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2008 and Pakistani
* 1941 – Karam ud Din, Pakistani Navy officer ( d. 2008 )
CIA officials became concerned in 2008 that targets in Pakistan were being tipped off to pending U. S. drone strikes by Pakistani intelligence, when the U. S. requested Pakistani permission prior to launching drone attacks.
The Bush administration therefore decided in August 2008 to abandon the practice of obtaining Pakistani government permission before launching missiles from drones, and in the next six months the CIA carried out at least 38 Predator strikes in northwest Pakistan, compared with 10 in 2006 and 2007 combined.
By May 2010, counter-terrorism officials said that drone strikes in the Pakistani tribal areas had killed more than 500 militants since 2008, and no more than 30 ( 5 %) nearby civilians — mainly family members who lived and traveled with the targets.
The municipality covers 26 km², with a total population of 20, 687 ( 2008 ), many of whom are Pakistani, African, Arab, or Turkish immigrants.
* Security specialist Shaun Gregory argued in an article that terrorists have attacked Pakistani nuclear facilities three times in the recent past ; twice in 2007 and once in 2008.
* Culture, Politics Hinder U. S. Effort to Bolster Pakistani Border Washington Post March 30, 2008
Previously known as the Islamabad International Airport, it was renamed after the late Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yusuf Raza Gillani on 21 June 2008 .< ref >
In February 2008, he raised the question of inter-cousin marriage as a cause of the high incidence of disability within predominantly Pakistani culture.
When Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui, a suspected al-Qaeda member, was arrested in Afghanistan in July 2008, she had in her handbag handwritten notes referring to a " mass casualty attack " that listed various U. S. locations, including the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.
In September 2008, Geo TV broadcast a show, Aalim Online, presented by Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, a former minister for religious affairs in which the followers of the Ahmadiyya sect were labelled " liable for death " by the Pakistani Muslim scholars.
Pakistani Missiles on display at the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar | IDEAS 2008 defence exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan.
In the 2008 competition in March, Inzamam captained the Lahore Badshahs, composed entirely of Pakistani cricketers.
* Minute Maid entered the Pakistani market in 2008.
During Mumbai attack by Pakistani terrorists on 26 November 2008, Youth Morcha demanded the resignation of the current Indian defiance minister A. K. Antony.
Between May 11 – 21, 2008, Pakistani warships PNS Badr ( D-182 ), PNS Shahjahan ( D 186 ), and PNS Nasr ( A-47 ), as well as the Pakistan Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, participated in Exercise Inspired Union, an multi-national exercises in the North Arabian Sea that also included the American destroyers and.
Kasab has been sentenced to death for attacking Mumbai and killing 166 people on 26 November 2008 along with nine Pakistani terrorists.
It was formed in May 2008 in response to a series of highly-publicised racist assaults against Pakistani migrants and English travellers in Aberdeen.
The American edition of her third anthology And The World Changed: Contemporary Stories by Pakistani Women was published with an expanded introduction and new headwords by The Feminist Press at CUNY and won in the United States and the 2009 IPPY ( Independent Publisher of the Year ) Gold Award and the 2008 Foreword Magazine Book of The Year Bronze Award-both for the best anthology by an independent publisher.
* And The World Changed: Contemporary Stories by Pakistani Women ( 2008 ) ( US edition ) ISBN 978-1-55861-580-9
However, in 2008, several residents in Mongbwalu reported witnessing FNI militias being resupplied by Pakistani UN peacekeepers.
" In the 2008 indie romantic comedy " Shades of Ray " he plays the overbearing Pakistani father to a half-Pakistani, half-Caucasian Zachary Levi in the midst of questioning his prior policy of only dating white women.
The party decided to boycott the Pakistani general election, 2008

2008 and religious
In 2008, Bardot was convicted of inciting racial / religious hatred in relation to a letter she wrote, a copy of which she sent to Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Interior Minister of France.
* 2008 – Kathleen Baskin-Ball, American religious figure ( b. 1958 )
* 2008 – Joseph B. Wirthlin, American religious figure ( b. 1917 )
2008 saw a new twist to Lebanese politics when the Doha Agreement set a new trend where the opposition is allowed a veto power in the Lebanese Council of Ministers and confirmed religious Confessionalism in the distribution of political power.
In 2008, the organizers of an APA panel on the relationship between religion and homosexuality canceled the event after gay activists objected that " conversion therapists and their supporters on the religious right use these appearances as a public relations event to try and legitimize what they do.
* In the 2008 movie The Librarian, the religious mention of the Tree of Life is clearly seen in parts with a Crusade-era picture of a knight with his shield in that of the Tree of Life.
* A scene in the 2008 Tamil film Dasavathaaram shows the fictitious events of religious tensions between the Shaivists and the Vaishnavites in the Chola Kingdom ( present-day Tamil Nadu, India ).
** Gordon B. Hinckley, American religious leader ( d. 2008 )
As of 2008, the group has over 4000 members who are " scientists, teachers, clergy, and citizens with diverse religious affiliations.
From 2008 to 2010 conservative groups, linked to religious institutions, managed to collect 150, 000 signatures to call a referendum to decline unions between same-sex couples.
The results of a study of the genetics of the Iberian Peninsula released in December 2008 " attest to a high level of religious conversion ( whether voluntary or enforced ) driven by historical episodes of religious intolerance, which ultimately led to the integration of descendants.
Following his January 2008 retirement as a religious leader and pressure from party insiders, on 4 March 2008, Paisley announced that he would stand down as DUP leader and First Minister of Northern Ireland in May 2008.
Another branch of this museum opened in July 2008 at the historical site of Old Goa with a collection of religious statues.
In January 2008, Whitmore appeared in television commercials for the First Freedom First campaign, which advocates preserving " the separation of church and state " and protecting religious liberty.
* Matsutani, Minoru, " Soka Gakkai keeps religious, political machine humming ", Japan Times, 2 December 2008, p. 3
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ( Sanskrit ) ( 12 January 1918 – 5 February 2008 ), born Mahesh Prasad Varma, developed the Transcendental Meditation technique and was the leader and guru of the Transcendental Meditation movement characterized in multiple ways including as a new religious movement and as non-religious.
Until Dec. 31, 2008, religious marriages could not be performed until the couple had first married in a civil ceremony.
Beginning in 2008, a number of Berenstain Bears titles of a specifically religious nature have been released by Mike Berenstain.
Burlington is the home of the 2007 – 2008 Capuchin Franciscan Novitiate for Friars in Formation for religious life.
The prison also held members of religious minorities including members of the Bahá ' í Faith — on May 14, 2008, members of an informal body that oversaw the needs of the Bahá ' í community in Iran were arrested and taken to Evin prison.
As of December 31, 2008, there are 18, 838 Protestants, 7, 375 Roman Catholics and 10, 234 who are either in another religion or not religious.

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