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2008 and U
* 2008 – A commercial bus carrying Vietnamese Catholics crashed off a bridge of U. S. 75 near Sherman, Texas killing 17.
* 2008 – ATA Airlines, once one of the 10 largest U. S. passenger airlines and largest charter airline, files for bankruptcy for the second time in 5 years and ceases all operations.
Caltech manages research expenditures of $ 270 million annually, 66th among all universities in the U. S. and 17th among private institutions without medical schools for 2008.
In May 2008, the NLCC and The JAM Brands announced a partnership to produce The U. S. Finals-Final Destination.
A study published in 2011 by the U. S. Department of Education found that " From 2000 to 2008, the percentage of undergraduates enrolled in at least one distance education class expanded from 8 percent to 20 percent, and the percentage enrolled in a distance education degree program increased from 2 percent to 4 percent.
The songs " Girl U Want " and " Through Being Cool " were released as downloadable content for the video game Rock Band on August 19, 2008.
Since 2008, the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators ( IABTI ) have sponsored a nationwide charity campaign in the U. S., building beeping Easter eggs every year for visually impaired children.
The U. S. Supreme Court upheld the 8th Circuit Court's decision by declining to hear the case in June 2008.
In autumn 2008, the Montana Lottery, one of only four U. S. states to legalize sports betting, began offering fantasy sports wagering for the first time.
In 2008, NIST eliminated several other FIPS code standards, including those for countries ( FIPS 10-4 ), U. S. states ( FIPS 5-2 ), and counties ( FIPS 6-4 ).
In 2008, a Pakistani religious leader issued a fatwā on President Asif Ali Zardari for " indecent gestures " toward Sarah Palin, U. S. Vice Presidential candidate.
It was named Money magazine's Best Place to Live in the U. S. in 2006, # 2 in 2008, and # 6 in 2010.
Pertinent to a non-partisan study on the 2008 U. S. Presidential election, the Population Reference Bureau, a demographic research organization based in Washington, D. C., cited Generation X birth years as falling between 1965-1982.
In 2008, the U. S. Supreme Court overturned a Washington, D. C. law that required handguns to be locked or otherwise kept inoperative within the home, saying that this " makes it impossible for citizens to use them for the core lawful purpose of self-defense.
* Belize / Guatemala ICJ Compromis Signed at OAS in Washington, D. C. on 8 December 2008 and Compromis and Videos and U. S. Congratulations and U. K. Congratulations and Photographs and Compromis for Christmas of 8 December 2008 and Belize Leading Counsel of 19 December 2008
The Greens founded the first international chapter of a German political party in the U. S. on April 13, 2008 at the Goethe-Institut in Washington D. C. Its main goal is " to provide a platform for politically active and green-oriented German citizens, in and beyond Washington D. C., to discuss and actively participate in German Green politics.
In spite of the amount spent on health care in the U. S., according to a 2008 Commonwealth Fund report, the United States ranks last in the quality of health care among developed countries.
The Canadian and U. S. holdings were transferred to of NRDC Equity Partners ' portfolio company, Hudson's Bay Trading Company, as of the fall of 2008.
* The January 15, 2008, bombing of a U. S. Embassy vehicle in Beirut.
In the 2008 U. S. Women's Chess Championship, she lost by one second on time controls in a playoff with IM and WGM Anna Zatonskih.

2008 and .
Burton ( 2008 ) argues that Lincoln's republicanism was taken up by the Freedmen as they were emancipated.
There are large gaps in the fossil record but the discovery of a proto-frog from the Early Permian in Texas in 2008 provided a missing link with many of the characteristics of modern frogs.
Retrieved on 12 November 2008.
* ANGOLA LIVRO BRANCO SOBRE AS ELEIÇÕES DE 2008. http :// www. kas. de / proj / home / pub / 8 / 2 / year-2009 / dokument_id-17396 / index. html
Angola's Parliamentary Elections in 2008.
A Country on its Way to One-Party-Democracy, KAS Auslandsinformationen 10 / 2008.
Following French President Nicolas Sarkozy's visit in 2008, relations have improved.
In 2008, it was discovered that the inactivation of only two genes in one species of annual plant leads to the conversion into a perennial plant.
A literature review by Michael McCullough and Camile Farah, published in the Australian Dental Journal in 2008, focused on a possible connection between mouthwashes that contain alcohol, and an increased risk of oral cancer.
The debate continues unabated – e. g. S. Georg 2004, A. Vovin 2005, S. Georg 2005 ( anti-Altaic ); S. Starostin 2005, V. Blažek 2006, M. Robbeets 2007, A. Dybo and G. Starostin 2008 ( pro-Altaic ).
2003, A. Dybo and G. Starostin 2008 ).
* George Starostin ( A. Dybo and G. Starostin 2008 ).

2008 and N
Chad successfully manages to repel the rebel movements, but recently, with some losses ( see Battle of N ' Djamena ( 2008 )).
In an interview with the magazine N ' Digo published in late June 2008, he spoke of today's mainstream urban music seemingly relishing the addictive euphoria of materialism and sexism, perhaps being the primary cause of many people harboring resentment towards the genre and its future.
* 2008: The Edge of Love starring Matthew Rhys as the poet, directed by John Maybury, written by Sharman Macdonald, and drawing on David N. Thomas ' book Dylan Thomas: A Farm, Two Mansions and a Bungalow.
* Giovanni, George di ( 2008 ), " Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi ", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Edward N. Zalta ( ed .).
Simmons joined Kid Rock's 2008 Rock N Roll Revival Tour, performing " It's Like That ", " It's Tricky ", " You Be Illin '", " Run's House ", " Here We Go ", " King of Rock " and " Walk This Way " with Kid Rock.
* Taylor, N. with Karin T ( 2008 ).
* March 7 – M. N. Nambiar, Indian film actor ( d. 2008 )
* Tomilin, N. V. 2008.
* Robert N. Stavins ( 2008 ).
Technicals have been used by both sides in the war in Chad, including at the 2006 and 2008 battles of N ' Djamena.
# Shprits, Y. Y., S. R. Elkington, N. P. Meredith, and D. A. Subbotin ( 2008 ), " Review of modeling of losses and sources of relativistic electrons in the outer radiation belts ," J. Atmos.
In November 2008, the Bolivian U. N. contingent of peacekeeping troops in Congo DR was relocated to safety, as at least one other regional state was also reviewing its own mission's security.
* Weil, David N. ( 2008 ) Economic Growth 2nd ed.
* J. N. Bearden, and T. Connolly, ( 2008 ), On optimal satisficing: How simple policies can achieve excellent results.
In a study in 2008, a group of nautiluses ( N. pompilius ) were given food as a bright blue light flashed until they began to associate the light with food, extending their tentacles every time the blue light was flashed.
* Far-Reaching U. S. Plan Impaired N. Korea Deal, Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, September 26, 2008.
The long awaited Guns N ' Roses album Chinese Democracy was finally released in 2008, but only went platinum and failed to come close to the success of the band's late 1980s and early 1990s material.
", N. Y. 2008
The Polish version of Nickelodeon had launched on July 10, 2008 in Platform N, replacing a Polish feed of Nickelodeon Russia that was banned in 2002.
S & N were taken over by Heineken in 2008.
* Lund, N. W. ( 2008 ).
6257, the Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008, had four co-sponsors, all Republicans: Michael N. Castle of Delaware, Mike Ferguson of New Jersey, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, and Christopher Shays of Connecticut.
The Allman Brother's Dickey Betts joined Kid Rock as part of his Rock N Roll Revival Tour in 2008 and Lynyrd Skynyrd opened for him.
Texts and translations, edited by Eckart Schütrumpf ; translators Peter Stork, Jan van Ophuijsen, and Susan Prince, Piscataway, N. J., Transaction Publishers, 2008

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