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April and 1772
# On 15 September 1790, to his double first cousin Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies ( 6 June 1772 – 13 April 1807 ), daughter of King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies ( both were grandchildren of Empress Maria Theresa and shared all of their other grandparents in common ), with whom he had twelve children, of whom only seven reached adulthood.
* April 17 – Jan Krukowiecki, Polish general ( b. 1772 )
From January 17, 1772 to April 30, 1772, Kronborg was the place of imprisonment of Queen Caroline Mathilde ( Princess Caroline Matilda of Wales ), sister of George III.
Count Johann Friedrich Struensee ( 5 August 1737 – 28 April 1772 ) was a German doctor.
The sentences were carried out on the 28 April 1772 with Brandt being executed first.
San Juan Bautista Creek: Juan Crespí, May 1 for the setting of the first international division line between Old or Lower California ( Dominicans ) and New or Upper California ( Franciscans ) five leagues to the north ( Valley of the Médanos ) being established by: Priest Francisco Palóu on 19 August 1773 ( Mojonera of Palou ) in compliance with the instructions put forth on the April 7, 1772 Concordato. Rosarito Historical Society, Baja California A. C. at The Mission, Baja California, on 20 May 1990.
It was originally formed as a part of Northumberland County on April 9, 1772.
Named after England ’ s Earl of Huntingdon, Huntingdon Township was founded on April 6, 1772 in Pennsylvania.
Archibald Arnott ( 1772 – 1855 ), Napoleon's doctor on St Helena, was born in Ecclefechan on 18 April 1772 at Kirconnel Hall.
London: Printed for Carington Bowles, 13 April 1772.
When Hasidism appeared in Vilna, the Vilna Gaon enacted the first major excommunication against Hasidism, which was issued on April 11, 1772.
* Count Joachim von Düben ( April 22, 1772-August 22, 1772 )
In April 1772 he passed his theological examination, and soon after became professor of Greek at the Collegium Humanitatis in Schaffhausen.
François Marie Charles Fourier ( born 7 April 1772 in Besançon, France ; died 10 October 1837 in Paris, France ) was a French philosopher.
Fourier was born in Besançon, France on April 7, 1772.
April 7, 1772
* April 15 – Louis Deland, actor, singer and dancer ( b. 1772 )
Nachman of Breslov (), also known as Reb Nachman of Bratslav, Reb Nachman Breslover (), Nachman from Uman ( April 4, 1772 – October 16, 1810 ), was the founder of the Breslov Hasidic movement.
He was elevated to Prince von Hessenstein in the Empire in November 1772, and hereditary Furste von Hessenstein in Sweden on 28 April 1785.
Many fortresses in their command held out as long as possible ; Wawel Castle in Kraków fell only at on the 28 April ; Tyniec fortress held until 13 July 1772 ; Częstochowa, commanded by Kazimierz Pułaski, held until 18 August.
François Marie Charles Fourier ( 7 April 1772 – 10 October 1837 ) was a French utopian socialist and philosopher.
Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire ( 15 April 1772 – 19 June 1844 ) was a French naturalist who established the principle of " unity of composition ".

April and when
It is difficult to say what Thompson expected would come of their relationship, which had begun so soon after his emotions had been stirred by Maggie Brien, but when Katie wrote on April 11, 1900, to tell him that she was to be married to the Rev. Godfrey Burr, the vicar of Rushall in Staffordshire, the news evidently helped to deepen his discouragement over the failure of his hopes for a new volume of verse.
There must have been special feelings of joy and patriotism in the heart of Daniel Morgan too, when the news was received on April 30th of the recognition by France of the independence of the United States.
The survivors emerge on some nice, sunny day in March or April, when the temperature is close to 50-degrees and there is not too much wind.
An adverse vote of 81 to 65 kept in the State Affairs Committee a bill which would order the referendum on the April 4 ballot, when Texas votes on a U.S. senator.
April sales also were 5% below those of April last year, when volume reached a record for any month, $18.9 billion ( see chart on Page One ).
In the beginning of April 2012, when a new military Coup d ' état was under preparation, the Angolan regime decided to withdraw its military mission from Guinea-Bissau.
On April 28 he moved to Los Angeles where he had family and remained there until May when, suspected by local Union authorities, he evaded arrest and joined the Los Angeles Mounted Rifles as a private, leaving Warner's Ranch May 27.
Hostilities began on April 12, 1861, when Confederate forces fired on a U. S. military installation at Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
Weil was in Finland when World War II broke out ; he had been traveling in Scandinavia since April 1939.
The first tank versus tank action took place on 24 April 1918 at Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, when three British Mark IVs met an advance of three German A7Vs, supported by infantry.
During April and May the arctic fox also preys on ringed seal pups when the young animals are confined to a snow den and are relatively helpless.
It was not presented in the United States until 1970, when a short-lived April production at the Phyllis Anderson Theatre off Broadway starred Barbara Harris as Jenny and Estelle Parsons as Begbick.
Phillip learnt of this in April when he put in for storm repairs at Rio de Janeiro.
Also, Sub-Saharan Africa was part of its region until April 2005, when AfriNIC was officially recognized by ICANN as the fifth Regional Internet Registry.
On April 22, 1971, syndicated columnist Jack Anderson reported allegations that Capp made indecent advances to four female students when he was invited to speak at the University of Alabama in February 1968.
The city is home to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, an annual arts and crafts festival held one weekend during early April, when the native dogwoods are in bloom.
In April 2008, Vice President Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama ( Ian Khama ), son of Seretse Khama the first president, succeeded to the presidency when Festus Mogae retired.
After the second terminal of International Airport Sofia was built the total number of passengers rose and reached 3 230 696 in 2008, and in April 2011 Airport Sofia serviced 282 694 passengers, 13 % more than the same period of 2009, when the record was 250 000 passengers.
She received media attention when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in April 1953.
The bulletin was joined in being simulcast on 10 April 2006 when the BBC News at One ( with British Sign Language in-vision signing ) and BBC News at Six bulletins were added to the schedule following a similar format to the News at Ten in terms of content on the channel once each simulcast ends.
* In April 2004, Beverly Hughes was forced to resign as minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Counter Terrorism when it was shown that she had been informed of procedural improprieties concerning the granting of visas to certain categories of workers from Eastern Europe.
The lines between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks hardened in April 1905 when the Bolsheviks held a Bolsheviks-only meeting in London, which they called the Third Party Congress.
Chile won its formal independence when San Martín defeated the last large Spanish force on Chilean soil at the Battle of Maipú on April 5, 1818.
MIT retaliated in April 2006, when students posing as the Howe & Ser ( Howitzer ) Moving Company stole the 130-year-old, 1. 7-ton Fleming House cannon and moved it over 3000 miles to their campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts for their 2006 Campus Preview Weekend, repeating a similar prank performed by nearby Harvey Mudd College in 1986.

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