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Hole and Heart
While usually harmless, Mike is not above using underhanded tactics to get his way — in A Hole in the Heart ( series 3 ), he steals a story from Marty because viewers are responding positively to it, while in Addicted to Fame, he demands that Geoffrey's television show be cancelled because he is jealous of the attention his friend is getting.
In A Hole in the Heart, Brooke discovers she is pregnant to a former boyfriend and is bribed into having an abortion by a new hosting offer.
He is Mike's major antagonist on the team, often baiting him about sensitive topics, such as the supposedly anti-Semitic golf club of which Mike is a member ( A Hole in the Heart ), or whenever Mike's public appearances end in disaster.
Other appearances include: John Hewson in The Soufflé Rises ( series 1 ); Pat Cash in The Desert Angel ; Cheryl Kernot in We Ain't Got Dames ( series 1 ); Bert Newton ; Amanda Keller and Anne Fulwood in This Night of Nights ( series 1 ); Glenn Ridge in Add Sex and Stir and Office Mole ( series 2 ); Glenn Robbins and Molly Meldrum in Add Sex and Stir, George Negus in Add Sex and Stir and Dick on the Line ( series 3 ) and Ian Baker-Finch in A Hole in the Heart.
His 2004 film, the controversial A Hole in My Heart, is more an experimental film than a traditional narrative, and he has said it is intentionally designed to be off-putting to the audience.
Memfis ' CEO and producer Lars Jönsson seeks to establish long-term working relationships with directors, and support even less commercially oriented projects, such as Moodysson's A Hole in My Heart and Container.
* A Hole in My Heart ( Ett hål i mitt hjärta ) ( 2004 )
| style =" text-align: center ;"| 1997 || " Trippin ' on a Hole in a Paper Heart " || Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance ||
Lauper contributed a track called " Hole in My Heart ( All the Way to China )" but the song was not included on the soundtrack.
The Japanese edition of the CD includes the single " Hole In My Heart ( All The Way To China )" as the final track.
" Hole in My Heart ( All the Way to China )" is a song recorded by pop singer Cyndi Lauper for her 1988 film Vibes.
# " Hole in My Heart ( All the Way to China )" ( Richard Orange )
# " Hole in My Heart ( All the Way to China )" ( Richard Orange )
# " Hole in My Heart ( All the Way to China )" ( Richard Orange )
While in STP, Kretz has kept somewhat of a low profile but still contributed to the band's songwriting, most notably writing the music to the band's 1996 hit " Trippin ' on a Hole in a Paper Heart.
The band soon commenced work on their ambitious first full-length recording, pulling inspiration from sources as diverse as Jamaican reggae, Disney's movie The Black Hole and Bonnie Tyler's " Total Eclipse of the Heart ".
The band first gained national prominence in Australia through the song " Hole Around My Heart " from their Somewhere You're Alone recording.
* " On A Bridge / Hole Around My Heart "-Phantom / MGM ( 4 February 2002 )
The 2002 Lilya 4-ever ( Lilja 4-ever ) is a dark, tragic story about trafficking in human beings, and the 2004 A Hole in My Heart ( Ett hål i mitt hjärta ) deals with an amateur porn movie recording, causing some controversy due to its shocking and disturbing footage.
Then came their second, " Hole in my Heart ", in 2002 via the Cambridge based independent record label, Repeat Records, leading the band to tour extensively around the UK for six weeks.
* A Hole in My Heart ( Lukas Moodysson )
Fair use in A Hole in My Heart:
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# REDIRECT A Hole in My Heart

Hole and part
In August and September 2008, as part of the Riverside Project, Julian Richards and Mike Pitts excavated Aubrey Hole 7, removing the cremated remains from several Aubrey Holes that had been excavated by Hawley in the 1920s, and re-interred in 1935.
The Tetons, as well as the valley west of the Teton Range known today as Pierre's Hole, may have been named by French speaking Iroquois or French Canadian trappers that were part of Mackenzie's party.
Clough is a northern dialect word for a steep sided, wooded valley ; a large part of Boggart Hole Clough is made up of these valleys and is said to be inhabited by boggarts.
The county was named for Goshen Hole, a valley in the southwest part of the county At least four conflicting stories are available for the origin of the name Goshen Hole.
Big Hole, Hole-in-the-Ground, and Fort Rock are ancient maar craters in the northwestern part of the county.
* Toad Hole Cove – A small bay at the southwest part of Point Peninsula.
A little before Guthram Gowt, the Counter Drain turns to the east to reach Pode Hole pumping station, which plays an important part in the drainage of Deeping Fen.
On July 22, 2011, the Workers ' Youth League summer camp, which took place on Utøya in Hole, was attacked as part of the 2011 Norway attacks.
The Dar Williams song " As Cool As I Am " has recently become part of the tradition of May Day ; it is played during the " May Hole " celebration.
In 1756 a part of the regiment, then quartered at Madras, was sent forward to join Robert Clive in his operations against Calcutta which had recently been captured by captured by the forces of the Nawab of Bengal, which had been followed by the Black Hole of Calcutta.
Ronnie James and guitarist Troy Gonyea from The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Marc Ford from The Black Crowes toured, to considerable acclaim, with him in England in 2009, with the addition of Darian Gray on drums, as part of the promotion of Potato Hole.
However, a team including researchers from GNS Science, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and Waikato University were mapping the lake floor when they discovered part of the Pink Terraces in February 2011.
** Bumble Hole Branch Canal ( part of a bypassed loop )
Hunt's Hole is a similar but somewhat smaller maar, a few miles source of Kilbourne Hole ; both are part of the Potrillo volcanic field.
In 2004, the album was packaged with 1997s Dig Your Own Hole in a limited edition box set as part of EMI's " 2CD Originals " collection.
She later earned a Master of Science in ocean engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 1988, as part of a joint program between the two schools.
Sam and Mark took part in two episodes of Hole in the Wall airing on 11 October 2008 and 14 November 2009 and were contestants on a celebrity version of TV show Total Wipeout which aired on 2 January 2010.
Devil's Hole Lock had been partially destroyed by the Canadian army as part of a training exercise in 1942, but has been rebuilt and extended to take narrow boats.
* Bear Hole, located in upper Bidwell Park beyond Horseshoe Lake, is a part of the creek that is frequently used for swimming and diving.
* Salmon Hole, located in upper Bidwell Park beyond Bear Hole, is a part of the creek that is used for swimming.

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