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2005 and Dean
In Lewis's 2005 book Dean and Me ( A Love Story ), Lewis wrote of his kinship with Martin, who died in 1995.
Frank Kelly Freas ( 27 August 1922 – 2 January 2005 ), called the " Dean of Science Fiction Artists ", was an American science fiction and fantasy artist with a career spanning more than 50 years.
* Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Book One: Prodigal Son ( 2005 ).
* Dean Jobb, The Cajuns: A People's Story of Exile and Triumph, John Wiley & Sons, 2005 ( published in Canada as The Acadians: A People's Story of Exile and Triumph )
Dean later formed the activist organization Democracy for America and later was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee ( leader of the Democratic party ) in February 2005.
Deucalion is the name chosen by Frankenstein's monster in the 2005 book Dean Koontz's Frankenstein by Dean Koontz and Kevin J. Anderson.
Played by American actor Richard Dean Anderson, O ' Neill was a main character in the first eight seasons of Stargate SG-1 ( 1997 – 2005 ).
In 2005, the cartoonist and historian Pap Dean published Historic Natchitoches: Beauty of the Cane, a study of the history, people, and attractions of the historic city.
Until 2005 it was the home of Dean Foods ' Horizon Organic dairy.
In 2005, Clark County, Nevada renamed Industrial Road as Dean Martin Drive.
* Commentary on the Doctrine and Covenants ( 4 volumes ), 2000 – 2005 ( with H. Dean Garrett )
The DNC also relies on the monthly contributions of over 35, 000 small-dollar donors through what is known as the Democracy Bonds program, set up by Howard Dean in the summer of 2005.
In 2005, with the retirement of Provost William Ashby, the title of the Provost was changed to Dean and the College was placed under the leadership of Dr. Bruce Tiffney.
In the 2005 comedy film Waiting ... opens with Dean ( Justin Long ) saying " Thanks, Cochise " after he enters a house party and catches a beer tossed to him by Monty ( Ryan Reynolds ).
( For example, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was the Dean when he himself was elected Pope in 2005 ; thus the questions about acceptance and name came from the Sub-Dean, Cardinal Angelo Sodano.
Two recent deans have chosen to retire before dying, while eight were elected Pope, Anastasius IV, Lucius III, Gregory IX, Alexander IV Alexander VI, Paul III, Paul IV and most recently Benedict XVI ( Joseph Ratzinger, elected Pope in 2005, the first Dean to be so elevated since Pope Paul IV in 1555 ).
* Andrea Oppenheimer Dean and Timothy Hursley, ( 2005 ) " Proceed and Be Bold: Rural Studio After Samuel Mockbee ".
In February 2005 Honda was elected a vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee under the chairmanship of Howard Dean.
On 27 April 2005, he was elected to succeed Benedict XVI as Dean of the College of Cardinals by his fellow Cardinal Bishops.
On Ratzinger's election as Pope in the 2005 conclave, it fell to Sodano to perform the functions allotted to the Dean at the end of the conclave ( asking the pope-elect if he accepted the election, and then asking what name the new pope wanted to use ) and at Benedict XVI's Papal Inauguration.
In 2005 Byron Raphael and Presley biographer Alanna Nash wrote that Adams may have " swung both ways " like " Adams ' good pal ( and Elvis ' idol ) James Dean.
Lying on the Gulf of Mexico, Coatzacoalcos has been struck by several hurricanes and tropical storms such as: Hurricane Diana in August 1990, Hurricane Mitch in November 1998, Tropical Storm Larry in October 2003, Hurricane Stan in October 2005, Hurricane Dean in August 2007, Tropical Storm Marco in October 2008, Tropical Storm Hermine in early September 2010, Hurricane Karl in mid September 2010, Tropical Storm Matthew in late September 2010, and Hurricane Richard in October 2010.
Diana Mary Organ ( born 21 February 1952 ) is a British Labour Party politician, who was the Member of Parliament ( MP ) for Forest of Dean from 1997 to 2005.
She was Labour Party Member of Parliament for the Forest of Dean from the 1997 election until she stepped down at the 2005 election, citing changing family circumstances.

2005 and turned
( A concept explored by the artist Simon Starling, who turned a shed into a working boat and then back into a shed, winning him the 2005 Turner Prize.
The last modification to the Constitution on 27 November 2005 turned the city into a " community " ( hamaynk ); since, the Constitution declares that this community has to be led by a mayor, elected directly or indirectly, and that the city needs to be governed by a specific law.
Probably he and his own men did not realize the seriousness of the battle they had fought, as Matthew Bennett and his co-authors, in Fighting Techniques of the Medieval World ( 2005 ) says: " few battles are remembered 1, 000 years after they are fought [...] but the Battle of Tours is an exception [...] Charles Martel turned back a Muslim raid that had it been allowed to continue, might have conquered Gaul.
The incident was turned into a play by Bonnie Greer in 2005.
On May 29, 2005, French voters in the referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe turned down the proposed charter by a wide margin.
Dissatisfied with that status, Depp turned to film for more challenging roles ; he played the title character of Edward Scissorhands ( 1990 ) and later found box office success in films such as Sleepy Hollow ( 1999 ), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( 2005 ), Rango ( 2011 ) and the Pirates of the Caribbean film series ( 2003 – present ).
In 2005, 22-year-old beautician Clare Bernal was gunned down by her stalker and ex-boyfriend Michal Pech on the shopfloor of Harvey Nichols in front of colleagues and shoppers, before Pech fatally turned the gun on himself.
" He then launched the internet site SaveDisney. com in an attempt to preserve the integrity of the company and to oust Eisner, who resigned in 2005 after public opinion turned against him.
When Eisner stepped down in 2005, his replacement, Robert Iger, bought Pixar in a $ 7. 4 billion all-stock deal ($ in today's dollars ) that turned Steve Jobs into Disney's largest individual shareholder.
In 2005 the Fountain turned up in the DC Comics series Day of Vengeance.
In 2005, Miller's life story was turned into a musical, Six Pictures Of Lee Miller, with music and lyrics by British composer Jason Carr.
Norman turned 50 in February 2005, but has kept his distance from the senior golf circuit.
On 29 May 2005, French voters in the referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe turned down the proposed document by a wide margin.
The decision turned out to be expensive: around 8 billion francs for the three stations, equivalent to € 1. 2 billion in 2005 terms, with the two-level Auber the costliest of the three.
* 2005: Simon Starling wins the Turner Prize for Shedboatshed, a wooden shed which he had turned into a boat, floated down the Rhine and turned back into a shed again.
This series of events forms the basis of Les Rois Maudits ( The Accursed Kings ), a series of historical novels written by Maurice Druon between 1955 and 1977, which was also turned into two French television miniseries in 1972 and 2005.
In November 2003, having turned down an offer of a Shadow Cabinet post from the incoming Conservative leader Michael Howard, Portillo announced that he would not seek re-election and he left the House of Commons at the 2005 general election.
The 2005 United States Grand Prix turned out to be one of the most controversial races in motorsport history.
On 17 April 2009, a whistleblower ( former FSA employee ) alleged that the FSA had turned a blind eye to the explosion in purchases of whole sale loans taken on by various UK building societies from 2005 onwards.
2005 was the only season the Thunder turned a profit, making $ 6, 000 which was immediately paid in taxes to the state of Minnesota.
Pursuant to Base Realignment and Closure ( BRAC ) 2005 action, the 440 AW relocated to Pope AFB, North Carolina in 2007 and the former AFRC facilities were turned over to the Air National Guard, resulting in the installation's renaming.
Incidentally, the director of Grandi, Brynjólfur Bjarnason, who oversaw what was Davíð ’ s first privatisation, later became the director of the Icelandic Telephone Company which turned out to be Davíð ’ s last privatisation in government ( 2005 ).
Vasiliy Aleksanyan, former vice-chairman of the company, who is suffering from Aids, was released on bail in January 2009 after being held in inhuman conditions condemned by the European Court of Human Rights. 3 Lastly, Svetlana Bakhmina, deputy head of Yukos's legal department, who was sentenced in 2005 to six and a half years ' imprisonment for tax fraud, saw her application for early release turned down in October 2008, even though she had served half of her sentence, had expressed " remorse " and was seven months pregnant.
On June 19, 2005, Raven turned face and fulfilled his self-proclaimed destiny when he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary ( by taking Jeff Jarrett's place after Jarrett attacked a fan from the crowd earlier that night and got arrested ), defeating A. J.

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