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2008 and Robyn
In January 2009 Robyn won a Swedish Grammis award for Best Live Act 2008.
Robyn performing live at the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize concert
The Rakamonie EP was released in January 2008 under Cherrytree Records, a subsidiary of Interscope, and the US edition of Robyn was released in April 2008.
Robyn completed a short US tour to promote Robyn, and was the supporting act for Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour at select European dates in 2008.
In January 2009, Robyn won a Swedish Grammis Award for Best Live Act 2008 ; in her acceptance speech, she said that Madonna was to thank for the prize.
It has been covered by other artists including Sting, Bobby Darin, Jose Feliciano, The Fall, Neil Young, Jeff Beck, The Bee Gees, Robyn Hitchcock, Chris Cornell, Phish and since 2008, by McCartney in his live performances.
He also appeared as a porn-shop owner in one episode of the 2003 ABC-TV sitcom Welcher & Welcher which starred Shaun Micallef and Robyn Butler and appeared as himself in the DVD-extras of the ABC-TV sitcom Very Small Business ( 2008 ) which starred Wayne Hope and Kym Gyngell.
* Requiem ( Young novel ), a 2008 historical fiction novel by Robyn Young
In autumn of 2008, Dr. Robyn Barbiers, formerly the Vice President for Collections at The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, became The Society's new President.

2008 and Meredith
# Shprits, Y. Y., S. R. Elkington, N. P. Meredith, and D. A. Subbotin ( 2008 ), " Review of modeling of losses and sources of relativistic electrons in the outer radiation belts ," J. Atmos.
" Joseph Meredith died in 2008 at age 39 of complications from lupus.
* Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum ( 2008 )
* In 2008 the Winnipesaukee Playhouse purchased the former Annalee Dolls factory in Meredith.
They adopted their second child, a daughter named Meredith, in November 2008.
Kagan's first book, What's Possible !, was released in 2008 by Meredith Books, and was described by the Associated Press as " stories about people who overcame obstacles to achieve dreams.
In 2008, Meredith was named by Professional Remodeler magazine as one of the 11 most influential people in the history of remodeling.
Haynes married his third wife Meredith Fletcher on April 16, 2008.
The system was codeveloped by Alex Dobay ' 08 and Meredith Allenick ' 08, and the winning house receives the Dobay Cup, named after Alex Dobay, who died of cancer in August 2008.
* 2008: Miss Rikki Mawad / Mr Robert Meredith *
Nady's wife, Meredith, had their first child, Xavier Henry Nady VII, on July 15, 2008 .< ref >

2008 and Forbes
According to the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's largest companies in 2008, Canada had 69 companies in the list, ranking 5th next to France.
According to the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's largest companies in 2008, Mexico had 16 companies in the list.
Forbes placed the Eagles fans first in its 2008 survey, which was based on the correlation between team performance and fan attendance.
According to a survey by Forbes magazine, Istanbul, Turkey's financial capital, had a total of 28 billionaires as of March 2010 ( down from 34 in 2008 ), ranking 4th in the world behind New York City ( 60 billionaires ), Moscow ( 50 billionaires ), and London ( 32 billionaires ).
For the year of 2008, Forbes listed Aniston's earnings as $ 27 million.
Lexington was named the 4th best city for " Businesses and Careers " in 2011 by Forbes Magazine, the 5th best city for Young Professionals in 2008 and 6th Best Value Cities 2011 by Kiplinger.
In 2008, Forbes magazine ranked Miami " America's Cleanest City ", for its year-round good air quality, vast green spaces, clean drinking water, clean streets and city-wide recycling programs.
In 2008, Forbes magazine published an informal list of the World's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, assembled after consulting with law enforcement agencies around the world.
In 2008, Forbes magazine listed both Chaleo and Mateschitz as the 260th richest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $ 5 billion.
Omsk was ranked by Forbes as the 6th-best city in Russia for business in 2008, an improvement over its 20th-place ranking the previous year.
Bolstered by low crime rates and school districts with high graduation rates, Forbes Magazine ranked Ozaukee County # 2 on its list of " America's Best Places To Raise A Family " in June, 2008.
In 2008, Tampa was ranked as the 5th best outdoor city by Forbes.
In 2008, Forbes Magazine ranked Geauga County as the fourth best place in America to raise a family.
On May 3, 2008, at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, De La Hoya fought Steve Forbes ( 33 – 5 ) in a tuneup for a possible rematch with Mayweather.
In June 2008, Hamilton County was named America ’ s Best Place to Raise a Family by Forbes. com due to its strong economy, affordable living, top-ranked schools, and close proximity to Indianapolis.
The influx of high earning professionals increased the average income to a point where Forbes. com named it as the 13th wealthiest county in the United States in terms of median household income for 2008.
In addition to winning various national and regional awards, Chattanooga was the profile city of the August 2007 edition of US Airways Magazine, Volkswagen announced the construction of its first U. S. auto plant in over three decades, the Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant, in July 2008, Chattanooga was ranked 8th out of America's 100 largest metro areas for the best " Bang For Your Buck " city, according to Forbes magazine, which measured overall affordability, housing rates, and more, in December 2009, and got the first one gigabit a second Internet service in the United States in September 2010 through the city-owned utility of EPB, among other major events.
In a 2008 nationwide survey, Forbes magazine ranked Lake Havasu City " The Least Educated City in America ", coming up last in the number of college graduates living in the city.
According to Forbes Magazine, San Martin is rated as one of the country's most expensive zip codes with a median home price of $ 824, 390 in 2010, despite a drop in home value of almost 20 % from 2008.
* In a study released on July 30, 2009 by Forbes. com, Winthrop Harbor's North Point Marina was reported as the seventh most polluted beach in the United States based on samples taken in 2008.
Since then Fishers has won numerous awards including Best Affordable Suburb by BusinessWeek Magazine ( 2007 ), Best Place in the Country to Raise a Family by Forbes Magazine ( 2008 ), and Best Place to Raise Kids by BusinessWeek. com ( 2010 ).
It is home to Wabash College, which was ranked by Forbes as # 12 in the United States for undergraduate studies in 2008.
" North Potomac was also named the 16th most affluent U. S. neighborhood by Forbes in 2008.
In 2008, Forbes listed Vineland as the 2nd least-educated city in the country, behind Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
In 2008, Forbes listed West Windsor as the 15th most affluent neighborhood in the U. S ..

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