( born Leo Anthony Gallagher, Jr .; July 24, 1946 ) is an American comedian, and prop comic, most popularly known for smashing watermelons as part of his act.
He also guested occasionally on radio as late as 1946, often with Edgar Bergen, and just before his death that same year he recorded a spoken-word album, delivering his comic " Temperance Lecture " and " The Day I Drank A Glass Of Water " at Les Paul's studio, in which Paul had just installed his new multi-track recorder.
* 1946 Sy Barry, comic book illustrator
While Kilroy enjoyed a resurgence of interest after the war due to radio shows and comic writers, the name Smoe had already disappeared by the end of 1946.
In early 1946, Superboy moved to Adventure Comics, where he debuted in issue No. 103 ( Apr 1946 ) as the lead feature for the anthology comic, and he remained the headlining feature for over 200 issues.
* Ted Nomura, comic book writer and artist, creator of Luftwaffe 1946 for Antarctic Press.
A musical version of the popular comic strip Li ' l Abner was first planned in 1946, with the book to be written by the comic strip's author, Al Capp.
* Ian Gibson ( comics ) ( born 1946 ), British artist of comic books
* The story of the Four Chaplains was also printed in the form of a comic book, " Chaplains at War ," " The Living Bible # 3 ," 1946.
Larry Gonick ( born 1946 ) is a cartoonist best known for The Cartoon History of the Universe, a history of the world in comic book form, which he has been publishing in installments since 1977.
After the strip finished in 1946, Kane returned to the comic books but, unknown to DC, had hired his own personal ghosts, including Lew Schwartz and Sheldon Moldoff from 1953-1967 .< ref > Moldoff, in a 1994 interview given while Kane was alive
1946 strip as reprinted in issue 64 of the Smokey Stover comic book.
He also received the Society's first Cartoonist of the Year Award in 1947, nominally for his new comic strip, Steve Canyon, but since the award covered work published in 1946, it embraced Terry and the Pirates as well.
Dell Four Color No. 129 ( 1946 ) featuring three Uncle Remus stories penciled by Murry was the first comic book containing his artwork.
Tremblechin's bratty daughter, Little Iodine, appeared so often she graduated into her own comic strip ( 1943-86 ), comic book ( 1949-62 ), a 1946 movie and a 1988 animated cartoon show.

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