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1950 and edited
Early landmarks of the secondary literature include the monographs by Buchler ( 1939 ), Feibleman ( 1946 ), and Goudge ( 1950 ), the 1941 Ph. D. thesis by Arthur W. Burks ( who went on to edit volumes 7 and 8 ), and the studies edited by Wiener and Young ( 1952 ).
Isaacs was aided in this by Henry Francis Fynn, whose diary ( actually a rewritten collage of various papers ) was edited by James Stuart only in 1950.
This was consolidated by a second meeting at Lund in 1950, for which the British Methodist Robert Newton Flew edited an influential volume of studies, The Nature of the Church.
The Religion of Beauty ( subtitle Selections From the Aesthetes ) was a prose and poetry anthology edited by Aldington and published in 1950.
* Doppelleben ( 1950 ); autobiography translated as Double Life ( edited, translated, and with a preface by Simona Draghici, Plutarch Press, 2002, ISBN 0-943045-19-3 ).
Sir Christopher Hatton's Book of Seals has been edited by Lewis C. Loyd and Doris Mary Stenton ( Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1950 ).
There was also a separate line of comic books, Al Capp's Shmoo Comics ( featuring Washable Jones ), published by the Capp family-owned Toby Press. Comics historian and Li ' l Abner expert Denis Kitchen recently edited a complete collection of all five original Shmoo Comics, from 1949 and 1950.
In 1950, the 79-minute Babes in Toyland was edited into a 73-minute version for Lippert Pictures ' theatrical reissue and was retitled March of the Wooden Soldiers.
* James Stirling: Buildings and Projects 1950 – 1974 ( 1975 ) Verlag Gerd Hatje ( edited and designed by Léon Krier )
In 1950, in the introduction to Mill on Bentham and Coleridge, a publication he edited, Leavis set out the historical importance of utilitarian thought.
Updated version of the 1950 edition edited by Basil Jackson
Rosenman edited The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt published in 13 volumes from 1938 to 1950.
The New Oxford Book of English Verse 1250 – 1950 is a poetry anthology edited by Helen Gardner, and published in New York and London in 1972 by the Oxford University Press with ISBN 0-19-812136-9, as a replacement for the Quiller-Couch Oxford Book of English Verse.
As well as its initial publication and additional versions during the 18th and 19th centuries, the book was again published in 1902 by the Clarendon Press ; this soon went out of print, and a second edition with a commentary was published in 1950, edited by Charles Johnson.
Combined with his organist posts he edited the ' Hymns Ancient and Modern ' supplement that was published in 1916, a task in which he was still engaged when the 1950 revised edition was on the stocks.
* 1950: The Forsaken Garden: An Anthology of Poetry 1824 – 1909, edited with David Wright
The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse is a poetry anthology first published in 1950, and edited by Kenneth Allott, generally restricted to British poets ( T. S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath and some Irish poets were included ).
Her son John edited her fragmentary autobiographical texts, and published it in 1950 under the title Lying Awake: An Unfinished Autobiography.
As a member of the Jindyworobak Movement, Cato edited the 1950 Jindyworobak Anthology, one of a series of anthologies produced to promote indigenous Australian ideas and customs, particularly in poetry.
* Cricket All His Life ( 1950 ), edited by Rupert Hart-Davis, cricket writing
" Music from 1950 to 1975 ", in All Music Guide to Classical Music: The Definitive Guide to Classical Music, edited by Chris Woodstra, Gerald Brennan, and Allen Schrott, 1547 – 48.
Extensive analysis of the critical Sanskrit text edited by Johnston ( 1950 ) with the Tibetan and Chinese versions, identified that the verses actually comprise two separate groups: a core set of 27 verses ( śloka ) and 405 additional or supplementary verses of explication ( Skt.
The film was edited from 145 minutes to 100 minutes for its general release in September 1950.
From 1944 to 1950 he edited American Affairs, the magazine of The Conference Board.

1950 and poetry
* Janus, a French poetry magazine published in Paris by Elliott Stein from 1950 to 1961
His books of poetry include Poems 1913 and 1914 ( 1914 ); Poems Translated from the French ( 1914 ); Three Poems ( 1916 ); The Barn ( 1916 ); The Silver Bird of Herndyke Mill ; Stane Street ; The Gods of the World Beneath, ( 1916 ); The Harbingers ( 1916 ); Pastorals ( 1916 ); The Waggoner and Other Poems ( 1920 ); The Shepherd, and Other Poems of Peace and War ( 1922 ); Old Homes ( 1922 ); To Nature: New Poems ( 1923 ); Dead Letters ( 1923 ); Masks of Time: A New Collection of Poems Principally Meditative ( 1925 ); Japanese Garland ( 1928 ); Retreat ( 1928 ); Winter Nights: A Reminiscence ( 1928 ); Near and Far: New Poems ( 1929 ); A Summer's Fancy ( 1930 ); To Themis: Poems on Famous Trials ( 1931 ); Constantia and Francis: An Autumn Evening, ( 1931 ); Halfway House: A Miscellany of New Poems, ( 1932 ); Choice or Chance: New Poems ( 1934 ); Verses: To H. R. H. The Duke of Windsor, ( 1936 ); An Elegy and Other Poems ( 1937 ); On Several Occasions ( 1938 ); Poems, 1930-1940 ( 1940 ); Shells by a Stream ( 1944 ); After the Bombing, and Other Short Poems ( 1949 ); Eastward: A Selection of Verses Original and Translated ( 1950 ); Records of Friendship ( 1950 ); A Hong Kong House ( 1959 ); Poems on Japan ( 1967 ).
* from 1950 to 1960 he wrote the annual critical and bibliographical survey of Canadian poetry for Letters in Canada, University of Toronto Quarterly
During his senior year at Princeton, Buechner received the Irene Glascock Prize for poetry, and he also began working on his first novel and one of his greatest critical successes: A Long Day ’ s Dying, published in 1950.
American poetry arguably reached its peak in the early-to-mid-20th century, with such noted writers as Wallace Stevens and his Harmonium ( 1923 ) and The Auroras of Autumn ( 1950 ), T. S. Eliot and his The Waste Land ( 1922 ), Robert Frost and his North of Boston ( 1914 ) and New Hampshire ( 1923 ), Hart Crane and his White Buildings ( 1926 ) and the epic cycle, The Bridge ( 1930 ), Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams and his epic poem about his New Jersey hometown, Paterson, Marianne Moore, E. E. Cummings, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Langston Hughes, in addition to many others.
Notwithstanding the considerably more recent origins of film-making, compared to poetry, painting or music, Isou felt in 1950 that its own first amplic phase had already been completed.
He continued his studies at the Université de Montréal, where in 1950 he completed his doctorate entitled Images in French-Canadian poetry.
Kapuściński was the hero ( not entirely unjustifiably ) of the article published in the weekly periodical Odrodzenie on the morrow of his 18th birthday ( 5 March 1950 ) reporting on a poetry conference organised at his high school, in which the teenager's poems were compared to those of some of the best-known European poets ( including Mayakovsky and Wierzyński ).
They based their approach to poetry on Olson's 1950 essay Projective Verse, in which he called for a form based on the line, a line based on human breath and a mode of writing based on perceptions juxtaposed so that one perception leads directly to another.
He spent most of his writing-life in San Francisco and spent the years 1945 to 1950 and 1952 to 1955 at the University of California, Berkeley, where he began writing, doing work as a research-linguist, and publishing some poetry ( though he disdained publishing ).
Though the movement itself lasted only ten years — until Orhan Veli's death in 1950, after which Melih Cevdet Anday and Oktay Rifat moved on to other styles — its effect on Turkish poetry continues to be felt today.
He published two collections of poetry, Adar Rhiannon a Cherddi Eraill in 1947 and Sonedau a Thelynegion in 1950.
Other Gallico cat books include Jennie ( 1950 ) ( American title The Abandoned ), Thomasina: The Cat Who Thought She Was God ( 1957 ), filmed in 1964 by the Walt Disney Studios as The Three Lives of Thomasina ( which was very popular in the former USSR in the early 1990s, inspiring the Russian remake Bezumnaya Lori ), and Honorable Cat ( 1972 ), a book of poetry and essays about cats.
Modernist poetry refers to poetry written between 1890 and 1950 in the tradition of modernist literature in the English language, but the dates of the term depend upon a number of factors, including the nation of origin, the particular school in question, and the biases of the critic setting the dates.
Edward Hirsch ( born January 20, 1950 ) is an American poet and critic who wrote a national bestseller about reading poetry.
* From the Ruddy and the Blue ( poetry ), Schocken, 1950 ( Min Ha-Kahlil U-Min Ha-Kahol )
From 1940 to 1950, the poetry of Aliger was characterised by a mix of optimistic semi-official verses (" Leninskie mountains ", 1953 ), and poems in which Aliger tried to analyse the situation in her country in a realistic way (" Your Victory ", 1944-1945 ).

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