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1975 and Day
Another Day of Life, Penguin, 1975.
Since 1975, Niger has celebrated Arbor Day as part of its Independence Day: 3 August.
On New Year's Day 1975, Communist troops launched an offensive which, in 117 days of the hardest fighting of the war, collapsed the Khmer Republic.
He appeared in the primetime TV movies The Satan Murders ( 1974 ) and Thursday's Game before landing the role of Al Pacino's transsexual wife in Dog Day Afternoon ( 1975 ), a performance which earned him nominations for Best New Male Star of the Year at the Golden Globes and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
* Dog Day Afternoon ( 1975 ) – Jenny
The Jacksons ( previously The Jackson 5 ) did many disco songs from 1975 to 1980, including " Shake Your Body ( Down to the Ground )" ( 1978 ), " Blame it on the Boogie " ( 1978 ), and " Can You Feel It " ( 1980 )— all sung by Michael Jackson, whose 1979 solo album, Off the Wall, included several disco hits, including the album's title song, " Rock with You ", " Workin ' Day and Night ", and his second chart-topping solo hit in the disco genre, " Don't Stop ' til You Get Enough ".
She largely retired from acting after The Doris Day Show, but did complete two television specials, The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Special ( 1971 ) and Doris Day to Day ( 1975 ).
While promoting the 1975 book, Day caused a stir by rejecting the ' girl next door ' and ' virgin ' labels so often attached to her.
* Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Mozambique from Portugal in 1975.
* Independence Day, celebrate the independence of Cape Verde from Portugal in 1975.
* Independence Day, celebrates the independence of the Comoros from France in 1975.
* Independence Day, celebrates the independence of São Tomé and Príncipe from Portugal in 1975.
* Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Angola from Portugal in 1975.
* Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Suriname from the Netherlands in 1975.
After the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, called the Six Day War, the canal was closed by an Egyptian blockade until 5 June 1975.
According to Walter, the " capper " was being booed on " Brantford Day " at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens in February 1975.
The Proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General's Official Secretary was countersigned Malcolm Fraser, who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance Day 1975 as Kerr's cur.
In 1975, Kolacky Day became Kolacky Days and the event was held for the first time at the end of July.
In 1975 he starred in Day of the Locust opposite Karen Black of Easy Rider and Five Easy Pieces fame ; Sutherland played the lead character, Homer Simpson, in this drama based on the book by Nathanael West.
* The Last Day ( 1975 )

1975 and released
In 1975, it released the first Betamax home video recorder, a year before VHS format came out.
In 1975, MITS released Altair BASIC, developed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen as the company Micro-Soft, which grew into today's corporate giant, Microsoft.
In 1975 until when he continued to release singles, he released his first non-compilation LP 2023, a concept album that includes many instrumental songs.
As early as the Church Committee Report ( 1975 ), publicly available documents have indicated that the CIA attempted to prevent Allende from taking office after he was elected in 1970 ; the CIA itself released documents in 2000 acknowledging this and that Pinochet was one of their favored alternatives to take power.
Three albums released in years 1975 and 1976 ( Caught in the Act, Movin ' On, Hot On The Tracks ) are considered the peak of their harder funk period.
The resulting film was the two and a half hour documentary La Spirale, released in 1975.
From 1975 to 1979, a Canadian progressive power trio, Rush, released three albums containing sidelong epics, regarded by some as concept albums ( though not actually concept albums by strict definition of the term ; that is, none of the other songs on the album have anything to do with each other or the 20-minute sidelong epic, so there is no pervasive concept or story ).
The first of these was released in 1975, titled Caress of Steel.
The rich orchestral accompaniment that became identified with the disco era conjured up the memories of the big band era — which brought out several artists that recorded and disco-ized some big band arrangements including Perry Como, who re-recorded his 1929 and 1939 hit, " Temptation ", in 1975, as well as Ethel Merman, who released an album of disco songs entitled The Ethel Merman Disco Album in 1979.
Face the Music was released in 1975, producing the hit singles " Evil Woman " and " Strange Magic ".
It was released in 1975 and is based on characters from a series of books by Norwegian cartoonist and author Kjell Aukrust.
* In addition, in 1974, Greg Lake ( of Emerson, Lake & Palmer ) wrote and recorded the song, " I Believe In Father Christmas ", which was released as a single in 1975.
Terror of Mechagodzilla, ( released in Japan as ) is a 1975 Japanese science fiction kaiju film produced by Toho.
The 1975 movie Inserts directed by John Byrum about a pornographic film production, which starred Richard Dreyfuss and was originally released with an X rating, took its name from the double meaning that " insert " both refers to this film technique ( often used in pornographic filmmaking ) and to sexual intercourse.
Michigan ( 1975 ) was the first state to create a GBMI verdict, after two prisoners released after being found NGRI committed violent crimes within a year of release, one raping two women and the other killing his wife.
Taito released a four-way joystick as part of their arcade racing video game Astro Race in 1973, while their 1975 run and gun multi-directional shooter game Western Gun introduced dual-stick controls with one eight-way joystick for movement and the other for changing the shooting direction.
His piece " American Standard " was recorded and released on Obscure Records in 1975.
In 1975, Moon released his only solo album, pop covers entitled Two Sides of the Moon.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show was originally released in 1975 and was a critical failure until it started midnight screenings in the 1980s where it achieved cult status.
Earlier, the two of them had also been caught in an attempt to assassinate Nasir when he was president and had been tried and imprisoned before being released in 1975.
The 2nd Airborne Infantry Regiment was also released from garrison duties in the city of Córdoba after the ERP armed uprising that killed 5 policemen there in August 1975 and would achieve similar success against the ERP's Decididos de Córdoba company sent to rekindle the insurgency in Tucumán province.
The five were convicted of the killing and imprisoned, but were released and returned to Israel in 1975.
* In 2004, Paramount bought all worldwide distribution rights to the original 1975 version of The Stepford Wives ( also released by Columbia ), in connection with the release of the remake.
The first album to come out of this downtown scene was released in November 1975: Smith's debut, Horses, produced by John Cale for the major Arista label.

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