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1996 and another
These results represent another decrease on previous years ( 24. 8 % in 2001 and 26. 4 in 1996 ).
Cameroon's first multiparty legislative and presidential elections were held in 1992 followed by municipal elections in 1996 and another round of legislative and presidential elections in 1997.
Dolly was born on 5 July 1996 to three mothers ( one provided the egg, another the DNA and a third carried the cloned embryo to term ).
E. P. Thompson wrote another book about his brother in 1996 .< ref > Rattenbury, A., 1997.
On September 26, 1996, as the Taliban with military support by Pakistan and financial support by Saudi Arabia prepared for another major offensive Massoud ordered a full retreat from Kabul.
Before the end of 2008, Jeepster would also release another Belle & Sebastian compilation, The BBC Sessions, collecting the tracks that the band had recorded for the BBC in 1996, which included rarities and unreleased songs, together with live recordings from Belfast.
On September 26, 1996, as the Taliban with military support by Pakistan and financial support by Saudi Arabia prepared for another major offensive, Massoud ordered a full retreat from Kabul.
According to Serge Klarsfeld, since the now complete and constant publicity which the artworks got in 1996, the majority of the French Jewish community is nevertheless in favour of the return to the normal French civil rule of prescription acquisitive of any unclaimed good after another long period of time and consequently to their ultimate integration into the common French heritage instead of their transfer to foreign institutions like during World War II.
In June 1996, the Saeima re-elected Ulmanis to another 3-year term.
in 1996 based on the series, spawning another round of merchandising.
After winning consecutive championships with Benetton in 1994 / 5, Schumacher moved to Ferrari in 1996 and won another five consecutive drivers ' titles with them from 2000 to 2004.
In 1989 the first Porterhouse Brewery was opened in Wicklow, followed by another in Temple Bar, Dublin in 1996.
In 1996 he published another do-it-yourself theremin guide.
Despite David Byrne's lack of interest in another album, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, and Jerry Harrison reunited for a one-off album called No Talking, Just Head under the name The Heads in 1996.
On September 26, 1996, as the Taliban with military support by Pakistan and financial support by Saudi Arabia prepared for another major offensive, Massoud ordered a full retreat from Kabul to continue anti-Taliban resistance in the Hindu Kush mountains instead of engaging in street battles in Kabul.
His son, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., conducted another poll in 1996 ; once again, Harding was last, ranked 39 out of 39.
Atlético Madrid won their ninth Primera División title in 1996 before Real Madrid added another Liga trophy to their cabinet in 1997.
A 100-minute special set in Hong Kong followed in 1996, and another two-hour story in 2006.
The contemporary historians Sozomen and Theodoret were combined with Socrates in a sixth-century compilation, which has obscured their differences until recently, when their individual portrayals of the series of Christian emperors were distinguished one from another and contrasted by Hartmut Leppin, Von Constantin dem Großen zu Theodosius II ( Göttingen 1996 ).
She later returned for another concert in 1996.
The 1996 biopic of pornographic publisher Larry Flynt brought Forman another Oscar nomination.
This massive repatriation was followed at the end of December 1996 by the return of another 500, 000 from Tanzania, again in a huge, spontaneous wave.
Shearer made his league debut away at Everton, on 17 August 1996, and maintained his form during the rest of the season, finishing as Premier League top-scorer for the third consecutive season with 25 goals in 31 Premier League games, as well as winning another PFA Player of the Year accolade, despite a groin injury forcing him to miss seven matches.
For her performance in the film, which co-starred Kate Nelligan and Bruce Dern, Hamilton was awarded a CableACE Award for best dramatic performance and nominated for another Golden Globe in 1996.

1996 and collection
The most important text for the study of early Korean is the Hyangga, a collection of 25 poems, of which some go back to the Three Kingdoms period ( 57 – 668 AD ), but are preserved in an orthography that only goes back to the 9th century AD ( Miller 1996: 60 ).
The original handwritten proclamation signed by President Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison, that informed the American public of the landmark deal of the Louisiana Purchase, was acquired in 1996 by Walter Scott Jr. of Omaha, Nebraska, who holds it in his private collection.
Since 1996, however, the collection has also included oral histories of senior NASA administrators and officials, astronauts, and project managers, part of a broader project to document the lives of key agency individuals.
The story of the Night's Dawn Trilogy is separated over three books: The Reality Dysfunction ( 1996 ), The Neutronium Alchemist ( 1997 ), and The Naked God ( 1999 ); but is also supported by " A Second Chance at Eden ", a collection of short stories which provide insight into the history of Hamilton's universe.
( In 1996, the collection was reissued with a new King essay, " The Importance of Being Bachman.
The Government of Rwanda posted a 13 % GDP growth rate in 1996 through improved collection of tax revenues, accelerated privatization of state enterprises to stop their drain on government resources, and continued improvement in export crop and food production.
Hell at home in the East Village, Manhattan | East Village, 2008In 1996 Hell wrote a novel, Go Now, that was drawn largely from his own experience, and released a collection of short pieces ( poems, essays and drawings ) called Hot and Cold in 2001.
Michael Freeden in his study Ideologies and Political Theory ( 1996 ) states that all socialists share five themes: the first is that socialism posits that society is more than a mere collection of individuals ; second, that it considers human welfare a desirable objective ; third, that it considers humans by nature to be active and productive ; fourth, it holds the belief of human equality ; and fifth, that history is progressive and will create positive change on the condition that humans work to achieve such change.
The Museum of the Romanian Peasant was declared the European Museum of the Year in 1996, and displays a rich collection of textiles ( especially costumes ), icons, ceramics, and other artifacts of Romanian peasant life.
An English translation by Ian Monk was published in 1996 as The Exeter Text: Jewels, Secrets, Sex in the collection Three.
Kohl is known for her collection of German-style cooking recipes published as Kulinarische Reise durch Deutsche Länder ( Culinary Journey through German Regions ) which was published in 1996.
In the 1996 book Anti-Gay, a collection of essays edited by Mark Simpson, the concept of a ' one-size-fits-all ' identity based on LGBT stereotypes is criticized for suppressing the individuality of LGBT people.
The stories in the collection first appeared in 1996.
The collection first appeared in paperback and hardback in 1996.
Hunter Rose, in 1995 to 1996, made scans from his own personal magazine collection and materials loaned to him by many others.
A collection primarily consisting of instrumental improvisations recorded in 2001 and 2003, the two also perform Keaggy's " Tennessee Morning " from his 1996 album 220.
# Antisemitism in the anti-fascist Holocaust: a collection of works, The Jewish Center, Zagreb, 1996.
Praise from the Past, a collection of tributes to writers, was published in 1996.
William W. Hallo ( 1996 ) recognises comparisons for Israel with its ancient Near Eastern environment, however, as regards tithes, comparisons with other ancient Near Eastern evidence is ambiguous, and Ancient Near Eastern literature provides scant evidence for the practice of tithing and the collection of tithes.
1996 saw his first release with them, Making Light of It, a low-key collection of songs, the majority returning to an introspective demeanor and tone, produced by David Miner ( T-Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello ), and featuring Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong of The Choir.
Ritts also worked on other projects, including directing and acting, on Mariah Carey's video collection # 1's ( 1999 ), Jennifer Lopez's sepia video " Ain't It Funny ", Janet Jackson's Design of a Decade 1986 / 1996 ( 1996 ), Intimate Portrait: Cindy Crawford ( 1998 ), Murder in the First ( 1995 ), and Britney Spears ' " Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know ( 2001 ).
* Coming Up Close: A Retrospective ( greatest-hits collection ) ( 1996 )
In 1994, a collection of Thin Lizzy tracks from the BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions was released, and yet another compilation album was brought out in 1996, called Wild One: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy.

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