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1950 and Eric
Eric Arthur Blair ( 25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950 ), known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist and journalist.
His gravestone bears the simple epitaph: " Here lies Eric Arthur Blair, born 25 June 1903, died 21 January 1950 "; no mention is made on the gravestone of his more famous pen-name.
* Blair, Eric Arthur ( George Orwell ) ( 1903 – 1950 ) at the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
* 1950Eric Carr, American drummer and songwriter ( Kiss ) ( d. 1991 )
* 1950Eric Pierpoint, American actor
* Wheeler, Robert Eric Mortimer ( 1950 ).
In Herman Melville's Moby-Dick ( 1956 ), Ishmael ( Richard Basehart ) narrates the story and sometimes comments on the action in voice-over, as does Joe Gillis ( William Holden ) in Sunset Boulevard ( 1950 ) and Eric Erickson ( William Holden ) in The Counterfeit Traitor ( 1962 ); adult Pip ( John Mills ) in Great Expectations ( 1946 ) and Michael York in a television remake ( 1974 ).
** Eric Carr, American drummer ( b. 1950 )
* 1950 Eric Arthur Coningsby
* Eric Maskin ( born 1950 ), co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.
This led to a further re-flowering-in the Depression and war years between 1930 and 1955-and this can be seen in the work of: artists such as John Piper ; John Tunnard, David Jones ; Graham Sutherland ; John Craxton ; John Minton ; Stanley Spencer ; Eric Ravilious ; Robin Tanner ; Bettina Shaw-Lawrence ; writers such as John Cowper Powys ; J. R. R. Tolkien ; Mervyn Peake ; C. S. Lewis ; Arthur Machen ; T. H. White ; Dylan Thomas ; Geoffrey Grigson ; and Herbert Read ; film-makers such as Humphrey Jennings ; Powell and Pressburger ( e. g.: A Canterbury Tale, 1944 and Gone to Earth, 1950 ); and photographers such as Edwin Smith ; Roger Mayne ; and John Deakin.
* George Orwell ( né Eric Blair ) ( 1903 – 1950 ) – author, journalist, Spanish Civil War loyalist
In March 1950 he became Minister for National Development, gaining functions from Eric Harrison's abolished porfolio of Postwar Reconstruction and losing supply to Howard Beale.
Notable scientists among Stuyvesant alumni include mathematician Paul Cohen ( 1950 ), string theorist Brian Greene ( 1980 ), physicist Lisa Randall ( 1980 ), and genomic researcher Eric Lander ( 1974 ).
He had a continuing role as Cadet Eric Rattison, the great rival of the " Polaris Unit " manned by the series ' heroes, in Tom Corbett, Space Cadet from 1950 to 1955.
His musical career began in 1950 with the Eric Dean's All-Stars.
Also in 1946 body designer Eric Neale joined the company from Wolseley and his first project was the more modern coupe which followed in 1950, named the Interceptor, which was built until 1957.
Eric Arthur Blair ( 25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950 ), better known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English author.
Eric Pierpoint ( born November 18, 1950 ) is an American actor.
* Eric Carr ( 1950 – 1991 ), born Paul Charles Caravello, American musician, drummer for rock band Kiss
The use of steam to launch aircraft was suggested by Commander Colin C. Mitchell RNVR, and trials on HMS Perseus, flown by pilots such as Eric " Winkle " Brown, from 1950 showed its effectiveness.
The camp is best known for two famous prisoner escapes that took place there by tunneling, which were depicted in the films The Great Escape ( 1963 ) and The Wooden Horse ( 1950 ), and the books by former prisoners Paul Brickhill and Eric Williams from which these films were adapted.
* Hon Eric Harrison, MP: Minister for Defence ( to 24 October 1950 ), Minister for Postwar Reconstruction ( to 17 March 1950 ), Minister for the Interior ( from 24 October 1950 )

1950 and founded
HK was founded by engineers Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch, and Alex Seidel in 1949 from the remnants of the Mauser company ; the company was registered in 1950.
* 1864 – Ransom E. Olds, American businessman, founded Oldsmobile and REO Motor Car Company ( d. 1950 )
* 1950 – Arianna Huffington, Greek-American author and columnist, founded The Huffington Post
* 1950 – Richard Branson, English businessman, founded Virgin Group
In 1950, he founded the French Oceanographic Campaigns ( FOC ), and leased a ship called Calypso from Thomas Loel Guinness for a symbolic one franc a year.
The Kabaddi Federation of India ( KFI ) was founded in 1950, and it compiled a standard set of rules.
Whereas only two percent of the country's mosques appeared in the United States before 1950, eighty-seven percent of American mosques were founded after 1970 and fifty percent of American mosques founded after 1980.
The Stasi was founded on 8 February 1950.
Caffè Cova, founded in 1817 and one of the city ’ s oldest cafés and confectioners, relocated to Via Monte Napoleone in 1950 from its original premisses next to the Teatro alla Scala.
The definition of " international NGO " ( INGO ) is first given in resolution 288 ( X ) of ECOSOC on February 27, 1950: it is defined as " any international organization that is not founded by an international treaty ".
* Mitsubishi Corporation, founded in 1950, Japan's largest general trading company
After his father's death in 1950, Saarinen founded his own architect's office, " Eero Saarinen and Associates ".
After four more years, 1950 saw the cessation of major military hostilities — with the newly founded People's Republic of China controlling mainland China ( including Hainan ), and the Republic of China's jurisdiction being restricted to Taiwan, Penghu, Quemoy, Matsu and several outlying islands.
The People's Progressive Party ( PPP ) was founded on January 1, 1950.
The decidedly clandestine Mattachine Society, founded by Harry Hay and other veterans of the Wallace for President campaign in Los Angeles in 1950, moved into the public eye after Hal Call took over the group in San Francisco in 1953, with many gays emerging from the closet.
It is named after Melitta Bentz ( 1873 – 1950 ) who founded the company after she invented the drip brew paper coffee filter ( German patent granted July 8, 1908 ).
But things got clearer around 1950, with Spirou and the new magazine Tintin ( founded in 1946 with a team focused around Hergé ) as the most influential and successful magazines for the next decade.
Port Alsworth was founded in 1950 by Babe Alsworth, a missionary and bush pilot, and Mary Alsworth, who was the town's first postmaster.
Ardencroft was founded in 1950 as an outgrowth of Arden and Ardentown with a conceptual lifestyle based on Henry George's Single tax movement and William Morris ’ s Arts and Crafts principles.
Ardencroft was the last of seventeen land trusts founded between 1894 and 1950, Ardencroft's tax structure is based on the Single Tax economic philosophy of Henry George.
Harvey's is a supermarket chain founded by Joe Harvey in 1950 in Nashville.
James Cameron went on to serve as the Indiana State Director of Civil Liberties from 1942 – 1950 and founded three local chapters of the NAACP.
The Community Nazarene Church was " founded in 1950 by the late Rev.

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