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Aliens and R
They are said to be inspired by H. R. Giger's " exo-skeletal nightmares " in the Aliens films.
* Aliens R Us: The Other in Science Fiction Cinema, Pluto Press, London, 2002 ( Edited with Sean Cubitt )
There are plenty of references, both to people and events of alt. fan. pratchett, films like Star Wars, The Terminator, and Aliens, TV shows like Star Trek and The Muppet Show, books by authors like Pratchett and J. R. R. Tolkien, as well as computer games, rock songs, classical poetry and Japanese fetishes.

Aliens and Us
NSEERS was probed in the documentary film " Aliens Among Us " by Martina Radwan, for the devastating affect it had on immigrant families of Arab origin.
Montgomery's book " Aliens Among Us " has been cited by Sammy Hagar as the inspiration for the 1985 Van Halen song " Love Walks In ".
Aliens Among Us ( Putnam, 1985 )
# Aliens Among Us?
The Aliens Among Us ( ISBN 0-552-08461-1 ) is a collection of science fiction short stories by James White, published in 1969.
* The song " What Makes Us Strong " begins with a sound clip from Aliens

Aliens and says
The 1994 movie Stargate, directed by Roland Emmerich, and the 2009 video game The Conduit drew some conceptual inspiration from Sitchin's ideas, while screenwriter Roberto Orci says the villains of the film Cowboys & Aliens were inspired by Sitchin's conceptualization of the Anunnaki as gold-mining aliens.
* In the TV series Futurama episode When Aliens Attack, Professor Farnsworth says that videotapes were destroyed during the Second Coming of Jesus, which took place in 2443.

Aliens and has
She is known for her role of Ellen Ripley in the four Alien films: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection, for which she has received worldwide recognition.
The film is to be directed by award-winning Stuart St. Paul, who has worked on projects ranging from Duran Duran's seminal ' Wild Boys ' video, to massive franchises like ' Aliens ', ' Batman ' and three ' Bond ' movies.
* Aliens vs Humans is an X-COM clone for the iPhone and iPad that as of July 2012 has only a single-player campaign of pre-designed tactical battles.
Recent productions include Countdown ( which has since moved to The Manchester Studios ), the revived Bullseye, Mastermind ( while asbestos was removed from The Manchester Studios in 2006 ), My Parents Are Aliens, new Channel 4 gameshow Win My Wage and a new children's comedy-drama for Cartoon Network called My Spy Family.
Paxton has appeared in such films as Weird Science, Aliens, Apollo 13, Near Dark, Twister, Titanic One False Move and True Lies.
The borrowing between fiction and reality has worked both ways, with the power loader from the film Aliens resembling the prototypes of the Hardiman system.
The game was based heavily, and unofficially, on the Alien films, specificially Aliens, and also on the 8-bit-era games Laser Squad and Paradroid ( although the game bears some gameplay similarities with Gauntlet, with which it has been compared, as well an obvious comparison with Sega's Alien Syndrome ).
He has also had many movie roles in films such as Aliens, Batman and The Fifth Element, all of which were filmed in England.
As a founder and CEO of DreamWorks Animation, he has overseen the production of such animated franchises as Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs. Aliens and How to Train Your Dragon.
For her role in the franchise, Weaver has also been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama, a BAFTA Award for Best Leading Newcomer, and four Saturn Awards for Best Actress, winning one for Aliens.
Ripley, who survives the operation, has been affected by the Alien's DNA: she has enhanced strength and reflexes, acidic blood, and an empathic link with the Aliens.
Ripley's life and career has been extensively expanded on in various spin-off comics and novels, many of which discount her death on Fiorina 161, instead providing a chronology continuing on from the end of Aliens.
Ben has also worked in several TV-movies, including She Woke Up ( 1992 ) with Lindsay Wagner, and McDonald's Family Theatre Presents: Aliens for Breakfast ( 1995 ), as a young teen whose breakfast cereal figure comes alive.
Mutant Aliens has shown at a number of animation festivals, but has never had a wide theatrical release.
Mark Owen has also featured vocals on " The Garden ", " Said It All ", and " Aliens ", amongst others, where his distinct voice can be recognised.
And tellingly, Cameron has done it by mixing the sober feminism of his Terminator and Aliens characters with the sexed-up girl power of a Britney Spears concert.
However, a poster seen in " Aliens of London " indicates that Rose has been missing since 6 March.
Some social sciences research into the Alien franchise's symbology has considered it significant that Sulaco in Conrad's Nostromo is the home of the white owners of the silver mine figuring in the book, while the Sulaco in Aliens transports soldiers to investigate unknown troubles at a corporate outpost of Weyland Yutani and to protect the investment — drawing parallels between the ' corporate ' owners in Conrad's work and the shadowy business entity forming a central part of the Aliens franchise.
Hibbert has continued to write and script-edit for many other celebrated children's series such as The Legends of Treasure Island, Oscar's Orchestra, Wyrd Sisters, Dr Otter, Preston Pig, The Secret Show, Tom and Vicky, Teddybears, Snailsbury Tales, Dennis and Gnasher, Vampires, Pirates and Aliens, Shaun the Sheep, Chuggington, Fifi and the Flowertots, The Roly Mo Show, Rubbadubbers, Transylvania Pet Shop, Bob the Builder, Little Monsters, Little Red Tractor, Oakie Doke, the 2005 version of Muffin the Mule, Jakers!
Following the flight telemetry of the derelict spacecraft found on LV-426 where the Nostromo crew first encountered the Alien eggs in Alien, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has discovered a planet with the ruins of an extraterrestrial civilization infested with Aliens.

Aliens and become
" Foreign persons of Greek origin ", who neither live in Greece nor hold Greek citizenship nor were necessarily born there, may become Greek citizens by enlisting in Greece's military forces, under article 4 of the Code of Greek Citizenship, as amended by the Acquisition of Greek Nationality by Aliens of Greek Origin Law ( Law 2130 / 1993 ).
Robin Jones and John Maclean have become The Aliens along with former Beta Band member Gordon Anderson ( a. k. a. Lone Pigeon ) and Richard Greentree is working with his new band The General and Duchess Collins.
In an early draft of Alien 3 written by William Gibson, Biehn's character Hicks ( who had survived the events of Aliens ) was to become the main protagonist, replacing Ellen Ripley ( Sigourney Weaver ).
The Aliens are able to scale walls and ceilings and the Predators can become invisible, while the two human teams have a large array of heavy weapons as well as motion trackers.
On 28 July 1982, following a stiff tightening of Pacific Island immigration by the Muldoon government, in its interpretation of the 1923 and 1928 British Nationality and Status of Aliens Acts, the Privy Council ruled that all Samoans born between 1924 and 1948, and their children, were British subjects and hence, on 1 January 1949, had become New Zealand citizens.

Aliens and part
* On August 3, 2007, episodes 1-5 ( excluding " Keen Dreams " and " Aliens Ate My Babysitter ") were rereleased on Steam as part of the id Software game addition to Steam.
She reunited with Aliens director James Cameron for his 2009 film Avatar, with Weaver playing a major part as Dr. Grace Augustine, leader of the AVTR ( avatar ) program on the film's fictional moon Pandora.
Heinlein's Starship Troopers ( 1959 ) is considered the defining work for the concept ; for example, the actors playing the Colonial Marines in Aliens ( 1986 ) were required to read Starship Troopers as part of their training prior to filming.
Every 100 years they would visit Earth to take part in a rite of passage in which several humans would sacrifice themselves as hosts for the Aliens, creating the " ultimate prey " for the Predators to hunt.
Radio Tahrir ( supported in part by the Islamic Center of Long Island and targeted primarily towards Muslims ), Out FM ( New York's " only progressive queer radio hour "), Joy of Resistance (" multicultural feminist radio "), First Voices Indigenous Radio ( a global look at native / indigenous peoples ), Radio drama serial The Aliens ( one of the few radio drama series to hit the US airwaves since the Golden Age of Radio ) focused on inter-cultural relationships around the world, and Asia Pacific Forum ( targeted primarily towards Asian Americans ) are examples of such programming.
Aliens of the Deep is a 2005 documentary film, directed in part by James Cameron alongside fellow cameraman and friend Steven Quale, who would go on to direct Final Destination 5 six years later, and filmed in the IMAX 3D format.
Ben Watton's TV credits include the part of ' Andrew ' in the CBBC drama Living It, the part of ' Fernando ' in Series 7 of the popular children's sitcom My Parents Are Aliens, and the part of Peter Masterson in the long-running BBC hospital-drama ' Casualty '.
The first part, " Aliens of London ", was broadcast on 16 April.
Ripley finds herself in a trophy room filled with dozens of Alien corpses and body parts, and understands that the Predators ' lives revolve around the Aliens and that they know that both the super soldier and she are part Alien, which leads her to wonder if they are merely adding her to their trophy collection.
In Aliens, a film by James Cameron, a " phased plasma pulse rifle " is a weapon that the excitable Private William Hudson ( Played by Bill Paxton ), jokingly informs Ripley is part of the Marines arsenal ( along with knives and sharp sticks ).

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