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1957 and Davies
Many historicists such as H. B. Nicholson ( 2001 ( 1957 )) and Nigel Davies ( 1977 ) were fully aware that the Aztec chronicles were a mixture of mythical and historical accounts, this led them to try to separate the two by applying a comparative approach to the varying Aztec narratives.
After World War II it was a classic neon-lined highway for natives and travelers of its era ; among its landmarks was Davies Chuck Wagon Diner, brought there in 1957 by restaurateur rancher Lyman Davies.
With the eerie, droning " See My Friends "— inspired by the untimely death of the Davies brothers ' older sister Rene in June 1957the band began to show signs of expanding their musical palette even further.
Geraint Wyn Davies ( pronunciation: GER-īnt, b. April 20, 1957, Swansea, United Kingdom ) is a stage, film and television actor and a director.
Geraint Wyn Davies was born in Britain on 20 April 1957 in Swansea in South Wales.
Working with Camm at Hawker were Sir Frederick Page ( later to design the English Electric Lightning ), Leslie Appleton ( later to design the advanced Fairey Delta 2 and Britain's first air-to-air missile, the Fairey Fireflash ), Stuart Davies ( joined Avro in 1936 and later to be chief designer of the Avro Vulcan ), Roy Chaplin ( became Chief Designer at Hawker in 1957 ) and Sir Robert Lickley ( Chief Project Engineer during the war, and later to be Chief Engineer at Fairey ).
* 1957 / 58 John L. Davies
* Cyril DaviesBlues from The Roundhouse ( 1957 ) reissued as The Legendary Cyril Davies ( 1970 ) and as Alexis Korner & Cyril Davies ( 1984 )
Gary Davies ( born in Manchester on 13 December 1957 ) is a British broadcaster.
Ogdon was born in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, and attended Manchester Grammar School, before studying at the Royal Northern College of Music ( formerly, The Royal Manchester College of Music ) between 1953 and 1957, where his fellow students under Richard Hall included Harrison Birtwistle, Alexander Goehr, Elgar Howarth and Peter Maxwell Davies.
In 1957, he married the actress Petra Davies.
Davies is perhaps best known for challenging Orval Faubus, the governor of Arkansas, during the 1957 Little Rock Integration Crisis.
On August 22, 1957, Judge Archibald K. Gardner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit temporarily assigned Judge Davies to the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas in Little Rock, the state capital of Arkansas, where no judge had been sitting for several months.
Attorneys from the U. S. Justice Department requested an injunction against the governor's deployment of the National Guard, which Judge Davies granted on September 20, 1957.
The Mother's League petitioned Judge Davies to force the removal of the federal troops on October 17, 1957, but he dismissed the petition.
" From Fargo to Little Rock: Federal Judge Ronald N. Davies and the Public School Desegregation Crisis of 1957.

1957 and decided
In 1957, it produced a pocket-sized radio ( the first to be fully transistorized ), and in 1958, Morita and Ibuka decided to rename their company Sony ( sonus is Latin for sound, and Sonny-boys the most common American expression ).
In June 1957, Wham-O co-founder Richard Knerr decided to stimulate sales by giving the discs the additional brand name Frisbee ( pronounced " friz '- bee "), after learning that Connecticut college students were calling the Pluto Platter by that name, the term " Frisbee " coming from the name of the Bridgeport, CT pie manufacturer Frisbie Pie Company.
In 1957, Shearer played the precursor to the Eddie Haskell character in the pilot episode for the television series Leave It to Beaver, but his parents decided not to let him continue in the role so that he could have a normal childhood.
Following the unexpected death of the Bahá ' í Faith's first Guardian Shoghi Effendi in 1957, the 27 living Hands of the Cause, having the responsibility to acknowledge any appointment of a successor, gathered and decided that he had died " without having appointed his successor ," and that the Universal House of Justice would decide on the situation after its first election.
After a series of odd jobs, Anthony decided to join the U. S. Army in 1957 for a steady source of income and medical coverage for his pregnant wife.
After the 1957 season, Dodgers owner Walter O ' Malley decided to move the team to Los Angeles for financial reasons, among others.
Only one of the Little Rock Nine, Ernest Green, got the chance to graduate ; after the 1957 – 58 school year was over, the Little Rock school system decided to shut public schools completely rather than continue to integrate.
That cut was worked on and trimmed down by Universal staff, and in late 1957 Universal decided to perform some reshoots.
Detroit Pistons logo 1957 – 1971. Due to Detroit's economy being extremely reliant on the manufacturing of cars, they decided to keep the Pistons name.
In 1957, James Arthur Atwood III, grandson of James S. Atwood, and the rest of the company directors decided to cease all operations resulting in the company's final closing.
Located in northern Bexley, the Governor ’ s Mansion — originally built as a private residence in 1925 and given to the state in 1955 — has been home to Ohio governors from 1957 – 2010, when Governor John Kasich controversially decided to reside at his home in Westerville.
Wauwatosa received some national attention in 1992 when the Wauwatosa Common Council, threatened with a lawsuit, decided to remove a Christian cross from the City's seal adopted in 1957.
Mindful of the enormous success of the Philharmonia Chorus, founded in 1957 by Legge to work with his Philharmonia Orchestra, the LSO decided to establish its own chorus.
After his Ohio and Minnesota tours in the summer of 1957, he decided to form his own band with members closer to his age.
He had not played in enough international tournaments to qualify for the title of Grandmaster, but FIDE decided at its 1957 Congress to waive the normal restrictions and award him the title because of his achievement in winning the Soviet Championship.
Clark decided to pitch the show to ABC president Thomas W. Moore, and after some badgering the show was picked up nationally, becoming American Bandstand on August 5, 1957.
In 1957, NATO decided to build arsenals for nuclear weapons in all member countries, including Norway.
He appealed to the Supreme Court, which decided on 25 February 1957 not to review the case.
It also decided to sell all the Douglas DC-3 and Auster aircraft in September 1957 and enter into a five-year agreement with BEA for the latter to operate services on behalf of Cyprus Airways.
Blue Bombers management decided that they needed a new coach prior to the 1957 season.
After the launch of mankind's first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1 by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957, Mao decided during the National Congress of the CCP on May 17, 1958 to make China an equal with the superpowers (“”), by adopting Project 581 with the objective of placing a satellite in orbit by 1959 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the PRC's founding.
It was almost decided that he would sign with the Hawks, but he ended up joining the Yomiuri Giants in November, 1957.
In its ruling on 26 March 1957, the court decided that the circumstances surrounding the conclusion of the concordat did not invalidate it.
Allegedly, in 1957, Jenkins decided that his real name wasn't marketable and sought a better show business name.

1957 and their
In 1949 the Dixiecrats escaped unscathed after their 1948 rebellion against Harry Truman, and in 1957, after Congressman Adam Clayton Powell campaigned for Dwight Eisenhower in 1956, his fellow Democrats did not touch his committee assignments, although they did strip him temporarily of his patronage.
From about 1955 he started to work on sheaf theory and homological algebra, producing the influential " Tôhoku paper " ( Sur quelques points d ' algèbre homologique, published in 1957 ) where he introduced Abelian categories and applied their theory to show that sheaf cohomology can be defined as certain derived functors in this context.
Ajax achieved their first Eredivisie championship in 1957 and again in 1960.
They started playing together as a duo, formed the influential London Blues and Barrelhouse Club in 1955, and made their first record together in 1957.
In 1957, Lerner and Leonard Bernstein, another of Lerner's college classmates, collaborated on " Lonely Men of Harvard ," a tongue-in-cheek salute to their alma mater.
The Orioles have had their games broadcast on WBAL for much of the team's history in Baltimore over three separate stints ( the other two were from 1957 to 1978, and 1988 to 2006 ).
The kinescopes of these programs are the only record of their 1957 television appearances.
Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon with their host, King Saud of Saudi Arabia, Washington 1957
In 1957, the state of Arkansas refused to honor a federal court order to integrate their public school system stemming from the Brown decision.
Caitlin Thomas ' autobiographies, Caitlin Thomas – Leftover Life to Kill ( 1957 ) and My Life with Dylan Thomas: Double Drink Story ( 1997 ), describe the destructive effect of alcoholism on the poet and to their relationship.
The franchise struggled during the first few years in Baltimore, with the team not achieving their first winning record until the 1957 season.
In 1957 the horseshoes moved to their current location, one per side The blue jerseys have white shoulder stripes while the white jerseys have blue stripes.
In 1957, John Bardeen, in collaboration with Leon Cooper and his doctoral student John Robert Schrieffer, proposed the standard theory of superconductivity known as the BCS theory ( named for their initials ).
The rejection of their great hope, The Last Days of Sodom, in 1957 led them to solo works.
She gave birth to their only child, daughter Irina Mikhailovna Virganskaya ( Ири ́ на Миха ́ йловна Вирга ́ нская ), in 1957.
Owner Harry Wismer sought out a place for the team to play their home games but was only able to secure the dilapidated Polo Grounds, which had not had a major tenant since the New York Giants vacated the stadium in 1957.
The International Colloquium on Function Theory in Helsinki in 1957, directed by Nevanlinna, was the first post-war occasion when the Soviet mathematicians could contact their Western colleagues in person.
Orbison sold " Claudette ", a song he wrote about Frady, whom he married in 1957, to The Everly Brothers and it appeared on the B-side of their smash hit " All I Have To Do Is Dream ".
They formed the group Tom & Jerry in 1957 and had their first success with the minor hit " Hey, Schoolgirl ".
They began writing their own songs in 1955, and made their first professional recording, " Hey, Schoolgirl ", for Sid Prosen of Big Records in 1957.
Early Dutch television series were Morgen gebeurt het ( tomorrow it will happen ), broadcast from 1957 to 1959, about a group of Dutch space explorers and their adventures, De duivelsgrot ( the devil's cave ), broadcast from 1963 to 1964, about a scientist who finds the map of a cave that leads to the center of the earth and Treinreis naar de Toekomst ( train journey to the future ) about two young children who are taken to the future by robots who try to recreate humanity, but are unable to give the cloned humans a soul.
Also in 1957, Chevrolet sold enough of their new fuel injected engines to the public in order to make them available for racing ( and Ford began selling superchargers as an option ), but Bill France immediately banned fuel injection and superchargers from NASCAR before they could race.
GM's headquarters had genuinely tried to adhere to the 1957 ban, but their Chevrolet division had also constantly tried to work around it, because the other manufacturers had openly circumvented the ban.

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