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1998 and Australian
* 1922 – Geoffrey Dutton, Australian author and historian ( d. 1998 )
A. Santamaria, Australian journalist and activist ( d. 1998 )
* 1998The Australian Cricket Board's cover-up of Shane Warne and Mark Waugh's involvement with bookmakers is revealed.
An Australian telemovie made in 1998, The Day of the Roses, describes the coronial investigation into the incident.
* 1998 – Bindi Irwin, Australian television host, actress, and singer
* 1937 – John Lions, Australian computer scientist ( d. 1998 )
* Elizabeth Kata ( 1912 – 1998 ), Australian writer
A video retrospective from the ABC on one of Australia's largest disputes in recent years, the 1998 Australian waterfront dispute.
* Bastard Boys, a 2007 dramatisation of the 1998 Australian waterfront dispute.
Page and Plant released another album called Walking into Clarksdale in 1998, featuring all new material, but after disappointing sales the partnership dissolved before a planned Australian tour.
According to the Good Universities Guide to Australian universities, starting salaries for Macquarie graduates have been ranked as the highest in Australia for ten consecutive years ( 1998 – 2007 ) and in 2009, the university received 5 star ratings in six different performance categories including non-government earnings, staff qualifications and toughness of admissions.
* 1998 – Ivan Dougherty, Australian World War II Army Major General ( b. 1907 )
Category: Delegates to the 1998 Australian Constitutional Convention
* Tommy J. Smith, Australian trainer ( d. 1998 )
Similarities between Gaelic football and Australian rules football have allowed the development of international rules football, a hybrid sport, and a series of Test matches has been held annually since 1998, with the exception of the cancelled 2007 edition.
* Arthur Clues ( 1924 – 1998 ), Australian rugby league footballer
He won three further club best and fairests, was a five time club leading goal kicker, All Australian Centre Half Forward seven times, including four times as captain and once as vice-captain, and he was named MVP by the Players ' Association twice, in 1995 and 1998.
* Herman J, Reporting on suicide Australian Press Council news, February 1998
Davenport started 1998 by reaching the singles semifinals of the Australian Open, which was her second consecutive Grand Slam singles semifinal.
In doubles, Davenport reached the final of the 1998 Australian Open with Natasha Zvereva, where they lost to the wildcard team of Hingis and Mirjana Lučić.
The Australian Geographic book of the Canning Stock Route, Terry Hills, NSW: Australian Geographic Pty Ltd, 1998.
In the Australian state of Queensland, Ombudsman Fred Albietz ruled in 1998 that public schools may not require uniforms.
The concept of a parallel body to expedite Parliamentary business, based on the Australian Federation Chamber, was mentioned in a 1998 British House of Commons report, which led to the creation of that body's parallel chamber Westminster Hall.
Australia – defining a model for the new millennium, London: University of London, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, 1998.

1998 and branch
In 1998, a constitutional reform, led by the government of the President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, introduced regulatory agencies as a part of the executive branch.
In 1998, DiCaprio and his mother donated $ 35, 000 for a " Leonardo DiCaprio Computer Center " at the Los Feliz branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, the site of his childhood home.
On 7 April 1998 the group used a stolen anti-armor rocket to attack a downtown branch of the American Citibank, which caused damage but no injuries, as the warhead did not explode.
In Italy, until 1998, Praetor was a magistrate with particular duty ( especially in civil branch ).
The Savannah-Hardin County Center, a branch campus of Jackson State Community College, has operated in the City of Savannah, offering an Associate of Science degree in General Studies, since 1998.
The branch, which opened in May 1998, was the third branch built with 1989 bond funds.
The branch, which opened in May 1998, was the third branch built with 1989 bond funds.
Dan Burton, Republican Representative from Indiana, had stated " No one, regardless of what party they serve, no one, regardless of what branch of government they serve, should be allowed to get away with these alleged sexual improprieties ...." In 1998, Burton was forced to admit that he himself had an affair in 1983 that produced a child.
Positive psychology is a recent branch of psychology whose purpose was summed up in 1998 by Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: " We believe that a psychology of positive human functioning will arise, which achieves a scientific understanding and effective interventions to build thriving individuals, families, and communities.
The remaining justice courts ( as well as municipal courts ) were eliminated by the passage of Proposition 220 in June 1998, which merged all lower courts within the state judicial branch into the superior courts ( the courts of general jurisdiction ).
As of 1998, the marechaussee is a separate branch of the Dutch military assigned with military and civilian police tasks.
DNA-DNA hybridization placed the Olive Warbler as an early branch of the finch clade ( which included the finches, cardinals and Hawaiian honeycreepers ) and the New World sparrow clade ( which includes the tanagers, icterids and New world warblers ), and a 1998 study of mitochondrial DNA confirmed its status as being far removed from the New world warblers.
1998. 09. 01: Unification of Gwaso-dong ( 1 si, 2 gus, 4 eups, 10 myeons, 19 dongs, 1 branch office )
In 1998 Fujitsu operated a branch office in Chiyoda.
Based in Washington, DC with branch offices in Jerusalem, Berlin, London, Rome, Shanghai, Baghdad, and Tokyo, MEMRI was founded in 1998.
Branch centers in Navadwip, Ghiridhi, and Mothers Trust Mothers Place, Ramakrishna Sarada Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community is an affiliated branch center in Ganges, MI., USA which was inaugurated by the President, Mataji Bandana Ma of Sri Sri Saradeshwari Ashram in 1998.
In 1998, Lau sued the Hong Kong branch of the Xinhua News Agency due to the latter's slow response over her queries for personal information.
On April 26, 1998, the Green Line, like the Purple Line and the Douglas branch of the Blue Line lost its 24 hour service due to budget shortfalls and operates only between the hours of 4 a. m. and 1 a. m weekdays.
It was the northern terminus of the northern branch of the line until 25 May 1998 when it was extended to Saint-Denis-Université.
US branch of Universal Records signed the band by late 1998 and released an altered version of Guide to Better Living in March 1999.
In 1998, she joined the FN's juridical branch, which she led until 2003.
In 1998, the abandoned bank building became the first metropolitan and third ever Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank, a model that returns branch profits into the community.

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