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1988 and all-black
Mitchell's Broadway credits include Mail ( 1988 ), an all-black revival of George and Ira Gershwin's Oh, Kay!

1988 and heavy
The 1988 British made-for-TV movie More Bad News was another mocumentary about a rock band, in this case an incompetent heavy metal band.
Soon however, Marl's records became more sample heavy, as can be seen by comparing the MC Shan LPs Down By Law ( 1987 ) and Born to be Wild ( 1988 ); the rhythms less electronic, with drum samples and patterns becoming more prominent.
L. A .' s N. W. A., on their landmark 1988 album Straight Outta Compton, showed heavy influences from Tougher Than Leather-era Run – D. M. C., and Chicano rap act Cypress Hill were definitely influenced by Run – D. M. C.
KAT made their debut in 1985 with the single " Ostatni Tabor / Noce Szatana " ( last fleet / Satan's nights ), heavy / speed metal " 666 " from 1986 and thrash metal " Oddech Wymarłych Światów " ( the breath of dead worlds ) from 1988.
For example, in 1988 two-thirds of Bangladesh's 64 districts experienced extensive flood damage in the wake of unusually heavy rains that flooded the river systems.
* The heavy metal band Crimson Glory wrote and released the song " Masque of the Red Death ", which follows the story, on their 1988 album Transcendence.
Danzig is the 1988 debut album of the American heavy metal band Danzig, led by Glenn Danzig who was formerly the songwriter and vocalist of the Misfits and Samhain.
In early 1988, Tom Dumont left Rising, a heavy metal band of which he was a member with his sister, stating that local metal bands " were into drinking, wearing Spandex " but that he wanted to focus on music.
Sweet and Innocent is a compilation album by the heavy metal band Diamond Head that was released in 1988.
The last large wave of immigration came from the Soviet Union after 1988, in response to heavy political pressure from the U. S. government.
Producing Heavy Nova in 1988, Palmer again returned to experimenting, this time with bossa nova rhythms, heavy rock and white-soul balladeering.
He achieved a good result in 1988 finishing 4th in the B-Final in what was his first rallycross event, however, the 1989 event was cancelled due to heavy fog after the practice sessions.
Lovitz ( who played Satan in a December 1988 Church Lady sketch ) pathetically asks if he can now play her ( Lovitz ' stalled career was a running joke on SNL the season after his official departure ), but is interrupted by heavy snow flurries crashing the car.
There were also natural disasters: many trees were destroyed by heavy storms in 1964, 1988 and 1990 ( the " Wiebke " storm ); Dutch elm disease has almost destroyed the elm population of the park.
In 1988, Rolls-Royce acquired Northern Engineering Industries ( NEI ), a group of heavy engineering companies mainly associated with electrical generation and power management, based in the North East of England.
P & H's acquisition of Page in 1988 along with Bucyrus ' acquisition of Ransomes & Rapier in 1988 and Marion in 1997 cut the number of worldwide suppliers of heavy draglines by more than half.
A prolific Norwegian heavy metal drummer, Hellhammer has remained with group since joining in 1988.
To that end, REZ returned to the studio in 1988, and the result was Silence Screams, a hybrid of blues, hard rock and heavy metal that served as a musical blueprint for all of the band's successive releases.
Gilbert's concept for LeChuck, especially the character's heavy use of voodoo magic, was influenced by the characters in the 1988 novel On Stranger Tides.
Unfortunately, simply adding " The " in front of the name would not suffice, because a Dutch heavy metal band had been named The Covenant since 1988.
* Them ( King Diamond album ), a 1988 album by heavy metal band King Diamond
The-4 and-5, produced from 1988 and 1990 respectively had changes to improve durability for heavy use.
Construction started in 1988 and was completed in 1990, removing heavy through traffic from the main Belmont shopping centre.

1988 and metal
* State of Euphoria, a 1988 album by New York-based thrash metal band Anthrax
* Terminator ( 1988 ), song by metal band Powermad
" Also, the song " You Know What You Are " from the 1988 album The Land of Rape and Honey by industrial metal group Ministry repeats the song title ( a portion of Tuco's final epithet at Blondie ) as a background sample.
One example is the radiological accident occurring in Goiânia, Brazil, between September 1987 and March 1988: Two metal scavengers broke into an abandoned radiotherapy clinic and removed a teletherapy source capsule containing powdered caesium-137 with an activity of 50 T Bq.
The band Voivod also combined elements of thrash metal and progressive metal, specifically on the releases Dimension Hatröss and Nothingface, in 1988 and 1989 respectively.
" The band's fourth album Blood Fire Death was released in 1988 and includes two early examples of Viking metalthe songs " A Fine Day to Die " and " Blood Fire Death ".
* Black metal band Bathory used Arbo's painting of " The Wild Hunt " as the cover of their 1988 album Blood Fire Death.
Cannibal Corpse was established in December 1988 by members from three earlier Buffalo-area death metal bands ; Beyond Death ( Webster, Owen ), Leviathan ( Barnes ), and Tirant Sin ( Barnes, Rusay, Mazurkiewicz ).
* Nirvana 2002, a Swedish death metal band ( 1988 – 1992 )
In August 1988 Norman toured the USA with Swedish Christian metal band Leviticus opening for him.
Base metal 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000-peso coins were introduced between 1984 and 1988.
After rising to local music scene stardom with their brand of funk metal fusion, reaching the point where they were " selling out Berkeley Square ", Wright left Primus in the summer of 1988 to be replaced by Jay Lane, drummer with the Freaky Executives, who were " getting dicked around by their record company ", as Claypool later described it.
Their influence extends from independent acts like Tin Omen, to industrial metal stars Nine Inch Nails, who opened for Skinny Puppy for a short time on their 1988 North American tour.
Dismember was a Swedish death metal band that formed in 1988.
By 1988 the four largest Christian metal bands ( excluding the mainstream success Stryper ) were Bloodgood, Barren Cross, Whitecross, and Leviticus.
They released their debut album Battalions of Fear in 1988, which was essentially a speed metal album heavily influenced by Helloween.

1988 and band
The band played in this style on their first four albums: Bathory ( 1984 ), The Return of the Darkness and Evil ( 1985 ), Under the Sign of the Black Mark ( 1987 ) and Blood Fire Death ( 1988 ).
The band at the Montreux Pop Festival, May 1988.
The band released Total Devo in 1988 on Enigma Records.
New Musical Express featured Napalm Death on their cover in 1988, declaring them " the fastest band in the world.
In 1988 John Kalodner, then-A & R executive of Geffen Records, remarked that " In my opinion, next to the Beatles they're the most influential band in history.
In addition, another controversy that hit the band in 1988 was a law suit made by Matthew Trippe.
The band performed the suite in concert on five occasions: in 1988, 1991, 1993, and twice in 1994 without replicating the song list.
Beginning in the spring of 1988, the band began practicing in earnest, sometimes locking themselves in a room and jamming for hours on end.
In a 1988 interview with Palmer, Bartholomew ( who had the first R & B studio band ), revealed how he initially superimposed tresillo over swing rhythm:
In 1988, the band Blue Öyster Cult recorded an updated version of their 1974 song " Astronomy ".
Macainsh played with John Farnham on his Whispering Jack Tour and with Dave Warner's from the Suburbs, in 1988 he put together and managed a very successful AC / DC tribute band called Back in Black who went on to support Skyhooks on their comeback tour.
The band remained stable enough to record If I Should Fall from Grace with God in 1988 ( with its Christmas hit duet with Kirsty MacColl " Fairytale of New York ", which was voted " the best Christmas song ever " in VH1 UK polls in 2004 ) and 1989's Peace and Love.
He failed to turn up for the opening dates of their 1988 tour of America, and prevented the band from promoting their next album, Hell's Ditch, so in 1991 the band sacked him.
The band recorded two albums in 1988 and 1990, though Orbison died before the second was recorded.
Following several phases of writing and recording, during which Amos has since asserted that the band lost their musical edge and direction due to interference from record executives, in July 1988, the Y Kant Tori Read's self-titled debut album was released.
In 1988, Poly Styrene, Jak Airport, Mick Sweeney and Lora Logic reformed the band with no drummer.
In early 1988 the band played at Dingwalls in London, a show attended by representatives of Zomba and Rough Trade's Geoff Travis, and both subsequently wanted to sign the band, Rough Trade even funding studio time to record a single, " Elephant Stone ", with Peter Hook producing.
The band were signed to an eight-album deal, buying the " Elephant Stone " tapes from Rough Trade and releasing them as a single in October 1988.
After working on various solo projects during 1988 ( including Mercury's collaboration with Montserrat Caballé, Barcelona ), the band released The Miracle in 1989.

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