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1959 and Bristol
He joined the Bristol Old Vic and was there for two years 1959 – 1961, time he described as ' the bedrock of his career ', followed by much other stage work: as Brecht's Arturo Ui, The Strange Case of Martin Richter, Disabled, The Heretic, The Caretaker and Semi-Detached ( in New York ).
In 1959 Bristol was forced by Government policy to merge its aircraft interests with English Electric, Hunting Aircraft, and Vickers-Armstrongs to form the British Aircraft Corporation ( BAC ).
The chairmanship of Eric Mensforth from 1953 – 1968 marked the start of the transition, which was aided by the government when in 1959 – 1961 they forced the merger of the 20 or so aviation firms into three groups, British Aircraft Corporation and Hawker Siddeley Group took over fixed-wing designs, while the helicopter divisions of Bristol, Fairey and Saunders-Roe ( with their hovercraft ) were merged with Westland to form Westland Helicopters in 1961.
File: Bristol 175 Britannia 312 G-AOVP BA RWY 15. 12. 59 edited-2. jpg | BOAC Britannia 312 landing at Manchester on a transatlantic flight in 1959
The UK followed with similar weapons, notably the RAF's Bristol Bloodhound in 1958, and the Army's English Electric Thunderbird in 1959.
In 1959, the aero engine business, Armstrong Siddeley was merged with that of the Bristol Aero Engines to form Bristol Siddeley.
Bristol: Rankin Bros., 1959.
Bristol Siddeley, which had itself resulted from the merger of Armstrong Siddeley and Bristol in 1959, and with its principal factory at Filton, near Bristol, had a strong base in military engines, including the Olympus, which was chosen for Concorde.
* John Kerr ( footballer born 1959 ) ( 1959 – 2006 ), footballer for Tranmere Rovers, Bristol City, Stockport County and Bury
It continued in the role with the Handley Page Hastings then the Bristol Britannia from 1959 to 1976.
511 Squadron was formed again at RAF Lyneham on 15 December 1959, as the second squadron to operate the Bristol Britannia on long-range trooping flights.
In 1959, the Bristol Britannia was introduced.
* 998 Bristol Britannia Airliner ( 1959 )
The Bristol and North Somerset line closed to passenger traffic in 1959.
Late in 1959 and 60, the 12-inch bell-shaped Bristol drum setup was offered, and in 1961 Bristol front disc brakes were offered to retro fit to the Arnolt Bristol.
Bristol Sycamore HR 14 helicopters of No. 275 Squadron RAF arrived on 9 October 1957 before being re-equipped with the Westland Whirlwind HAR 4 in March 1959 with the HAR 2 version being added in August 1959, however on 1 September 1959 the squadron was disbanded.

1959 and Aircraft
In later years the actual production of aircraft was the responsibility of the Ministry of Aircraft Production ( 1940 – 46 ), the Ministry of Supply ( 1946 – 59 ), the Ministry of Aviation ( 1959 – 67 ) and finally the Ministry of Technology ( 1967 – 70 ).
* 2704th AAF Aircraft Storage & Disposition Group, 1 August 1959 – 1 February 1965
Aircraft flown by the 39th AD were: F-84, 1952 – 1954, 1958 – 1959 ; KB-29, 1953 – 1954 ; F-86, 1954 – 1960 ; F-100, 1957 – 1964 ; F-102, 1960 – 1965 ; RF-101, 1960 – 1968 ; F-105, 1967 – 1968.
In 1959, Folland Aircraft was acquired, followed by de Havilland Aircraft Company and Blackburn Aircraft in 1960.
After the cancellation of the Avro Arrow program in 1959, the plant was operated by de Havilland Canada ( 1962 ), Douglas Aircraft ( 1965 ) McDonnell Douglas Canada ( 1981 ), and Boeing Canada ( 1997 ) before being demolished in 2005.
* British Aircraft Corporation ( 1959 / 1960 – 1977 ), British aviation company
* Hunting Aircraft, a former British aircraft manufacturer ( 1933 – 1959 ); consumed into what, at 2010, is BAE Systems
The Mosquito Aircraft Museum now known as the de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre established in 1959 is located at Salisbury Hall on the south side of the M25 motorway.
After Avro experienced financial difficulties in 1959, funding for future projects was apparently directed to the Bell Aircraft Corporation.
One of three 707-153s bought " off-the-shelf " and converted to military use, this aircraft was completed as a VC-137A by Boeing Aircraft of Seattle, Washington on April 7, 1959.
In his 1959 paper John Charnley, then Superintendent of the UK Royal Aircraft Establishment's Blind Landing Experimental Unit ( BLEU ), concluded a discussion of statistical results by saying that " It is fair to claim, therefore, that not only will the automatic system land the aircraft when the weather prevents the human pilot, it also performs the operation much more precisely ".
The company, based in Luton, merged with other companies to form the British Aircraft Corporation in 1959.
Changing its name to Hunting Percival Aircraft in 1954 and finally to Hunting Aircraft in 1957 the company merged with the Bristol Aeroplane Company, English Electric and Vickers-Armstrongs in 1959 to form the British Aircraft Corporation ( BAC ), later to become part of British Aerospace, now BAE Systems.
By 1959, Hughes Aircraft built advanced missiles with five thousand workers in Tucson.
In 1959, the Aircraft Industries Association officially changed its name to " Aerospace Industries Association, Inc ." to recognize an evolving industry that was now embracing the new frontier of space.

1959 and merged
Technically the CPRR remained a corporate entity until 1959, when it was formally merged into Southern Pacific.
After first being promoted to Serie A for one season in 1957 – 58, in 1959 the team merged with another city rival ( called Hellas ) and commemorated its beginnings by changing its name to Hellas Verona AC.
In January 1959, Senegal and the French Sudan merged to form the Mali Federation, which became fully independent on 20 June 1960, as a result of the independence and the transfer of power agreement signed with France on 4 April 1960.
Henry Crown became the company's largest shareholder, and merged his Material Service Corporation with GD in 1959.
Emil Dopyera ( also known as Ed Dopera ) manufactured Dobros from 1959 under the brand name Dopera's Original before selling the company and name to Semie Moseley, who merged it with his Mosrite guitar company and manufactured Dobros for a time.
It merged with the N & W in 1959.
The Romanian branch acquired the name Babeş ; a Hungarian university, Bolyai, was established in 1945, and the two were merged in 1959.
After World War II, the population declined ; in 1959, the village was no longer able to support its own school district, which was merged with that of Scotia.
In 1959, the Virginia Railway was merged with the Norfolk and Western.
Then, on December 1, 1959, the Virginian Railway merged with the larger Norfolk and Western Railway.
The VGN was merged with the Norfolk and Western Railway ( N & W ) in 1959, and both later became part of the Norfolk Southern Railway ( NS ).
In 1959, the departments merged to become the North Charleston Consolidated Fire Department.
In 1959, these two colleges later merged to become Wisconsin State College and Institute of Technology.
Among the new denominations formed by those seceding or being expelled from the Church of the Nazarene are: the People's Mission Church ( 1912 ), which had become part of the Church of the Nazarene in 1911, but subsequently became part of the Pilgrim Holiness Church in 1925 ; the Pentecost Pilgrim Church ( 1917 ), which merged with the International Holiness Union to form the Pilgrim Holiness Church in 1922 ; the Bible Missionary Church ( 1955 ), which subsequently split to create the Wesleyan Holiness Association of Churches ( 1959 ), and the Nazarene Baptist Church ( 1960 ) ( later Nazarene Bible Church in 1967 ); the Holiness Church of the Nazarene ( 1961 ) in the Philippines ; the Church of the Bible Covenant ( 1967 ); the Crusaders Churches of the United States of America ( 1972 ); and the Fellowship of Charismatic Nazarenes ( 1977 ).
Times Newspapers was formed in 1967 when The Thomson Corporation purchased The Times from the Astor family and merged it with The Sunday Times, which it had owned since 1959.
It was established on May 1st, 1959, when two newspapers Ljudska pravica ( The People's Right ) and Slovenski poročevalec ( The Slovenian Reporter ) merged.
* April 1, 1959 The town of Honmaki and the villages of Kasuga, Fuse, and Kyowa merged to reform the town of Mochizuki.
By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR of March 19, 1959, the Councils of Deputies of Kandalaksha and of Kandalakshsky District were merged into one Kandalaksha Town Council of Deputies.
Bob Thiele was the President of the label until 1959 when it merged with Steve Allen's Hanover Records and they became co-owners.
In 1959, Fort Worth left the Texas League to join the American Association, but they merged with the Dallas Rangers the following year.
It traces its roots to the London UFO Research Association, founded in 1959, which merged with the British UFO Association ( BUFOA ) to form BUFORA in 1964.

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