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2009 and highway
In 2009, the North Carolina Department of Transportation began widening 1. 1 miles of U. S. 421 ( King Street ) to a four to six-lane divided highway with a raised concrete median from U. S. 321 ( Hardin Street ) to east of N. C. 194 ( Jefferson Road ), including a new entrance and exit to the new Watauga High School, at a cost of $ 16. 2 million.
The government has pledged 15 billion CFAF in 2009 to fund road safety, and has pledged to create a national road security agency to control highway traffic.
In 2009 the operator Denby Transport designed and built a 25. 25 metre long B-Train ( or B-Double ) semi-trailer truck called the Denby Eco-Link to show the benefits of such a vehicle, which were a reduction in road accidents and result in less road deaths, a reduction in emissions due to the one tractor unit still being used and no further highway investment being required.
A 2009 meeting between the heads of state of Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan paved the way for a new highway through Tajikistan.
The Delaram-Zaranj highway was constructed with Indian assistance and was inaugurated in January 2009.
After being placed on the list of endangered World Heritage Sites in 2006, the city had its status as world heritage site formally removed in June 2009, for the wilful breach of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, due to the construction of a highway bridge across the valley within 2 km of the historic centre.
In 2009, Natalbany was among the first communities in Louisiana to get Louisiana's new black-and-white state highway shields.
The highway was resigned as Interstate 64 from the Daniel Boone Bridge to Interstate 70 in Wentzville in 2009.
Since then, aided by the destruction of a number of large arms smuggling vessels that belonged to the LTTE, and an international crackdown on the funding for the Tamil Tigers, the government took control of the entire area previously controlled by the Tamil Tigers, including their de-facto capital Kilinochchi, main military base Mullaitivu and the entire A9 highway, leading the LTTE to finally admit defeat on 17 May 2009.
On January 27, 2009, the provincial government announced that the extension would be a tolled highway but owned by the province and with tolls set by the province.
In 2009, Highway 33 became the site of the first modern roundabout on a provincial highway west of Picton.
* In 2009 Guiyang added a modern orbital expressway to its highway network.
It was reported that on 21 November 2009 a bomb going off along the Takhar Kunduz highway killed a child and injured two others.
On October 29, 2009, Governor Daniels and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Indiana / Ohio state line opening the new US-24 highway from SR-101 near Woodburn, Indiana to Route 424 near Defiance, Ohio.
Of these vehicles, only were 140 trucks that used the segment of highway in 2009.
With the exception of a four-mile ( 6 km ) expansion in 2009, the highway is six lanes wide for its entire length.
In 2009, CP24 became the first and only station in Canada to introduce a new Beat The Traffic system showing a three-dimensional animated map displaying traffic flow, roadwork, accidents and current highway travel times.
Between Caboolture and the Gateway Motorway, the highway has been widened to eight and six lanes since 2001, including the Dohles Rocks Road to Boundary Road section in October 2004, the Boundary Road to Uhlmann Road section in March 2007, and the latest section Uhlmann Road to Bribie Island Road in November 2009.
In early 2009, another interchange was agreed upon to be added to Highway 91 just south of the ' S ' curve in Richmond, connecting Nelson Road to the highway.
In 2009, MDOT measured 7, 642 vehicles including 138 trucks along M-86 in Centreville, the highest traffic levels along the whole highway.
This section of the highway had the highest traffic count with 9, 088 vehicles in 2009.
Phase II north from Cartwright Junction will be Route 530, and a ferry service currently connects Cartwright with Happy Valley-Goose Bay, which was intended to be removed after the highway is completed, achieved in mid-December 2009.
Transportation Minister Tom Hedderson had made the announcement of the impending completion of the highway connection between Cartwright and Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 in the legislature.

2009 and Missouri
* 1986 – Tara Osseck, American model, Miss Missouri 2009
The, scoreboard surpasses the screen that opened in 2009 at the renovated Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri as the world's largest.
Brockovich assisted in the filing of a lawsuit against Prime Tanning Corp. of St. Joseph, Missouri in April 2009.
* Hermann Stadium ; St. Louis, Missouri ( 2009 ) 1 game in North American SuperLiga
The record was broken again by the Iron Barley restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri, with a BLT measuring, and is currently held by Bentley Dining Services for their 2009 attempt, measuring.
On December 7, 2009, Interstate 64 was complete in its entire length in Missouri from the Poplar Street Bridge to I-70 in Wentzville.
Cora Hubbard, who was 20 at the time, John Sheets, a 23-year-old from Missouri, and 31-year-old Albert Whitfield “ Whit ” Tennison robbed the Mcdonald County Bank stealing a total of $ 589. 23 ( the equivalent of $ 15, 700 in 2009 on the Consumer Price Index scale ).
Ramp meters were installed along Interstate 435 in Overland Park, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri in 2009, and are scheduled to go into effect on November 24, 2009.
In November 2009, the Cassville High School Wildcats football team won their second consecutive Missouri Class 3 State Football Championship by defeating Bowling Green, 24-7.
In June 2009, Norborne, Missouri got hit by straight-line winds in excess of 74 mph ( miles per hour ) which severely damaged buildings, homes and property.
In Fall 2009, the Missouri A + Program was installed at Bunceton School.
The track team has also been successful by winning the Missouri State Championship in 2009.
Lebanon is part of the historic U. S. Route 66 in Missouri and has hosted tourism-related businesses such as the Munger-Moss Motel ( still extant ) and Wrink's Market ( closed 2009, its founder Glen Wrinkle deceased 2007, building now houses D. C. Decker ’ s Cowboy Emporium ).
Cora Hubbard, who was 20 at the time, John Sheets, a 23-year-old from Missouri, and 31-year-old Albert Whitfield “ Whit ” Tennison robbed the Mcdonald County Bank stealing a total of $ 589. 23 ( the equivalent of $ 15, 700 in 2009 on the Consumer Price Index scale ).
Town and Country has the highest median household income ($ 134, 387 in 2009 ) of any city in Missouri with population over 10, 000 and also has one of the highest median incomes of any city in the United States.
In July 2009, a group of residents calling themselves " University City citizens for Transparency and Accountability " said they would begin collecting the 2, 233 signatures necessary to have the State of Missouri audit the City's finances.
The Missouri General Assembly, in the 2008 legislative session, enacted legislation, to take effect in August 2009, which included language similar to Valley Park's unlawful employment ordinance, to be enforced by the Missouri Attorney General.
The Missouri Department of Transportation ( MoDOT ) and St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic ( DHT ) will begin construction of Route 141 in Chesterfield in 2009.
The Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation nominated the house where the couple stayed, at 34th Street and Oak Ridge Drive, for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places on February 13, 2009.
Missouri State University won the University Economic Development Association ’ s ( UEDA ) 2009 Award of Excellence for their work on IDEA Commons at the UEDA annual symposium.
In October 2009, the Missouri State University Panhellenic received the Risk Management Award at the National Panhellenic Conference Annual Meeting.

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