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Apology and for
Johnson notes Swift ’ s obvious affinity for Tertullian and the bold stylistic and structural similarities between the works A Modest Proposal and Apology.
During this period, Athanasius completed his work Four Orations against the Arians and defended his own recent conduct in the Apology to Constantius and Apology for His Flight.
* the Apology for Origen, the first five books of which, according to the definite statement of Photius, were written by Pamphilus in prison, with the assistance of Eusebius.
An Apology for the True Christian Divinity.
" For next to God, we worship and love the Logos who is out of the unbegotten and ineffable God, since also He became man for our sakes, that, becoming a partaker of our sufferings, He might also bring us healing " ( Second Apology, 13 ).
He refers to Justin's primary source for demonstrating scriptural proofs in the First Apology and parallel passages in the Dialogue as a " kerygma source ".
Organisations such as the Apology Alliance and Adoption Loss Adult Support have actively campaigned for a parliamentary apology similar to that given for the Stolen Generations.
Apologeticus pro Christianis ( Apology for the Christians )
Bishop Richard Watson, forced to address this new audience in his influential response to Paine, An Apology for the Bible, writes: " I shall, designedly, write this and the following letters in a popular manner ; hoping that thereby they may stand a chance of being perused by that class of readers, for whom your work seems to be particularly calculated, and who are the most likely to be injured by it.
alt = Title page from " An Apology for the Bible "
" Significantly, Watson's Apology directly chastises Paine for his mocking tone:
An Apology for the Bible, in a Series of Letters, addressed to Thomas Paine.
His most important theological work of this period was the Commentarii in Epistolam Pauli ad Romanos ( Wittenberg, 1532 ), noteworthy for introducing the idea that " to be justified " means " to be accounted just ," whereas the Apology had placed side by side the meanings of " to be made just " and " to be accounted just.
* Philip Sidney: An Apology for Poetry
On the " 19th of June ", 2000, Juneteenth leaders stood with Congressman Tony Hall ( D-OH ) as historic Apology for Slavery legislation was announced at the U. S. Capitol during the 1st National Day of Reconciliation & Healing From the Legacy of Enslavement.
In contrast, during the period Detour was in post, PRC shot, posted and released Apology for Murder, also starring Ann Savage.
Apology was given a shorter production period, a quick sound job, and used library music for the soundtrack.
Later, in his Apology ( 1580 ), William stated that his resolve to oppose the King's policies had originated in June 1559, when, during a hunting trip to the Bois de Vincennes together with the duke of Alva and King Henry II of France, to whom both had been sent as hostages to ensure the proper fulfilment of the conditions of the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis following the Hispano-French war, the latter two had openly discussed a secret understanding between Philip and Henry which aimed at the extermination of the Protestants in both France and the Netherlands ; William at that time had kept silent, but had decided for himself that he would not allow the slaughter of so many innocent subjects.
The Pensées is in fact a name given posthumously to his fragments, which he had been preparing for an Apology for the Christian Religion and which was never completed.
In the shortest of them ( 43 pages as of 2009 ), which he titles " Apology for the Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis " ( using the word " apology " in the rarely used sense of apologia ), he claims to use his tools on the theory of Hilbert spaces of entire functions to prove the Riemann Hypothesis for Dirichlet L-functions ( thus proving GRH ) and a similar statement for the Euler zeta function, and even to be able to assert that zeros are simple.

Apology and Writing
In 1724 Collins published his Discourse of the Grounds and Reasons of the Christian Religion, with An Apology for Free Debate and Liberty of Writing prefixed.
* Anthony Collins-Discourse of the Grounds and Reasons of the Christian Religion, with An Apology for Free Debate and Liberty of Writing

Apology and So
Under the name Nicolas Seare, Trevanian also published 1339 or So: Being an Apology for a Pedlar ( 1975 ), a witty medieval tale of love and courage ; and Rude Tales and Glorious ( 1983 ), a bawdy re-telling of Arthurian tales.
* 1339 or So ... Being An Apology for A Pedlar ( 1975 ) ( 1339 or So ... was, in early form, a stage play titled Eve of the Bursting )

Apology and Much
Much of Jewel ’ s Apology concerns doctrine of the church.

Apology and upon
Although the Blount Report of July 17, 1893, upon which the Apology Resolution was based, was an official report of the U. S. government, it was followed by the Morgan Report on February 26, 1894, which after public hearings and testimony under oath found the Blount Report to be mistaken on many of the facts reported.
The reliance upon the text of the Apology Resolution as justification for the Akaka Bill has been seen by some as contradicting Inouye's statements on the matter in 1993.
Section 2 of findings is based primarily upon the Apology Resolution of 1993.
Harding followed with a Confutation, and Jewel with a Defence of the Apology in 1566 and 1567 ; the combatants ranged over the whole field of the Anglo-Roman controversy, and Jewel's theology was officially enjoined upon the Church by Archbishop Bancroft in the reign of James I. Latterly Jewel had been confronted with criticism from a different quarter.
Small replied to his earlier Letter, upon which Willison published An Apology for the Church of Scotland.
Milton also published two tracts defending the Smectymnuus group from Hall: Animadversions upon The Remonstrants Defence Against Smectymnvvs ( 1641 ) and Apology for Smectymnuus ( 1642 ).< ref >< sup > Lewalski, Barbara K. The Life of John Milton ( 2003 ) Oxford: Blackwells Publishers.

Apology and Book
He claims, both in " The Apology for the & c ." and in a reference in Book I of Gulliver's Travels, to have written the Tale to defend the crown from the troubles of the monsters besetting it.
They are the Augsburg Confession, the Apology of the Augsburg Confession, both by Philipp Melanchthon, the Small and Large Catechisms of Martin Luther, his Smalcald Articles, Melanchthon's Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope, and the Formula of Concord, which was composed shortly before the publishing of the Book of Concord and intended for the same purpose: the pacification and unification of the growing Lutheran movement.
The official 1584 Latin Book of Concord has the quarto edition text as its text of The Apology of the Augsburg Confession.
The source of its translation of The Apology of the Augsburg Confession is not the official 1584 Latin Book of Concord text, which had been the basis of the 1959 " Tappert Edition " English translation of the Apology later " octavo edition " text of 1531 rather than the earlier " quarto edition " text of 1531 is utilized ; however, the variant readings of the quarto edition appear in italics.
His skepticism is best expressed in the long essay " An Apology for Raymond Sebond " ( Book 2, Chapter 12 ) which has frequently been published separately.
The Lutheran Church's formal collection of confessions in the Book of Concord refer to the first edition of the Apology when it is quoted in the Solid Declaration of the Formula of Concord.
The 1580 German edition of the Book of Concord used the translation of the Apology prepared by Justus Jonas, who rendered it freely based on Melanchthon's further editing.
The 1584 Latin edition of the Book of Concord uses the first edition (" editio princeps ") of the Apology, following the decision made by the Lutheran estates and rulers at the Diet of Naumburg in 1560 to use only this edition.
The question of which is the " official text " of the Apology arises in connection with the English translation of the text in the 2000 " Kolb-Wengert Edition " of The Book of Concord.

Apology and her
" Later, in " The Apology ", Peggy thinks Elaine has germs, and in retaliation Elaine deliberately coughs on Peggy's doorknob, rubs her stapler in her armpit and rubs her keyboard on her rear end.
: She explains that listening to Allan's collection of tapes from the Apology Line helps her understand that the average person is in some level of pain about past actions, and that people who have bigger regrets have a larger burden to carry.
* While Elaine is talking to Jerry about a seemingly germaphobic woman in her office in " The Apology ", Jerry starts meticulously cleaning a spot where Kramer spilled soda.

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