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1986 and Carangi
* Gia Carangi ( 1960 – 1986 ), model
Gia Marie Carangi ( January 29, 1960 – November 18, 1986 ) was an American fashion model during the late 1970s and early 1980s.
On November 18, 1986, Carangi, aged 26, died of AIDS-related complications.
** Gia Carangi, American model ( d. 1986 )
The life of Gia Carangi, who died of AIDS in 1986 at the age of 26, had already been the subject of several television documentaries, and the HBO-produced docudrama Gia, starring Angelina Jolie.

1986 and was
It was published in 1986.
The first edition of the standard was published during 1963, a major revision during 1967, and the most recent update during 1986.
The 21st chapter was omitted from the editions published in the United States prior to 1986 .< ref > Burgess, Anthony ( 1986 ) A Clockwork Orange Resucked in < u > A Clockwork Orange </ u >, W. W. Norton & Company, New York .</ ref > In the introduction to the updated American text ( these newer editions include the missing 21st chapter ), Burgess explains that when he first brought the book to an American publisher, he was told that U. S. audiences would never go for the final chapter, in which Alex sees the error of his ways, decides he has lost all energy for and thrill from violence and resolves to turn his life around ( a slow-ripening but classic moment of metanoia — the moment at which one's protagonist realises that everything he thought he knew was wrong ).
Mike Gatting was the captain in 1986 – 87 but his team started badly and attracted some criticism.
AIX Version 1, introduced in 1986 for the IBM 6150 RT workstation, was based on UNIX System V Releases 1 and 2.
The name was changed into AZ in July 1986 ; internationally, the tautology AZ Alkmaar is often used.
In January 1986, the 7800 was again released and would compete that year with the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System.
The Atari 7800 languished on warehouse shelves until it was re-introduced in January 1986 after strong 2600 sales the previous Christmas.
Between 1980 to 1986, Sakharov was kept under tight Soviet police surveillance.
Urban Dance Squad was a Dutch rap rock band formed after what was originally intended as a one-time jam-session at a festival in Utrecht on December 20, 1986.
In 1986, U. S. President Ronald Reagan ( who survived an assassination attempt himself ) ordered the Operation El Dorado Canyon air raid on Libya in which one of the primary targets was the home residence of Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.
Alan Jay Lerner ( August 31, 1918 – June 14, 1986 ) was an American lyricist and librettist.
Alan Jay Lerner's pattern of financial mismanagement continued until his death from cancer in 1986, when he reportedly owed the US Internal Revenue Service over US $ 1, 000, 000 in back taxes, and was unable to pay for his final medical expenses.
It was soon used in combat — in March 1986 against a Libyan SA-5 site in the Gulf of Sidra, and then Operation Eldorado Canyon in April.
A. Panitz's patent, was developed by Mike Miller starting in 1983 and culminated with the first prototype in 1986.
On January 1, 1986, the army was restructured from four numbered armies and two military commands into seven military commands.
In 1986 it was estimated that 60 % of 800 Embraer engineers had graduated from the ITA.
Chess was staged in London's West End Prince Edward Theatre in May 1986, and ran for almost three years.
The version with Bardot was issued in 1986 and became a popular download hit in 2006 when Universal Records made its back catalogue available to purchase online, with this version of the song ranking as the third most popular download.

1986 and diagnosed
Arnaz was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1986.
* Michael Jackson stated that he was diagnosed with vitiligo in 1986.
In February 1986, five or six months after testing negative for the virus, Holmes was diagnosed as HIV positive after a second HIV test.
On 22 December 1986, Jarman was diagnosed as HIV positive, and discussed his condition in public.
It wasn't until 1986 that it was diagnosed that the cancer had spread to his jaw.
'" In 1986, after his resignation from the Solicitor General's officer, Lee was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, but even cancer could not keep him from the Court.
It has been observed that since 1986 in British Isles, spongiform encephalopathy has been diagnosed in many species of Bovidae-which included nyala, common eland, greater kudu, gemsbok, Arabian oryx and scimitar-horned oryx-as well as Felidae.
He was diagnosed with AIDS, which he contracted through blood products used to treat his hemophilia, in 1986.
Jarman himself was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986, and died in 1994 at the age of 52.
He was diagnosed with dementia and died at High Royds psychiatric hospital in Leeds in 1986.
Earl Muntz was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1984 and retired from the business in 1986.
He was elected in the general elections of 1984 and 1988, and served as Minister of State for Mines in the federal cabinet of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney from 1984 to 1986, after which he served as National Caucus Chairman until 1993 when he decided to retire from politics after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Johnson was diagnosed with and hospitalized for acute paranoid schizophrenia and in 1986 was found dead in her home from complications of chronic alcoholism before the preliminary hearing concluded.
Charleson was diagnosed with HIV in 1986, and died in 1990 at the age of 40.
Also affecting his film career was the fact that he was diagnosed with HIV in 1986, and thereafter lacked enthusiasm to do feature films, although he was not symptomatic until the autumn of 1988.
Charleson, who was gay, was diagnosed with HIV in 1986, and died of AIDS-related causes in January 1990 at the age of 40.
Though diagnosed with breast cancer at 26, Creed kept on working, teaming with composer Michael Masser and writing the lyrics to " Greatest Love of All " for the 1977 Muhammad Ali biopic The Greatest ; in the spring of 1986, the song topped the charts for singer Whitney Houston.
In 1986, Damon was diagnosed with cancer but continued acting in small roles up until shortly before her death a year later.
In 1986, Blatt was diagnosed as having scoliosis.
In the mid-1980s, Thompson was diagnosed with cancer, and subsequently died May 22, 1986 while on a visit to Nova Scotia, Canada .< sup > 6 </ sup >
He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1986.
Anderson was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1986.
In 1986 he was diagnosed with HIV .< ref name = fa >
As a result, untreated blood preparations stored at hospitals and in patients ' home refrigerators were used up ; there have been cases reported in which individuals were diagnosed with haemophilia for the first time between 1985 and 1986, began treatment, and were subsequently infected with HIV, even though it was known that HIV could be transmitted in untreated blood preparations, and treated products had become available and were in use at that time.

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