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1998 and at
A paper published at the same time as the 2009 classification proposed seven subfamilies for the families recognized in the very first APG classification of 1998.
Unregulated fishing landed five to six times more than the regulated fishery, and allegedly illegal fishing in Antarctic waters in 1998 resulted in the seizure ( by France and Australia ) of at least eight fishing ships.
talk at EDUCOM 1998 ( computers in education )
* 1998 – Disney's Animal Kingdom opens at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, United States.
" In the 1998 film Deep Impact fictional astronaut Spurgeon " Fish " Tanner, portrayed by Robert Duvall, was described at a Presidential Press Conference as the " Last man to walk on the moon " by the President of the United States, portrayed by Morgan Freeman.
The Diamondbacks ' first major league game was played against the Colorado Rockies on March 31, 1998, at Bank One Ballpark before a standing-room only crowd of 50, 179.
Rice, Antonio Salieri and Viennese Opera ( Chicago 1998 ), ISBN 0-226-71125-0 – ISBN 978-0-226-71125-6 ( preview at Google Book Search )
Traveling in the same social circles, the two men engaged in a 20-year mutual vendetta, as described by the Daily News in 1998: " They crossed paths often, in the midtown watering holes and at National Cartoonists Society banquets, and the city's gossip columns were full of their snarling public donnybrooks.
In 1998 and 1999 AMRAAMs were again fired by USAF F-15 fighters at Iraqi aircraft violating the No-Fly-Zone, but this time they failed to hit their targets.
Minsk has a digital metropolitan network ; waiting lists for telephones are long ; fixed line penetration is improving although rural areas continue to be undeserved ; intercity-Belarus has developed fibre-optic backbone system presently serving at least 13 major cities ( 1998 ); Belarus's fibre optics form synchronous digital hierarchy rings through other countries ' systems ; an inadequate analogue system remains operational.
There is a total of, ( double track ( as of 1998 )), of which are electrified, mainly at 3, 000 volts DC but with at 25 kV 50 Hz AC ( 2004 ) and all on standard gauge of.
The structure of the 70 nm core was determined in 1998 and was at the time the largest atomic structure to be solved.
The project was scheduled to be completed in 1998 at an estimated cost of $ 2. 8 billion ( in 1982 dollars, US $ 6. 0 billion adjusted for inflation ).
That made 14 consecutive losing seasons for this franchise at that point dating back to 1998.
Lara captained the West Indies from 1998 to 1999, when West Indies suffered their first whitewash at the hands of South Africa.
His 153 not out in Bridgetown, Barbados, during West Indies ' 2 – 2 home series draw against Australia in * 1998 – 1999 was deemed the second greatest Test innings ever played, behind Bradman's 270 against England in the Third Test of the 1936 – 1937 series at Melbourne.
* Ron Davies resigns from the cabinet after being robbed by a man he met at Clapham Common and then lying about it ( 1998 )
* MacKie, E W 1998 Continuity over three thousand years of northern prehistory: the ‘ tel ’ at Howe, Orkney.
The departure of the British Library to a new site at St Pancras, finally achieved in 1998, provided the space needed for the books.
With the official cessation of violence by some of the major paramilitary organisations and the creation of the power-sharing executive at Stormont in Belfast under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the Saville Inquiry's re-examination of the events of that day is widely hoped to provide a thorough account of the events of Bloody Sunday.
Charles most notably presented the cult TV hit Robot Wars on BBC2 ( 1998 – 2003 ) and Channel 5 ( 2003 – 2004 ), from series 2 until its conclusion at series 7, which included two Extreme series and numerous ' specials '.
In 1998, Charles published No Other Blue, a collection of his poetry, with illustrations by Philippa Drakeford, on diverse personal subjects including prison, his mother's final illness, love, and politics at home and abroad.
Colombia was a participant in the December 1994 and April 1998 Summits of the Americas and followed up on initiatives developed at the summit by hosting two post-summit, ministerial-level meetings on trade and science and technology.
" The minimum gate closed breaking strain of a carabiner conforming with EN 362: 2004 is nominally the same as that of EN 12275: 1998 at around 20 kN.

1998 and wedding
* Neil Shister, " Queen for a Day ... a skeptical look at the modern wedding ritual " from Boston Review, October / November 1998
Ida Zatelli ( 1998 ) has suggested that the Hebrew ritual parallels pagan practice of sending a scapegoat into the desert on the occasion of a royal wedding found in two ritual texts in archives at Ebla ( 24th C. BC ).
While on vacation in Bavaria in the summer of 1998, he died in an accident on a boat on the Danube, while celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary, aged eighty-six.
" She participated as the maid of honor in Banfield-Jones ' 1998 wedding to telecommunications executive Paul Jones.
The series ended with issue # 125 ( 1998 ), featuring the wedding of Meggan and a depowered Captain Britain.
In 1998, when Nicole informed him she was pregnant, the 18-year old Taher arranged a hasty Islamic wedding in his parents ' living room.
The village became the focus of a national news story in 1998 when she and dancer Jimmy Gulzar were married in the parish church and invited many celebrity guests to their wedding reception.
* 19 June – Separatist guerrillas shoot dead 25 members of a Hindu wedding party at Chapnari village in the Doda District of Jammu and Kashmir State – 1998 Chapnari massacre.
Following the death of his mother Marie in 1998 of breast cancer, the family home, which Keating had bought at the age of eighteen, was sold, rendering his father Gerry homeless and resulting in a bitter feud between father and son – Gerry was not invited to his son's wedding, which took place in Nevis.
* Friends: " The One with Ross's Wedding " ( 1998 ) — In the fourth season finale of the American sitcom, Ross and several main characters travel to London for his wedding to Emily Waltham.
On August 13, 1998, it is generally believed the first webcast wedding took place, between Alan K ' necht and Carrie Silverman in Toronto Canada.
On December 31, 1998 it is believed to be the first teleconferenced / webcast wedding to date.
In September 1998 she became a presenter of The Big Breakfast, following in the footsteps of her friend Zoë Ball ( for whom Cox was a bridesmaid at Ball's wedding to DJ Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, in 1999 ).
Ben's guilt and grief over Maria caused a shadow over his relationship with Meg from the beginning, which worsened when an amnesiac Maria came back from the dead at Ben and Meg's October 1998 wedding.
Wilson filmed back-to-back romantic films in 1998, opposite Drew Barrymore, Best Men, about a group of friends who pull off a heist on their way to a wedding, and Home Fries, about two brothers interested in the same woman for different reasons.
In 1998, Brad Pitt met Friends actress Jennifer Aniston, and married her in a private wedding ceremony in Malibu on July 29, 2000.
In 1998, she designed her sister Mary's wedding dress for her wedding to television producer Alistair Donald.
* Archive of a 1998 article in a Flemish newspaper about the place of the wedding ring in the Low Countries
Adding to these coincidences, principal photography of the movie began on June 29, 1998, what would have been the 17th wedding anniversary of Hampton's marriage to Waymer
Kenneth Bigley and his wife Sombat at their wedding in 1998.
On November 7, 1998, Kirkland attended Marsalis's wedding in his home town of New Rochelle, New York.
Smith and ex-husband Jason Reposar eloped in 1998 while on vacation in Scotland due to the inability to organize a wedding.
Her wedding to Henrik Brixen in 1998 was televised by the BBC and watched by a large audience, although the couple have since divorced.

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