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1961 and first
I would expect that sales at retail in the first half of 1961 might be below 1960 by some 10 - 15% but that second-half levels should show a favorable comparison, with a possibility of quite strong demand late in the year if business conditions recover as some recent forecasts suggest they will.
Although the pause in the advance of general business activity this year has thus far been quite modest, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the softening process will continue into the first quarter of 1961 and possibly somewhat longer.
If Barnett doesn't call a special session in 1961, it will be the first year in the last decade that the Legislature has not met in regular or special session.
Mississippi's relations with the national Democratic party will be at a crossroads during 1961, with the first Democratic president in eight years in the White House.
Over the first five frames, Jack Fisher, the big righthander who figures to be in the middle of Oriole plans for a drive on the 1961 American League pennant, held the A's scoreless while yielding three scattered hits.
Tonight at 8 o'clock the Cardinals, who gave the Pirates as much trouble as anyone did in 1960, breaking even with them, will get their first 1961 shot at baseball's world champions.
The cumulative total of construction contracts for the first ten months of 1961 amounted to $634,517,000, a 4 per cent increase compared to the corresponding period of last year.
On a quarter-to-quarter comparison, the first quarter of 1961 total of 9,273 cars was 21 per cent behind the previous year's 3-month total of 11,744.
This year-to-year decline for Dallas County closely follows the national trend -- estimated sales of domestic cars in the U.S. for first three months of 1961 were about 1,212,000 or 80 per cent of the total in the first quarter a year earlier.
Operating revenues were off in the first three months of 1961, but up for the 12 months ending in March.
In the first two months of 1961, earnings of the Illinois highway available for interest payments were up 55 per cent from early 1960.
The 1961 theme is the Dakota Territorial Centennial, with the pictures including the Lewis and Clark expedition, the first river steamboat, the 1876 gold rush, a little red schoolhouse on the prairie, and today's construction of large Missouri River reservoirs.
Murder, She Said ( 1961, directed by George Pollock ) was the first of four British MGM productions starring Rutherford.
* 1961 – The Russian ( Soviet ) cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human to travel into outer space and perform the first manned orbital flight, in Vostok 3KA-2 ( Vostok 1 ).
* 1961 – K-19, the first Soviet nuclear submarine equipped with nuclear missiles, is commissioned.
First conceived during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower as a three-man spacecraft to follow the one-man Project Mercury which put the first Americans in space, Apollo was later dedicated to President John F. Kennedy's national goal of " landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth " by the end of the 1960s, which he proposed in a May 25, 1961 address to Congress.
On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person to fly in space, reinforcing American fears about being left behind in a technological competition with the Soviet Union.
On May 25, 1961, twenty days after the first US manned spaceflight Freedom 7, Kennedy proposed the Apollo program to Congress in a special address to a joint session:
* 1961 – Motown releases what would be its first # 1 hit, " Please Mr. Postman " by The Marvelettes.
Aalto first presented his scheme in 1961, but it went through various modifications during the early 1960s.
* 1961 – Sierra Leone is granted its independence from the United Kingdom, with Milton Margai as the first Prime Minister.
In 1961, Sony Corporation was the first Japanese company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, in the form of American Depositary Receipts ( ADRs ), which are traded over-the-counter.

1961 and important
The mapping of important physical features such as slopes and types of soil and the collection of all available information pertaining to public utility service areas are being conducted as staff projects and, like the other two inventory projects, are scheduled for completion July 1, 1961.
Gorbachev attended the important twenty-second Party Congress in October 1961, where Nikita Khrushchev announced a plan to surpass the U. S. in per capita production within twenty years.
From about 1961 ( Stranger in a Strange Land ) to 1973 ( Time Enough for Love ), Heinlein explored some of his most important themes, such as individualism, libertarianism, and free expression of physical and emotional love.
Volgograd (), formerly called Tsaritsyn (; 1589 – 1925 ) and Stalingrad (; 1925 – 1961 ) is an important industrial city and the administrative center of Volgograd Oblast, Russia.
Many important locations in Tilburg are located within the district, just out of the center, such as 013 music venue and the Schouwburg built in 1961.
Leonard Kleinrock conducted early research in queueing theory which would be important in packet switching, and published a book in the related field of digital message switching ( without the packets ) in 1961 ; he also later played a leading role in building and management of the world's first packet-switched network, the ARPANET.
His most important work is perhaps the trilogy The Human Predicament, of which only the first two volumes, The Fox in the Attic ( 1961 ) and The Wooden Shepherdess ( 1973 ), were complete when he died ; twelve chapters, under 50 pages, of the final volume are now published.
In 1961 the Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled was the site of one of most important international tournaments in chess history.
An abstract expressionist painting by Jane Frank ( 1918 – 1986 ): Crags and Crevices, 1961 Technically, an important predecessor is surrealism, with its emphasis on spontaneous, automatic or subconscious creation.
Later it was used for important events such as the meeting between John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev in 1961.
Lomax also did important field work with Elizabeth Barnicle and Zora Neale Hurston in Florida and the Bahamas ( 1935 ); with John Wesley Work III and Lewis Jones in Mississippi ( 1941 and 42 ); with folksingers Robin Roberts and Jean Ritchie in Ireland ( 1950 ); with his second wife Antoinette Marchand in the Caribbean ( 1961 ); with Shirley Collins in Britain and the American South ( 1959 ); with Joan Halifax in Morocco ; and with his daughter.
By 1961, Taylor was working regularly with alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons, one of his most important and consistent collaborators.
Maya Deren ( April 29, 1917, Kiev – October 13, 1961, New York City ), born Eleanora Derenkowskaia (), was one of the most important American experimental filmmakers and entrepreneurial promoters of the avant-garde in the 1940s and 1950s.
The Parent Commission was established in 1961 to study the education system and to bring forth recommendations, which eventually led to the adoption of several reforms, the most important of which was secularization of the education system.
Among his most important works is the short nightmarish novel The Lime Twig ( 1961 ).
Under the leadership of Jarl Hjalmarson ( 1950 – 1961 ) the party became an important voice against the rising levels of taxation and a defender of private ownership from, what the party saw as, the growing tendences of state centralization.
Alphonse Floristan Picou ( October 19, 1878 – February 4, 1961 ) was an important very early jazz clarinetist who also wrote and arranged music.
He also considered the lodge so architecturally important that he chose its photograph for the front cover of the first edition ( 1961 ) of his book ; it also features on the cover of the current edition.
His son, Eero ( 1910 – 1961 ), became one of the most important American architects of the mid-20th century, as one of the leaders of the International style.
She also went on several camping trips with friends, visiting important sites in the Southwest, and in 1961, she and others, including photographers Eliot Porter and Todd Webb, went on a rafting trip down the Colorado River about Glen Canyon, Utah.
O ' Keeffe met photographer Todd Webb in the 1940s, and after his move to New Mexico in 1961, he often made photographs of her, as did numerous other important American photographers, who consistently presented O ' Keeffe as a " loner, a severe figure and self-made person.
Other important debuts for Corelli soon followed, including his first appearances at: the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence and the Arena di Verona Festival in 1955 ; the Vienna State Opera, as Radamès, and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, in London, as Cavaradossi, in 1957 ; the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos in Lisbon, the Lyric Opera of Chicago and the San Francisco Opera in 1958 ; and the Berlin State Opera in 1961.
A. Richards, who in 1929 analyzed a group of Cambridge undergraduates ' misreadings ; Louise Rosenblatt, who, in Literature as Exploration ( 1938 ), argued that it is important for the teacher to avoid imposing any " preconceived notions about the proper way to react to any work "; and C. S. Lewis in An Experiment in Criticism ( 1961 ).
Thus, despite the involvement of mestiços in the nationalist struggle beginning in 1961 and their very important role in the upper echelons of the government and party, significant segments of the African population tended to resent them.

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