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1999 and they
Antarctic airports are subject to severe restrictions and limitations resulting from extreme seasonal and geographic conditions ; they do not meet ICAO standards, and advance approval from the respective governmental or nongovernmental operating organization is required for landing ( 1999 est.
In 1998 and 1999 AMRAAMs were again fired by USAF F-15 fighters at Iraqi aircraft violating the No-Fly-Zone, but this time they failed to hit their targets.
They were published weekly from 1995 to 1999 in Network Week and since 2000 they have been published most weeks in The Register.
When Red Hat's stock rose significantly after its initial public offering in 1999, they sold enough stock to recoup their initial investment, and retained some stocks.
Later the length of the platform decreases because the waves lose their energy as they break further off shore ( Easterbrook 1999 ).
As of 1999, Health Canada announced a policy to defer individuals from donating blood if they have lived within the United Kingdom for one month or more from January 1, 1980, to December 31, 1996.
The Cubs retained many players who experienced career years in ' 98, and after a fast start in 1999, they collapsed again ( starting with being swept at the hands of the cross-town White Sox in mid-June ) and finished in the bottom of the division for the next two seasons.
On April 4, 1999, the Rockies made history as they played their Opening Day game against the defending National League champion San Diego Padres at Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico – marking the first time Major League Baseball opened the regular season outside the United States or Canada.
Since then they have had four separate periods in the top flight of English football: between 1936 – 1957, 1986 – 1990, 1998 – 1999 and 2000 – 2007.
After the Library of Congress converted to pinyin in 1997, librarian Jiajian Hu ( 1999: 250 – 1 ) listed three reasons why they deemed Wade – Giles unsatisfactory and added four more.
Tiger Stadium was used by the Tigers until the end of the 1999 season ; from 2000 they have played in Comerica Park.
The following season, the Wings looked poised to " three-peat " for the first time in franchise history, acquiring three-time top blueliner Chris Chelios from his hometown Chicago Blackhawks in March 1999, but they would end up losing the Western Conference Semifinals to Colorado in six games.
The two men remained unreconciled, even though they later served in the same Cabinet from May 1997 until 1999, when Dewar left to become First Minister.
When the distribution company Elite Entertainment released the film on DVD in 1999, they retained the NC-17 version.
Defending holders Manchester United did not enter the 1999 – 2000 FA Cup, as they were already in the inaugural Club World Championship, with the club stating that entering both tournaments would overload their fixture schedule and make it more difficult to defend their Champions League and Premiership titles.
Coleman's former manager Dion Mial was involved initially, but withdrew after Coleman's 1999 will, which named Mial as executor and directed that his wake be "... conducted by those with no financial ties to me and can look each other in the eyes and say they really cared personally for Gary Colemen ", turned out to be superseded by a later one replacing Mial with Gray, and directing "... that there be no funeral service, wake, or other ceremony memorializing my passing.
A forint consists of 100 fillérs, however, these have not been in circulation since 1999, they are only used in accounting.
In March 1999, they toured New Zealand, beating them 1-0 in the Test series and 3-2 in the one-dayers.
Yogi B, as part of Poetic Ammo, achieved success when they won at the Malaysian Anugerah Industri Muzik ( AIM )( Music Awards ) 1999, 2000 and 2001.
Nevertheless, irradiated foods that fall within the single category ; ' dried aromatic herbs, spices and vegetable seasonings ' are permitted presently in all 27 member states of the European Community and seven countries ( Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom ) also maintain a number of national regulations that allow other irradiated foods to be marketed as long as they comply with Directvie 1999 / 2 / EC.
By 1557, the Portuguese gained a permanent base in China at Macau, which they held until 1999.
The garment industry is a major job employed thousands of locals and they formed 12. 9 % of exports in 1999 earning US $ 159 million dollars.
Despite his three titles, and although John Cooper considered him " the greatest ", Formula One journalist Adam Cooper wrote in 1999 that Brabham is never listed among the Top 10 of all time, noting that " Stirling Moss and Jim Clark dominated the headlines when Jack was racing, and they still do ".
Electric locomotives, because they tend to be less technically complex than diesel-electric locomotives, are both easier and cheaper to maintain and have extremely long working lives, usually 40 to 50 years: the last unit of the Italian E626 class, introduced in 1928, was retired 71 years later, in 1999.

1999 and brought
After a decade of impressive growth rates, Chile began to experience a moderate economic downturn in 1999, brought on by unfavorable global economic conditions related to the Asian financial crisis, which began in 1997.
The growth brought to Docklands enabled the Jubilee Line to be extended in 1999 to east London by a more southerly route than originally proposed, through Surrey Quays, Canary Wharf and the Greenwich Peninsula ( which was the next regeneration area ) to Stratford.
Her films My Best Friend's Wedding ( 1997 ), Mystic Pizza ( 1988 ), Notting Hill ( 1999 ), Runaway Bride ( 1999 ), Valentine's Day ( 2010 ), The Pelican Brief ( 1993 ), Ocean's Eleven ( 2001 ), and Ocean's Twelve ( 2004 ) have collectively brought box office receipts of over $ 2. 4 billion, making her one of the most successful actresses in terms of box office receipts.
Tighter monetary policies brought about greater macroeconomic stability in FY 2000, and monthly inflation, which had averaged about 10 % during the first half of FY 1999, dropped to an average 1 % over the same period in FY 2000.
This has created a defence industry, which in 1999 was brought under the Malaysia Defence Industry Council.
Before the 1999 season Kerry Collins was brought in to help the team.
After months of contentious relations with Prime Minister Sharif, Musharraf was brought up power politics through a military coup d ' état in 1999, and subsequently placing the Prime minister under a strict house-arrest before shifting the prime minister to Adiala Jail in Punjab Province.
The Pismo revision also brought AirPort wireless networking capability ( 802. 11b ), which had debuted in Apple's iBook in July 1999.
In 1997, the acute employment problem at St Helena was brought to the attention of the British public following reports in the tabloid press of a " riot " following an article in the Financial Times describing how the Governor, David Smallman ( 1995 – 1999 ), was jostled by a small crowd who believed he and the Foreign Office had rejected plans to build an airport on the island.
The DaimlerChrysler merger of 1999 made it possible for Dodge to explore new ideas ; hence the European-styled Mercedes-Benz Sprinter line of vans was brought over and given a Dodge styling treatment.
The winter of 1999 also brought a return to Göteborg, Sweden and Oslo, Norway for Psyche.
In 1999, Nobel peace prize winner Rigoberta Menchú brought a case against the Guatemalan military leadership in a Spanish Court.
Today Sardinia is a phasing-in EU region, featured by a diversified economy, mainly focused on tourism and the tertiary, the economic efforts of last twenty years have reduced the handicap of insularity, for example with low cost air companies and information and informatic technologies, thanks to the CRS4 ( Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia ), which developed the first Italian website, and invented the webmail, in 1995, that brought to the birth of several telecommunication companies and internet service providers based on the island, as Video On Line, in 1993, Tiscali, in 1998 and Andala UMTS, in 1999.
Aureal won the lawsuit brought by Creative in December 1999.
His 1999 album, Calling Rastafari brought his first Grammy Award in 2000, a feat which he repeated with Jah Is Real in 2009.
The event which brought Bové and the Confédération to the foreground was the dismantling of a McDonald's franchise that was under construction in Millau ( Aveyron ) in 1999.
The Art Studio, originally opened in Monroe in 1999, brought an art workshop for children to Highland Mills in 2004.
In 1999, MP Svend Robinson brought forward a failed proposal before the Canadian House of Commons that would have amended the Charter by removing the mention of God, as he felt it did not reflect Canada's diversity.
The return of Amtrak on June 14, 1999 brought Gainesville back full circle to one of the original sources of its growth and success.
He was born and brought up in Henley-on-Thames, the youngest child of the publisher Sir Rupert Hart-Davis ( 1907 – 1999 ) and his second wife Catherine Comfort Borden-Turner.
The series was endowed in 1999, and has since brought a diverse selection of entertainers to Midland, including Andre Watts, the Eroica Trio, the Moscow Boys Choir, the Flying Karamazov Brothers, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, 3 Mo ' Divas, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez and the Golden Dragon Acrobats of China.
Friedman held the post of CEO of Ximian from 1999 to 2001 when Ximian brought in David Patrick as an external CEO after the company raised fifteen million dollars of venture capital.
On 20 September 1999, the International Force for East Timor ( INTERFET ) was deployed to the country and brought the violence to an end.

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