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1998 and Anselmo
* Phil Anselmo – backing vocals on " Killing Box " from Volume 8: The Threat Is Real ( 1998 )
Eibon was a very short-lived supergroup which Anselmo participated in from 1998 to 2000.
Using the Anton Crowley name, Anselmo appeared on the 1998 Holocausto de la Morte album, the 1999 Black Blood Vomitorium EP, and finally the 2001 Cannibal Holocaust EP, which featured Opal Enthroned ( then Anselmo's wife ) on keyboards.

1998 and sang
Twain's mainstream pop acceptance was further helped by her appearance in the 1998 first edition of the VH1 Divas concert where she sang alongside Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and Aretha Franklin, and also by VH1's 1999 heavily aired Behind the Music, which concentrated on the tragic aspects of her early life as well as her physical attractiveness and Nashville's early resistance to her bare-midriff music videos.
About this time Pryce sang at The Hollywood Bowl alongside opera singer Lesley Garrett in highlights from My Fair Lady and in 1998, he performed in Cameron Mackintosh's gala concert Hey, Mr Producer !, also as Professor Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady and reprising his role as the Engineer from Miss Saigon.
Yorke also sang covers of the Roxy Music songs " 2HB ", " Ladytron " and " Bitter-Sweet " for the 1998 film Velvet Goldmine, as part of Venus in Furs.
Yorke's other collaborations include the 1998 single " Rabbit in Your Headlights ", which he sang and co-wrote with DJ Shadow and which closes Psyence Fiction, the debut album by the group UNKLE ; " El President ", a 1998 duet with Isabel Monteiro of the band Drugstore, which was also released as a single, and vocals on the 2010 track "... And The World Laughs with You " by experimental musician and producer Flying Lotus of Warp Records.
On March 4, 1998, Hank dressed in a pink rabbit suit, took a succession of phone calls from Stern listeners ; sang karaoke to Led Zeppelin songs ; and blew a. 375 on a breathalyzer test.
Dever sang at a Lincoln Center live concert telecast with Pavarotti and performed the role of Dalila opposite Plácido Domingo's Samson in 1998 ( Mexico City ).
Israel won first prize again the following year with " Halleluyah " ( lyrics: Shimrit Or, music: Kobi Oshrat, performed by Gali Atari and Milk and Honey ), and a third time in 1998, when the Israeli transsexual rock star Dana International sang " Diva " ( lyrics: Yoav Ginai, music: Svika Pick ).
In the 1998 Disney film Mulan, Nixon sang the role of " Grandmother Fa ".
In 1998 she sang Liu in the historical performance of Turandot at the Forbidden City in Beijing.
In 1998, Fleming sang the title role in Richard Strauss ' Arabella with Houston Grand Opera and the Countess with Lyric Opera of Chicago.
She sang in the Sapporo Winter Olympics ( 1972 ) and the Nagano Winter Olympics ( 1998 ).
In April 1998, Céline Dion sang " The Reason " as a duet with Carole King during the VH1 Divas concert.
In 1998, she sang on the Ayreon album Into the Electric Castle, a concept album telling the tale of an alien entity ' kidnapping ' 8 human souls from different times.
She sang " Reach For The Stars " at the Bangkok opening ceremony for the 13th Asian Games in 1998 and also sang the English part of the title song for the Bollywood movie, Dhoom.
In the weeks following Sinatra's death in 1998, Bassey sang it as a tribute to him on her " Diamond " concert tour.
In 1998, at the wedding of her brother Marat which was celebrated on the bank of the Moskva River, Alsou sat at the grand piano and sang I Will Always Love You.
Myrna M. Torres in 1998 she signed an Executive Order declaring the third Friday of October every as the “ Adlaw sang Tigbauan ”.
* The late Israeli singer Ofra Haza sang one of the most popular versions of the song at Pa ' amonei HaYovel ( Bells of the Jubilee ), Israel's 50th Anniversary celebration in 1998.
On 14 November 1998 Allen sang " Goosebumps " before a huge crowd at the Melbourne Cricket Ground – she retired following her performance which was released on the VHS album, Mushroom 25 Live ( December 1998 ).
In 1998 she sang on James Iha's solo album Let It Come Down on the song " Beauty ".
The three subsequently sang together in concerts produced by Hungarian Tibor Rudas and other producers, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles for the final match of World Cup FIFA 1994, at the Champ de Mars under the Eiffel Tower during the World Cup FIFA 1998 and in Yokohama for the World Cup 2002 FIFA.

1998 and duet
The Squirrel Nut Zippers song " Gift of the Magi " from their 1998 album Christmas Caravan is a duet sung from the point of view of both Jim and Della.
Following a major success with Grammy Award-winning " The Boy Is Mine ", a duet with singer Monica, and her second album Never Say Never in 1998, a series of successful records established her as one of the most successful of the new breed of urban R & B female vocalists to emerge during the mid-to late 1990s.
Mushroom Records celebrated their 25th anniversary with the Mushroom 25 Live concert in November 1998, Bailey performed " Ghost Ships " and " Just Like Fire Would ", and a duet with Paul Kelly on " Wide Open Road ", as a tribute to David McComb of The Triffids.
The classical label Bridge released his 1998 Library of Congress performance Algonquin, a duet with violinist Mat Maneri.
Despite the fact that Djupa andetag was officially only released in Scandinavia and the songs were entirely sung in Swedish, a remix album of the single tracks " Även En Blomma ", " Alla Mina Bästa År " ( a duet with Roxette's Marie Fredriksson ) and " Ögonen " was released in Germany in 1998, entitled Frida-The Mixes.
Released in May 1998, surrounding highly publicized rumors about a real-life catfight between both singers, the duet became both the biggest hit of the summer and the biggest hit of 1998 in general in America, spending record-breaking thirteen weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
The single will also serve as the first duet by Monica and Brandy in 14 years since The Boy Is Mine ( 1998 ).
After building popularity with their appearance in the movie Mulan, and singing " True to Your Heart " ( a duet with labelmate Stevie Wonder ), their album 98 Degrees and Rising went 4 × platinum in 1998.
Foster called him to stand in for an ailing Andrea Bocelli to rehearse a duet, " The Prayer ," with Celine Dion at the rehearsal for the Grammy Awards in 1998.
As well Anka recorded it 3 other times ( 1 ) in 1996 ( as a duet with Gabriel Byrne, performed in the movie Mad Dog Time ), ( 2 ) In 1998 My Way in Spanish as ( a Mi Manera ) ( duet with Julio Iglesias ) and ( 3 ) in 2007 ( as a duet with Jon Bon Jovi ).
The second single, " In Another's Eyes " ( a duet with Garth Brooks ) peaked at number 2 on the country chart, and the third single, " Perfect Love " reached number 1 in early 1998.
I don ’ t think it ever will .” On his own, Anderson collaborated with Stina Nordenstam, and his guest vocals can be heard on the album This Is Stina Nordenstam and has made a duet with Jane Birkin in 1995 which appeared in 1998 Birkin's Best Of album.
The duet album Mina Celentano, recorded with Adriano Celentano, was the biggest-selling album of 1998 in Italy.
In 1998, Moore also collaborated with the talented Keith Washington, another sultry musician, for the duet " I Love You.
sampled Rene & Angela's " Your Smile " for their rap song " Backstabbers "; Female Rapper Sylk-E. Fyne's 1998 Platinum hit " Romeo and Juliet " sampled Rene & Angela's R & B Top 5 hit " You Don't Have to Cry "; Sylk-E. Fyne also sampled their Top 5 hit " Your Smile " for her song " Your Style "; additionally, Adina Howard re-recorded their " You Don't Have to Cry " as a duet ; and Avant re-recorded the Rene & Angela ballad, " My First Love ", with singer Keke Wyatt in 2000.
In 1998, Hart released a second album on Sony, Jade, featuring a duet with partner Masse on the Jean-Jacques Goldman song " Là-bas ".
Recordings include Live at the Mermaid Lounge ( 1997 ), recorded at the New Orleans music club of the same name ( which has since shut down ), and The Desperate Ones, a 1998 EP on which he sings a duet cover of Jacques Brel's song The Desperate Ones with Lydia Lunch and also includes the drum machine flavored Won ’ t Stop Loving You and an instrumental version of the title track.
She later participated in a duet category as a demonstrator for synchronized swimming at the 1998 Commonwealth Games held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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