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1962 and China
He wrote a mainstream novel that was set in Communist China, The Violent Man ( 1962 ); he said that to research this book he had read 100 books about China.
Chad and Taiwan had relations from 1962 to 1972 and 1997 to 2006 when, for financial and security reasons, Chad announced its intention to recognize China.
He was also nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in the controversial film Missing in 1982, and for his roles in Some Like It Hot ( 1959 ), The Apartment ( 1960 ), Days of Wine and Roses ( 1962 ), The China Syndrome ( 1979 ), and Tribute ( 1980 ).
However, this goodwill was to be lost with India's tactical defeat in the 1962 war with China.
Nehru's improved relations with USA under John F. Kennedy proved useful during the war, as in 1962, President of Pakistan ( then closely aligned with the Americans ) Ayub Khan was made to guarantee his neutrality in regards to India, who was threatened by " communist aggression from Red China.
Standard-Vacuum Oil Co., or " Stanvac ," operated in 50 countries, including East Africa, New Zealand and China, before it was dissolved in 1962.
* 1962China launches simultaneous offensives in Ladakh and across the McMahon Line, beginning the Sino-Indian War.
Following 1962, Pakistan Armed Forces has had close military relations with the People's Republic of China, including development and research cooperation to enhance military system, such as on the JF-17 Thunder, K-8 Karakorum, and others as well.
* Gernet, Jacques ( translated by H. M. Wright ) ( 1962 ), Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion, 1250-1276, Stanford: Stanford University Press, ISBN 0-8047-0720-0
The Sino-Indian War (), also known as the Sino-Indian Border Conflict (), was a war between China and India that occurred in 1962.
Both of these regions were overrun by China in the 1962 conflict.
A 1962 border treaty between North Korea and China split the islands according to which ethnic group were living on each island.
On October 13, 1962, China and Pakistan began negotiations over the boundary west of the Karakoram Pass.
Narayanan's tenures as Indian ambassador to China, the first such high level Indian diplomatic posting in that country after the 1962 Sino-Indian War, and to the USA where he helped arrange Ms. Gandhi's landmark 1982 visit to Washington during the Reagan presidency helped mend India's strained relations with both these countries.
Although their deployment is still governed by the 1947 Tripartite Agreement, in the post-1947 conflicts India has fought in, Gorkhas have served in almost all of them, including the wars with Pakistan in 1947, 1965 and 1971 and also against China in 1962.
* The dispute over Kashmir between India and Pakistan, and over various Himalayan regions between China and India, ongoing since 1947 in the former case and 1962 in the latter, have led to the formation of the line of control and the Line of Actual Control respectively.
In the wake of their travels to the USSR and China, Scott Nearing seems to have drawn somewhat closer once again to the Communist Party, whose official publishing house, New Century Publishers, produced Nearing pamphlets on Eastern Europe and Cuba in 1962 and 1963.
* John Leighton Stuart ( 1876 – 1962 ), President of Yenching University and later United States ambassador to China
The worst mining accidents in history have been caused by coal dust explosions, such as the disaster at Senghenydd in South Wales in 1913 in which 439 miners died, the Courrières mine disaster in Northern France which killed 1, 099 miners in 1906, the Luisenthal Mine disaster in Germany, which claimed 299 lives in 1962, and the worst: the explosion at Benxihu Colliery, China, which killed 1, 549 in 1942.
In November, 1962 he was recruited to participate in a guerrilla war against Communist China, but he refused, saying " that so long as Pandit Nehru was the Prime Minister of the country, I could be only a traitor to it.
Lei Feng ( 18 December 1940 – 15 August 1962 ) was a soldier of the People's Liberation Army in the People's Republic of China.
* The China Governess ( 1962 )
Desai worked to improve relations with neighbour and arch-rival Pakistan and restored normal relations with China, for the first time since the 1962 war.

1962 and India
* 1962 – Eight years after the remaining French India territories were handed to India, the ratifications of the treaty are exchanged to make the transfer official.
In 1962, he invited his Western followers to India for a mass darshan called " The East-West Gathering.
More recent uses include: by France during the First Indochina War ( 1946 – 1954 ), the Algerian War ( 1954 – 1962 ), the Portuguese Colonial War ( 1961 – 1974 ) and the Western Sahara War ( 1975 – 1991 ), The Six-Day War by Israel ( 1967 ), in Nigeria ( 1969 ), India and Pakistan ( 1965 and 1971 ), Turkey during the invasion of Cyprus ( 1974 ), by Morocco during the Western Sahara War ( 1975 – 1991 ), Iran ( 1980 – 88 ), Brazil ( 1972 ), Egypt ( 1973 ), Iraq ( 1980 – 88, 1991, 2003 – 2011 ), Angola ( 1993 ), Yugoslavia ( 1991-1996 ), and by Argentina ( 1982 ).
An all-weather road was completed in 1962 between Thimphu and Phuntsholing, the overland gateway town on the southwest border with India.
Consequently, in 1962 Bhutan joined the Colombo Plan for Cooperative, Economic, and Social Development in Asia and the Pacific known as the Colombo Plan, and in 1966 notified India of its desire to become a member of the United Nations ( UN ).
Based on the Billboard Hits of the World chart, Bill Haley and the Comets had the following chart hits in Mexico and India in 1962:
* " Spanish Twist ", No. 3, India, Billboard Hits of the World, June 30, 1962
Because of his recommendation, First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy undertook her 1962 diplomatic missions in India and Pakistan.
Such an emergency was declared in India in 1962 ( Indo-China war ), 1971 ( Indo-Pakistan war ), 1975 to 1977 ( declared by Indira Gandhi on account of " internal disturbance ").< sup >
He was granted honorary membership in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1933 ; in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1955 ; the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, in 1955 ; the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, in 1962 ; was elected Corresponding Member of the German Academy of Sciences, Berlin, in 1955 ; member of the German Academy of Natural Scientists, Leopoldina ( Halle-Saale ) in 1956 ; Foreign Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, Copenhagen, in 1962 ; Vice-President of the International Union of Physics from 1951 to 1957 ; President and first honorary member of the Polarographic Society, London ; honorary member of the Polarographic Society of Japan ; honorary member of the Chemical Societies of Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, England and India.
However, it gradually increased its strength and by 1962 had become one of the most effective opposition parties in India and seriously challenged the power of the Congress in various north Indian states.
In 1962 the orchestra undertook its first tour of India, Australia and the Far East.
She returned to theatre ( between films ) more often in the 1950s and 1960s, playing in London and on tour in such roles as Edith Fenton in The Hat Trick ( 1950 ); Felicity, Countess of Marshwood, in Relative Values ( 1951 and 1953 ); Grace Smith in A Question of Fact ( 1953 ); Lady Yarmouth in The Night of the Ball ( 1954 ); Mrs. St. Maugham in The Chalk Garden ( 1955 – 56 ), Dame Mildred in The Bright One ( 1958 ); Mrs. Vincent in Look on Tempests ( 1960 ); Mrs. Gantry ( Bobby ) in The Bird of Time ( 1961 ); Mrs. Moore in A Passage to India ( 1962 ); Mrs Tabret in The Sacred Flame ( 1966 and 1967 ); Prue Salter in Let's All Go Down the Strand ( 1967 ); Emma Littlewood in Out of the Question ( 1968 ); Lydia in His, Hers and Theirs ( 1969 ); and others.
In 1962, Kalakshetra moved to a new campus in Besant Nagar, Chennai, India, occupying of land.
His 1962 world tour included visits to Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.
In Rishikesh, India, beginning on 20 April 1962, a forty-day course was held for " sadhus, sanyasis, and brahmacharis " to introduce TM to " religious preachers and spiritual masters in India ".

1962 and fought
In 1962, Barnes fought with domineering city planner Robert Moses and killed the planned elevated Lower Manhattan Expressway.
He became a Member of Parliament in June 1962, when he defeated William Wolfe of the Scottish National Party in a hard fought by-election for West Lothian.
He was an active member of the Conservative Party in the early 1960s and fought, unsuccessfully, to recapture Orpington in the 1964 and 1966 UK general elections after its loss to the Liberals in the 1962 by-election.
The Nationalists, led by George Borg Olivier won the 1962 elections, fought largely over the issue of independence and having as a backdrop a second politico-religious crisis this time between the Church and the Labour Party.
" His grandparents and great grandparents had fought against Portuguese colonial rule in the 19th century, so it was not surprising that in 1962 Machel joined the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique ( FRELIMO ) which was dedicated to creating an independent Mozambique.
He then fought on with mixed success, until August 1, 1962, when he announced his retirement.
Having joined the Young Conservatives in 1957, Alexander served on their National Advisory Committee in 1961 and fought his first elections in 1962 and 1963, standing ( unsuccessfully ) for Scunthorpe Town Council.
While Robertson left the SWP in 1962 and went on to form the Spartacist Group, later Spartacist League, Wohlforth and his supporters remained within the SWP and fought for the perspective of the International Committee of the Fourth International.
Though Phillips had endorsed Adlai E. Stevenson for president in 1956 against the Republican incumbent Dwight D. Eisenhower and Kennedy over Nixon in 1960, he left the Democrats in 1963 to run for governor as the Republican nominee in a bid to succeed the term-limited Ross Barnett, who had fought the desegregation in 1962 of the University of Mississippi.
* The Himalayan nations of Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim were buffer-states between the British and Chinese empires, later between China and India, which in 1962 fought the Sino-Indian War in places where the two regional powers bordered each other.
Martin was a good puncher and a fairly skilled heavyweight who fought from 1962 to 1969.
The army then fought in the Indonesian War of Independence 1945 – 1949, in Korea in 1950-53, and the New Guinea insurgency 1960 – 1962.
On the other side of the conflict, The Elite Navy Force " Hombres Ranas " ( Frog Men ) under Commander Ramon Montes Arache, fought to bring the 1962 Democratically Elected President back in office.
The Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation was fought from 1962 to 1966 between the British Commonwealth and Indonesia over the creation of the Federation of Malaysia, with the Commonwealth attempting to safeguard the security of the new state.
" Bad " Bennie fought from 1962 to 1982, and retired with a career record of 66 wins ( 53 by KO ) 24 losses and 5 draws.
Loi fought from 1948 to 1962, and retired with a record of 115 wins ( 26 KOs ), 3 losses and 8 draws.
He represented the Church of Scotland in conversations with the Church of England between 1949 – 1951 and fought tirelessly for the visible union of the Church, and not merely a spiritual union ; he was the Convener of the Church of Scotland Commission on Baptism from 1954 to 1962 ( with John Heron, the father of Alasdair Heron, acting as secretary to the Commission ); and was present at the World Council of Churches meeting in Evanston, Illinois, in 1954.
During the Cold War, the army actively fought in the Suez Crisis, known in Egypt and the Arab World as the Tripartite Aggression, the North Yemen Civil War from 1962 to 1967, the 1967 Six Day War, the 1969-1970 War of Attrition, the 1973 October War, and the 1977 Libyan-Egyptian War.
In addition, the proxy war Egypt ( with Soviet backing ) fought against the Saudis, West, and Israelis in the North Yemen Civil War ( 1962 – 1970 ), Nasser supporting the Yemen Arab Republic against the Western and Saudi Arabian backed Royalists, is also viewed as being key to Egypt's defeat in the 1967 Middle East war ; as nearly half of the Egyptian military was in Yemen at the time of the initial Israeli attack on Egypt.
It was the first seriously contested election in the country since 1962 and was fought out against a background of intractable economic, social and political problems.
Peralta was given his first chance at winning a belt when he fought Jose Giorgetti, on August 4, 1962, at Mar del Plata for the Argentine Heavyweight title.

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