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2003 and was
He also performed the song on Red Sox opening day at Fenway Park in 2003, though the game was eventually rained out.
The largest structure ever made from adobe ( bricks ) was the Bam Citadel, which suffered serious damage ( up to 80 %) by an earthquake on December 26, 2003.
The first version of the robot was first developed back in 2003.
* STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH was a German defence company producing electronics until 2003
In 2003, the An Etymological Dictionary of the Altaic Languages was published by Starostin, Dybo, and Mudrak.
The first surviving edition ( bilingual Swedish – Esperanto ) was published in Sweden in 2003.
In the 1998 version, Alliaceae were a distinct family ; in the 2003 version, combining the Alliaceae with the Agapanthaceae and the Amaryllidaceae sensu stricto was recommended but optional ; in the 2009 version, only the broad circumscription of the Amaryllidaceae is allowed, with the Alliaceae reduced to a subfamily, Allioideae.
Kocharyan's re-election as president in 2003 was followed by widespread allegations of ballot-rigging.
"--- what Jesus ’ immortal spirit did after His death and before His Resurrection is a mystery to all but the Latter-day Saints ---" ( Elder Spencer J. Condie, Liahona ,-Church magazine – July, 2003 ) "--- unto the wicked he did not go, and among the ungodly and the unrepentant-- his voice was not raised.
A software-compatible clone of the Apple I ( Replica 1 ), produced using modern components, was released in 2003 at a price of around $ 200.
A record cold temperature of 450 ± 80 pK in a Bose – Einstein condensate ( BEC ) of sodium atoms was achieved in 2003 by researchers at MIT.
* In February 2003, the Boomerang Nebula was observed to have been releasing gases at a speed of 500, 000 km / h ( over 300, 000 mph ) for the last 1, 500 years.
In 2003 the medal was awarded to Valéry Giscard d ' Estaing.
Seeing Calgary and Edmonton are part of a single economic region as the TD study did in 2003 was novel.
The necessity to promote a healthier ecosystem for the people through the rehabilitation and regreening of the environment was stressed in Proclamation No. 643 that amended Proclamation No. 396 of June 2, 2003.
Adrian Hilton, writing in The Spectator in 2003, defended the Act of Settlement as not " irrational prejudice or blind bigotry " but claimed that it was passed because " the nation had learnt that when a Roman Catholic monarch is upon the throne, religious and civil liberty is lost.
AIX was a component of the 2003 SCO v. IBM lawsuit, in which the SCO Group filed a lawsuit against IBM, alleging IBM contributed SCO's intellectual property to the Linux codebase.
In 2003, author Graham Phillips hypothetically concluded that the Ark was taken to Mount Sinai in the Valley of Edom by the Maccabees.
He was enthroned at Canterbury Cathedral on 27 February 2003.
Also introduced in 2003 was the DB9 coupé, which replaced the ten-year-old DB7.
In 2003, a method was developed for predicting subcellular location of apoptosis proteins
Known as Larzac 2003, the gathering was held over three days in August and attracted an estimated 300. 000 people to a series of concerts and political forums.
The WSF became a periodic meeting: in 2002 and 2003 it was held again in Porto Alegre and became a rallying point for worldwide protest against the American invasion of Iraq.
Cindy went on to become an accomplished gymnast and in her 30s was three times world champion kitesurfer ( 2002, 2003 & 2004 ).
Additional improvements were made in Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and with the release of the latter the domain controller role was renamed Active Directory Domain Services.

2003 and heard
It was not until October 2003 that New Zealand law was changed to abolish appeals to the Privy Council in respect of all cases heard by the Court of Appeal of New Zealand after the end of 2003, in favour of a Supreme Court of New Zealand.
On Valentine ’ s Day, February 14, 2003, on the eve of the Iraqi invasion by the Americans and the British, Ono heard about a romantic couple holding a love-in protest in their tiny bedroom in Addingham, West Yorkshire.
After moving through lower courts, in September 2003, the U. S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case, McConnell v. FEC.
Oral argument was heard on October 9, 2002, and on January 15, 2003, the Supreme Court held the CTEA constitutional by a 7-2 decision.
In 1999 8, 400 applications were allocated to be heard, in 2003 it was 27, 200 cases, with approximately 65, 000 pending applications.
Bartender Peter Hamkin, 23, was arrested, in Merseyside, in March 2003 on an extradition warrant heard at Bow Street Magistrates ' Court in London to establish whether he should be taken to Italy to face a murder charge.
Blunden can also be heard on Memorial Tablet, an audiobook of readings by Sassoon issued in 2003.
On March 12, 2003, just over nine months after the abduction, Mitchell, who was now wanted by police for questioning, was spotted traveling with two companions in Sandy, Utah, by an alert biker who had heard of the kidnapping on America's Most Wanted the night before, and alerted police.
In November 2008, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Pleasant Grove City v. Summum, regarding whether Pleasant Grove should be allowed to have a privately donated Ten Commandments monument to be displayed on public property, must let the religion of Summum put up a monument to its " Seven Aphorisms " alongside, which it refused to do in 2003.
In 2000, he was heard on the soundtrack of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and in 2003 on that of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.
The San Francisco Symphony was the first to feature symphonic radio broadcasts in 1926, and in 2003 the Symphony was heard in syndicated radio broadcasts on over 300 radio stations.
Burke sang " Turn on Your Love Light " and " Down in the Valley " in the " Salute to the Blues " concert at New York's Radio City Music Hall on February 7, 2003, celebrating " the centennial of ' Father of the Blues ' W. C. Handy ’ s first, fortuitous encounter with ' the weirdest music I had ever heard ', a Tutwiler, Mississippi, black man ’ s sliding a knifeblade across guitar strings to sing about ' where the Southern cross the Dog '.
The latter she recorded during 1974 with her then producer David Mackay, but it was not heard publicly until 2003, when it re-surfaced on a retrospective collection entitled Cilla: The Best of 1963-78.
According to Pew Research, 40 % said in March 2003 that they had heard " too much " from people opposed to the war against 17 % who said " too little ".
On April 1, 2003 the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Grutter.
Colaiuta's studio work with Sting can be heard on Ten Summoner's Tales ( 1993 ), Mercury Falling ( 1996 ), three songs on Brand New Day ( 1999 ) and two songs on Sacred Love ( 2003 ).
A short excerpt was played on a documentary entitled Radio's Lost Property on 1 November 2003, with the complete programme heard on a BBC 7 compilation entitled Some of Our Archives were Missing on 29 May 2004 and again on 17 June 2008 to kick off a rerun of the entire series.
The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit heard the case on May 3, 2002, and announced on April 3, 2003 the decision that Yousef and his partners were to remain incarcerated.
Ravenscroft's voice can also be heard in the Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo, This was later changed because it sounded exactly like Tony the Tiger.
A Public Inquiry was held in September to November 2003, at which fifty objectors to the scheme were heard, Quiggins being prominent among them.
Jones can still be heard singing with them on two tracks of their 2003 release, NuBlu Sessions.
' Jews are dogs ,' was heard in the streets ( Reformatorisch Dagblad, March 1, 2003 )".
The band played a handful of gigs in 2001 – 2002 and released some excerpts of recorded music via the web but nothing further was heard of them after 2003.

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