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1995 and El
* El Nuevo Tango de Buenos Aires ( Quinteto, 1995 )
Juan Manuel Fangio (; June 24, 1911July 17, 1995 ), nicknamed El Chueco (" the bowlegged one ", also commonly translated as " bandy legged ") or El Maestro (" The Master "), was a racing car driver from Argentina, who dominated the first decade of Formula One racing.
* Miramar Resort Hotel, El Gouna, Egypt, 1995
In 1995, Peter Garza, a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, conducted the first court-ordered Internet wiretap in the United States while investigating Julio Cesar Ardita (" El Griton ").
The fossil record of spiny lobsters has been extended by the discovery in 1995 of a 110 million year-old fossil near El Espiñal in Chiapas, Mexico.
Nicknamed " El Guapo " ( The handsome one ), he played with the Minnesota Twins ( 1990, 1993 ), Chicago Cubs ( 1995 ), Florida Marlins ( 1995 ) and Boston Red Sox ( 1996 – 2002 ).
In March 1995 Newspaper Publishing was restructured with a rights issue, splitting the shareholding into Independent News & Media ( 43 %), MGN ( 43 %), and Prisa ( El País, 12 %).
In 1995, the Parker Development Company acquired along the eastern boundary of El Dorado Hills to create Serrano, one of the largest master planned communities in Northern California.
For example, in 1995 the United States signed an agreement with El Salvador in order to protect all pre &# 8209 ; Columbian artifacts from leaving the region.
The American pet trade has put a great demand on the Green Iguana ; 800, 000 iguanas were imported into the U. S. in 1995 alone, primarily originating from captive farming operations based in their native countries ( Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, and Panama ).
Her follow-up albums, El tiempo es oro ( 1995 ) and Planeta Paulina ( 1996 ) helped Rubio become better known in Latin America.
In 1995, El Tiempo Es Oro was released.
Solo exhibitions featuring Juan Downey ’ s work include Juan Downey: Audio-Kinetic Electronic Sculptures, The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC ; With Energy Beyond These Walls, Howard Wise Gallery, New York, NY, ( 1970 ); Video Trans Americas, Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, TX, ( 1976 ); Juan Downey: Video Trans Americas, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY, ( 1976 ); Video Trans Americas, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY ( 1977 ); Juan Downey: New American Filmmaker Series, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY ( 1978 ); Juan Downey, Matrix / Berkeley 16, University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA ( 1978 ); Une Forêt ' Videoformes ': Retrospective Juan Downey, Festival de la Création Vidéo, Clermont-Ferrand, France ( 1993 ); Juan Downey: Instalaciones, Dibujos y Videos, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago ( 1995 ), Chile ; Juan Downey: Con energía más allá de estos muros, Institut Valencià d ' Art Modern, Centre del Carme, Valencia, Spain ( 1997 – 98 ); Retrospectiva de Video Arte de Juan Downey, Museo de Arte Moderno de Chiloé, Castro, Chiloé, Chile ( 2000 ); Plateau of Humankind, Honorable Mention: “ Excellence in Art Science and Technology ,” 49th Venice Biennale Chilean Pavilion, Venice, Italy ( 2001 ); and Juan Downey: El ojo pensante, Sala de Arte Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile ( 2010 ); Juan Downey: The Invisible Architect, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA, Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, AZ, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY ( 2011-2012 ).
* El Abrazo Del Erizo Mikel Erentxun ( 1995 )
A Spanish language edition of Hate, translated to Odio ( which means Hatred ) was published by Ediciones La Cúpula starting in 1995. rightBefore this Odio was serialised in Spanish magazine El Víbora.
The Spanish version ran from 1993 to 1995, and again in 1998 as El nuevo juego de la oca ( The New Game of the Goose ).
* 1995 — Akram El Magdoub — Hamdi Attia — Medhat Shafik — Khaled Shokry
He was credited under the shortened name Siddig El Fadil until October 1995, three seasons into his run on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, when he changed his stage name to the easier to pronounce ( for English speakers ) Alexander Siddig.
* Joan Agut's short stories book El dia que es va cremar el Liceu ( The day the Liceu was burnt ) ( 1995 ).
* El sitio de los sitios ( 1995 ).
* El bosque de las letras ( 1995 ).
* 1995: El tigre Murrieta

1995 and became
* 1995 – U. S. President Bill Clinton became the first President to visit Northern Ireland.
The live performances for Hole's 1994 and 1995 tours became notorious in the media due to Love's fraught emotional state, with Love often altering hurtful song lyrics toward herself, dedicating songs to Cobain and Pfaff, provoking fans, throwing guitars into the audience, and breaking into screaming fits onstage.
The Czech crown became fully convertible for most business purposes in late 1995.
In March 1996, following presidential elections, Mohamed Taki Abdoulkarim, a member of the civilian government that Denard had tried to set up in October 1995, became president.
In 1995, Flockhart became acquainted with actors such as Dianne Wiest and Faye Dunaway when she appeared in the movie Drunks.
In 1995 it became legal to produce a Chianti with 100 % Sangiovese.
A 1995 news article includes an early usage of the term by Jim Garvin, a Vietnam veteran who became a Trappist monk in the Holy Cross Abbey of Berryville, Virginia, and went on to lead the economic development of Phoenix, Arizona.
The government filed an EU membership application three months after the dissolution of the USSR and became a member in 1995.
Finland became a full member of the European Union ( EU ) in January 1995, at the same time acquiring observer status in the EU's defence arm, the Western European Union.
In 1995, fax, data and SMS messaging services were launched commercially, the first 1900 MHz GSM network became operational in the United States and GSM subscribers worldwide exceeded 10 million.
The 75 existing GATT members and the European Communities became the founding members of the WTO on 1 January 1995.
After releasing its atmospheric probe on 13 July 1995, the Galileo orbiter became the first man-made satellite of Jupiter at 00: 27 UT on 8 December 1995 when it fired its main engine to enter a 198-day parking orbit.
In 1995 Hungary's currency, the Forint ( HUF ), became convertible for all current account transactions, and subsequent to OECD membership in 1996, for almost all capital account transactions as well.
Dave Raggett led the HTTP Working Group ( HTTP WG ) in 1995 and wanted to expand the protocol with extended operations, extended negotiation, richer meta-information, tied with a security protocol which became more efficient by adding additional methods and header fields.
In 1995, Stephen Greenberg co-founded Classic Sports Network with Brian Bedol, which was purchased by ESPN and became ESPN Classic.
He published his early strips in the local social democratic newspaper Arbetarbladet, but became known to a wider audience in 1995, when he started to draw for the Stockholm-based but nationally distributed conservative newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.
In 1977, Rau became Chairman of the North Rhine-Westphalia SPD, and in 1978 Minister President of the state, were he remained until 1998, with four successful elections for the SPD, which became strongest party in the Landtag each time and gained an absolute majority three times, in 1980, 1985, 1990 and finally 1995.
Dalglish became Director of Football at Blackburn in June 1995.
Later he became the star of the highly popular Tora-san series of films, from the original Otoko wa tsurai yo in 1969 to the 48th film released in 1995, the year before his death.
Bush became the First Lady of Texas when her husband was elected as the Governor of Texas and served as first lady of that state from January 17, 1995, to December 21, 2000.
Bob Davis became the CEO and first employee of the new company in 1995.
In 1995 the country became the first post-Soviet state admitted to the Council of Europe.
GemStone III became available on AOL in September 1995, followed by the release of DragonRealms in February 1996.

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