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1972 and winning
Ironically, the Miami Dolphins became a Professional Football powerhouse, winning two Super Bowl Championships, including the perfect season of 1972.
In 1972, they completed the European treble by winning the Dutch Eredivisie, KNVB Cup, and the European Cup ; to date, they are the only team to keep the European Cup and accomplish the European treble.
The Cubs posted a winning record ( 83 – 78 ) for the third consecutive season, the first time the club had done so since 1972, and a new era of ownership under the Ricketts ' family was approved by MLB owners in early October.
In December 1969, the ALP under Gough Whitlam came within four seats of ending the Coalition's hold on power before winning a convincing victory in 1972.
Bench had another strong year in 1972, again winning the Most Valuable Player Award and leading the National League in home runs ( 40 ) and RBI ( 125 ), to help propel the Reds to another National League West Division title, and a five-game victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1972 National League Championship Series.
In 1972, the Dolphins completed the NFL's only perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win, winning all 14 of its regular-season games, both of its NFL playoff games, and also Super Bowl VII.
Ironicallly, the Dolphins became a Professional Football powerhouse, winning two Super Bowl Championships, including the perfect season of 1972, while the NFL's Atlanta team has been a perennial also-ran.
In 1972 the Dolphins completed the only fully undefeated season in the NFL, winning all 14 regular season games, two playoff games and Super Bowl VII, defeating the Washington Redskins 14 – 7.
However, the transition from Modernism to Postmodernism is often said to have happened at 3: 32pm on the 15th of July in 1972, when Pruitt Igoe ; a housing development for low-income people in St. Louis, which had been a prize winning version of le Corbusier's ' machine for modern living ' was deemed uninhabitable and was torn down ( Irving 1993, 480 ).
After winning Super Bowl II after the 1967 regular season, the Packers became a losing team for much of the 1970s and 1980s, only making the playoffs in 1972 and the strike-shortened 1982 season.
Newman's first professional event as a racer was in 1972, in Thompson, Connecticut, and he was a frequent competitor in Sports Car Club of America ( SCCA ) events for the rest of the decade, eventually winning four national championships.
Earlier in the same Olympics, Wolde had already won the silver medal in the 10, 000 m. In 1972, Wolde won a third Olympic medal at the age of 40, winning bronze in the marathon.
Despite his relative inexperience, Clark rose quickly in federal politics, entering the House of Commons in the 1972 election and winning the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party in 1976.
: Examples include Hud starring Paul Newman ( 1963 ); Sam Peckinpah's The Getaway ( 1972 ) and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia ( 1974 ); Simon Wincer's Quigley Down Under ; Robert Rodríguez's El Mariachi ( 1992 ); John Sayles ' Lone Star ( 1996 ); Tommy Lee Jones ' The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada ( 2005 ); Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain ( 2005 ); Wim Wenders ' Don't Come Knocking ( 2005 ); and the Coen brothers Academy Award – winning No Country For Old Men ( 2007 ).
The Islanders finished with the worst record in the NHL and the second-worst season in franchise history ; the team's 0. 317 winning percentage that year was only ahead of only 1972 – 73's. 192.
They won three straight to open the year of 1972 but on January 9, the Milwaukee Bucks ended their winning streak by defeating the Lakers, 120 – 104.
One of the most discussed potential nominees is Paul Henderson, who scored the winning goal in the final moments of the deciding eighth game of the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union.
In 1972, the " Book World " section was introduced with Pulitzer Prize winning critic William McPherson as its first editor.
Under the direction of Glenn and Sandra Opie, the corps achieved national fame, most notably winning the American Legion national championships in 1971 and 1972.
The Port Huron Flags played in the original International Hockey League from 1962-1981, winning three Turner Cup championships in 1966, 1971 and 1972.
The three members were barely out of their teens, when they became a musical sensation during 1972, scoring No. 1 hits and winning a Grammy for best new musical artist.
Gladys Knight & the Pips joined the Motown roster in 1966, and, although regarded as a second-string act, scored several hit singles, including " I Heard It Through the Grapevine ", ( recorded later by Marvin Gaye ), " Friendship Train " ( 1969 ), " If I Were Your Woman " ( 1970 ), " I Don't Want To Do Wrong " ( 1971 ), the Grammy Award winning " Neither One of Us ( Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye )" ( 1972 ), and " Daddy Could Swear ( I Declare )" ( 1973 ).
Charlton was a part of the successful Leeds United side of the 1960s and 1970s, winning a league championship ( 1969 ), an FA Cup ( 1972 ), a League Cup ( 1968 ) and two Fairs Cups ( 1968 and 1971 ) and made a club record 773 appearances.

1972 and author
* 1972 – Geri Halliwell, English singer-songwriter, author, and actress ( Spice Girls )
Amanda Hesser ( born 1972 ) is an American food writer, editor and cookbook author.
Alexander Bunyip, created by children's author and illustrator Michael Salmon, first appeared in print in The Monster That Ate Canberra in 1972, Alexander Bunyip went on to appear in many other books and a live-action television series, Alexander Bunyip's Billabong.
* 1896 – Betty Smith, American author ( d. 1972 )
* 1972 – Klaus Schnellenkamp, German-Chilean author
* 1972 – Robert Muchamore, English children's author
The Irish author grew up in the famous Republican stronghold of the Creggan Estate, Derry, Northern Ireland, at the height of the troubles and was a schoolboy witness to the tragic events of Bloody Sunday, 30 January 1972.
* 1972 – Finesse Mitchell, American actor and author
* 1972 – Jen Miller, American actress and author
* 1972 – Horacio Cambeiro, American author and reporter
* 1972 – Adonis Georgiades, Greek politician, publisher and author
* 1972 – Adrianne Frost, American comedian and author
I coined the term punctuated equilibrium and wrote most of our 1972 paper, but Niles is the proper first author in our pairing of Eldredge and Gould.
* 1972 – Henry de Montherlant, French author ( b. 1896 )
* 1972 – Ana Marie Cox, American author and blogger
* 1972 – Karl Pilkington, English actor, author, and producer
* 1972 – Ari Behn, Norwegian author
Celebrated traditional Southern chef and author Edna Lewis wrote a series of books between 1972 and 2003, including A Taste of Country Cooking ( Alfred A. Knopf, 1976 ) where she weaves stories of her childhood in Freetown, Virginia into her recipes for " real Southern food ".
* December 27 – Oscar Levant, American pianist, composer, author, comedian, and actor ( d. 1972 )
* D. M. Cornish ( born 1972 ), Australian fantasy author
* Falcon ( 1972 ) by A J Stewart, an unusual work by an author claiming to be a reincarnation of the king
* Eddie Chuculate ( b. 1972 ), Muscogee-Cherokee author and journalist
Judith Godrèche ( born Judith Goldreich on March 23, 1972 ) is a French actress and author, born in Paris.
* De toekomst van gisteren (" Yesterday's future ", 1972 ; essay on a book the author cannot write )

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