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2000 and Crow
* The Crow: Salvation soundtrack ( 2000 )
The idea for revival was first brought forward by the Old Crow Society, which represents Carleton Football's alumni, in 2000, but it was deemed that such a move would be too premature at that time.
Crow has suspicions that " journalists may have had access to private information about my movements and my union's activities that date back to the year 2000 ".
This was followed by the more extreme The Golden D in 2000 and the thoughtful Dylan-Drakesque Crow Sit on Blood Tree ( 2001 ).
* Crow, Barbara A., Radical Feminism: A Documentary Reader, New York University Press 2000.
Lewis features on the track " Bad Brother " by the band The Infidels, from The Crow: Salvation Soundtrack album, which was released on April 2000.
5 / 10 / 2000: The Fox and the Crow
According to Haines and Steckel ( 2000 ), " Probably the most dramatic skeletal example of prehistoric violence in North America comes from the Crow Creek site in central South Dakota.
* Crow with No Mouth, versions by Stephen Berg, published by Copper Canyon Press, WA, 2000.
The Crow: Salvation is a 2000 film directed by Bharat Nalluri.
In 2000 he starred in the action-thriller The Chaos Factor and co-starred in the gangster-movie Circus, the teen-movie Road Trip and as the Captain in the horror-sequel The Crow: Salvation.
* 2000: The Crow: Salvation ( Producer )
* The Crow: Salvation ( 2000 )
* From the Heart of the Crow Country: The Crow Indians ' Own Stories ( Bison Books, 2000 ) ISBN 978-0-8032-8263-6
* The Crow: Salvation ( 2000 )-Nathan Randall
The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 ( c 37 ), known as the Crow Act is a United Kingdom Act of Parliament affecting England and Wales which came into force on 30 November 2000.
Three sequels have been made so far: The Crow: City of Angels ( 1996 ), starring Vincent Pérez ( as The Crow ), Mia Kirshner, Richard Brooks and Iggy Pop ; The Crow: Salvation ( 2000 ), starring Eric Mabius ( as The Crow ), Kirsten Dunst and Fred Ward ; and The Crow: Wicked Prayer ( 2005 ), starring Edward Furlong ( as The Crow ), David Boreanaz and Tara Reid.

2000 and became
Finally, however, after popular unrest Laurent Gbagbo became president and was sworn in on 26 October 2000.
Croatia became a World Trade Organization ( WTO ) member in 2000 and started the Accession of Croatia to the European Union in 2003.
Over decades, the size of daily strips became smaller and smaller, until by the year 2000, four standard daily strips could fit in an area once occupied by a single daily strip.
Until about 2000, users of Unix desktops regarded CDE as the de facto standard, but at that time, other desktop environments such as GNOME and K Desktop Environment 2 were quickly becoming mature, and became almost universal on the Linux platform, which already had a larger user base than most commercial Unixes in total.
Since 2000, with a struggling Gateway was taken over by eMachines, this left only Dell as Compaq's major competitor, however Dell became the number one supplier of PCs in 2001.
James became prime minister, serving until the February 2000 elections, when the Dominica United Workers Party ( DUWP ) was defeated by the Dominica Labour Party ( DLP ), led by Rosie Douglas.
The point became a giant asterisk ( a la Roger Maris ) following the 2000 presidential elections and the controversy over vote-counting.
The project became more formalized with the creation of a website in 1993, and followed up by a series of books starting in 2000, authored by Wendy Northcutt.
On January 21, 2000, during demonstrations in Quito by indigenous groups, the military and police refused to enforce public order, beginning what became known as the 2000 Ecuadorean coup d ' état.
She continued to enjoy steady success during the 1990s and 2000s ; her 2000 album A Day Without Rain sold 15 million copies, and became the top selling new age album of the 2000s in the US, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
By 2000, when web publishing of stories became more popular than zine publishing, thousands of media fanzines had been published ; over 500 of them were k / s zines.
When he retired from Virginia in 1994, he became Distinguished Research Professor at the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University until 2000.
In 2000 Guinea became embroiled in the instability which had long blighted the rest of West Africa as rebels crossed the borders with Liberia and Sierra Leone and it seemed for a time that the country was headed for civil war.
In 2000, the first commercial GPRS services were launched and the first GPRS compatible handsets became available for sale.
However, in 2000, HTML also became an international standard ( ISO / IEC 15445: 2000 ).
In 2000, all full-time company employees became town employees.
Starting with the arrival of humans around 2000 years ago, nearly all of the island's megafauna became extinct, including:
None of the early movies hint at the social activism that would become the hallmark of Keller's later life, although a Disney version produced in 2000 states in the credits that she became an activist for social equality.
She became first lady after her husband defeated Democrat Al Gore in the 2000 election.
Bush became the First Lady of Texas when her husband was elected as the Governor of Texas and served as first lady of that state from January 17, 1995, to December 21, 2000.
In April 2000, MINIX became free / open source software under a permissive free software license, but by this time other operating systems had surpassed its capabilities, and it remained primarily an operating system for students and hobbyists.
In April 2000 TeliaSonera entered the market with its own network under the brand of Moldcell and thus became the second carrier in the country.
In March 2000, he became Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks, a systems integration and consulting company.

2000 and romantically
The drummer for the diVINYLS sessions was Charley Drayton, who became romantically involved with Amphlett and from 2000 they have lived together in New York.
On the behest of producer John Yorke in 2000, Jim was paired romantically with pensioner Dot Cotton, played by June Brown ; a slow courtship was featured, with Dot often shown to be outraged by Jim's advances, resulting in numerous rejections.

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