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2001 and article
*" Lost Horizon: The sad and savage wit of A. E. Housman " New Yorker article ( 5 pages ) by Anthony Lane 19 February 2001
*" Former Military Astronaut Among Hijack Victims ", an article by Robert Pearlman on the SPACE. com website, dated September 16, 2001
* " The Internet in Ethiopia " ( 2001 article )
Stile Project, which won a Webby Award in 2000 for Weird site and was a People's Voice winner, evolved into a website with a lot of pornographic and extreme material ; Wired referred to the website as a " shock site " in a 2001 article.
* Encyclopedia, MS Encarta 2001, under article " Galatia ".
In a January 2001 article in Psychology Today Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett wrote:
In a July 2001 article for Scientific American titled " The Truth and the Hype of Hypnosis ", Michael Nash wrote:
For instance, on September 23, 2001, the BBC published an article that suggested Mihdhar and others named as hijackers were still at large.
In 2001, the journal Ugarit-Forschungen, Band 32 published the article " The First Inscription in Punic — Vowel Differences in Linear A and B " by Jan Best, claiming to demonstrate how and why Linear A notates an archaic form of Phoenician.
According to a 2001 article in U. S. News & World Report, Limbaugh had an eight-year contract, at the rate of $ 31. 25 million a year.
This article summarizes the events related to the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks during September of 2001.
The original 2001 Scientific American article by Berners-Lee described an expected evolution of the existing Web to a Semantic Web, but this has yet to happen.
The data in this article are based on the most recent Ukrainian Census, which was carried out in 2001, the CIA World Factbook, and the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine.
However, British documentary maker Iain Overton in 2001 published an article claiming that the story was true, identifying the soldier as Harry Band.
A 2001 New York Times article described the instrument as " a pianistic counterpart to the electric guitar " having a " shimmering, ethereal sound.
* " The Phantom Edit ", a Salon. com article by Daniel Kraus, November 5, 2001
* 2001 Changes in Strike Zone-St. Petersburg Times article.
Hanyok's conclusions were initially published within the NSA in the Winter 2000 / Spring 2001 Edition of Cryptologic Quarterly, about five years before they were revealed in the Times article.
According to a 2001 article in Variety, Dreamworks paid US $ 2. 6 million to acquire the rights to the novel from Warner Bros. for a proposed movie version starring and / or directed by Ben Stiller, although production was never begun.
The Onion published an article in 2001 mocking Sniglets as an obscure fad.
In 2001, Franklin County was featured in David Brooks ' article " One Nation, Slightly Divisible " in The Atlantic as a representative Red or Republican Party county.
For instance, the satiric newspaper The Onion published an article on the local music scene in 2001 entitled " Garage Band Actually Believes there is a ' Terre Haute Sound.
According to a November 2001 BBC article, in the previous two months, 100, 000 sweatshop workers in Bangladesh had lost their sweatshop jobs.
A 2001 Los Angeles Times article stated that their petition for incorporation arrived in Sacramento on August 22, 1957, " mere moments " before the petition that would have included them in the City of Duarte.

2001 and by
An all-star version of " America the Beautiful " performed by country singers Trace Adkins, Billy Dean, Vince Gill, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Toby Keith, Brenda Lee, Lonestar, Martina McBride, Jamie O ' Neal, Kenny Rogers and Keith Urban reached number 58 in July 2001.
The working principle of a yupana is unknown, but in 2001 an explanation of the mathematical basis of these instruments was proposed by Italian mathematician Nicolino De Pasquale.
* Animal ( 2001 film ), Argentine film by Sergio Bizzio with Carlos Roffé
* The Animal, 2001 US film by Luke Greenfield with Rob Schneider
* Anna Kournikova by Susan Holden ( 2001 ) ( ISBN 978-1-84222-416-8 / ISBN 978-1-84222-416-8 )
* Anna Kournikova ( Women Who Win ) by Connie Berman ( 2001 ) ( ISBN 978-0-7910-6529-7 / ISBN 978-0-7910-6529-7 )
Since 2001, the economic activity in the country is regulated by the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Republic.
According to estimates by the National Statistical Survey, the rate of labor emigration was twice as higher in 2001 and 2002.
U. S. Secretary of State Colin Powell launched the talks on April 3, 2001, and the negotiations continued with mediation by the U. S., Russia, and France until April 6, 2001.
After re-establishing its credibility in 1989, Australia underlined its superiority with victories in the 1990 – 91, 1993, 1994 – 95, 1997, 1998 – 99, 2001 and 2002 – 03 series, all by convincing margins.
The wicketkeeper-batsman position was held by Ian Healy for most of the 1990s and by Adam Gilchrist from 2001 to 2006 – 07.
In the United States, AES was announced by the NIST as U. S. FIPS PUB 197 ( FIPS 197 ) on November 26, 2001.
This episode was taken up by the modern Turkish writer Nedim Gürsel and made into the setting of his 2001 novel Le voyage de Candide à Istanbul.
Using Nevado Mismi, which in 2001 was labeled by the National Geographic Society as the Amazon's source, these scientists made new calculations of the Amazon's length.
American Airlines Flight 77 was a passenger flight which was hijacked by five al-Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001, as part of the September 11 attacks.
* Alexander, FM The Use of the Self, E. P. Dutton ( New York, 1932 ), republished by Orion Publishing, 2001, ISBN 0-7528-4391, ISBN 978-0-7528-4391-9
In the Australian Capital Territory, the Act of Settlement was, on 11 May 1989, converted, from an act of the Parliament of England into an ACT enactment, by section 34 ( 4 ) of the Australian Capital Territory ( Self-Government ) Act 1988 ( Cwlth ), and then renamed The Act of Settlement 1700 by the Legislation Act 2001.
Before the September 11, 2001 attacks, most hijackings involved the plane landing at a certain destination, followed by the hijackers making negotiable demands.
In a lecture in 2001, Stephen Hawking stated " The reason most scientists don't believe in astrology is because it is not consistent with our theories that have been tested by experiment.
In 2001, the team was led by two of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball: Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling.
A History of African Americans, by John Hope Franklin, Alfred Moss, McGraw-Hill Education 2001, standard work, first edition in 1947.

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